Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First Snow 2012

Before little man made his grand appearance, a few days before Christmas, we got to experience the first snow day of the year. Something, that in all honesty, I didn't think we would be able to experience at all this year. With all the crazy whacky weather fluctuations, I was convinced that there would be no snow this year.

Boy was I wrong.

Elliana wasn't a huge fan. She loved to look at it, but did not want to throw a snow ball or touch it for any reason. I would say that this was definitely fitting for her personality.

I'm happy to report that since the first snowfall we have had a few more and the most recent one, she actually let me throw a snowball at her. Once or twice. She gave me the look. That's for sure.

But still let me.

And we built two snowmen. One for Elliana and one for baby Graham. Hats. Carrot nose. And all. Even crackers for eyes. And then we forgot about the mouth and the sticks for arms.

Mom fail.

One day.


  1. I think has she gets older she will love the snow. My girls couldn't wait to get out in it when they were younger. Beautiful pictures of your baby girl. We got snow last night.

  2. Ellianna is just precious! I love her pink fuzzy hat and cute pink scarf and the little heart zipper on her snowsuit I die! How stinkin' cute! I love the picture of her mouth opened in pure excitement. Kelcee loves the snow. At first though she was like Ellianna and didn't want to touch it lol. Oh and I for sure got the look too when we threw our first snowballs now it's payback time lol she always snowballs me now its the cutest thing to hear the giggles. Have you ever made snow ice cream? My mi-mi always made it for me and although it's not like ice cream ice cream the memories and fun and gathering snow last a life time Kelcee and I always do it and although you can only really eat a spoonful or two her smile is worth it all and the sprinkles just really make her giddy. I found an awesome recipe on Pinterest if you wanna try it!

    love ya girl

  3. Beautiful pictures! Snow is so much more fun with little ones!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  4. omg.. sorry for the random question.. but what kind of camera do you have.. and waht do you edit with!!?

  5. Little snow bunny.....she so beautiful!

    My Liv is NOT a fan of the snow....ha. can't say that I blame her all that much!

  6. She reminds of me when I was a little girl. I hated the snow so badly. I never minded looking at it but as far as wanting to play in it I had no interest. I gave my parents very evil looks when stuff aka snow was thrown at me! But now that I am older it still has not changed I still just enjoy looking at it only in very small amounts. Being a nurse means I have to drive in it the junk & I hate it to no end. Hopefully she will enjoy it more later :)Fingers crossed for you mamma if not then maybe graham will :)


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