Monday, January 14, 2013

Litte Guy's Second Week

January 9th, 2013

Dear Graham,

This week I feel like we were able to enjoy you more. This is a little hard for me to put into words and describe. I shall try. Last week just seemed so hectic, busy, fast, and a lot of lets get our bases covered type days. Lots of organizing. Lots of "tasky items." Lots of adjusting. And therefore the week flew by, and I felt like it really didn't sink in that we were now a family of four. This week, however, it did. We really got to lounge around a lot and hang out as a family. Watch as your big sister fell more and more in love with you. And as a result, we fell more and more in love with you. We really got to look at your features. Your tiny toes. Your long fingers. Your soft lips. Your smooth skin. We watched as you slept. We talked about you a lot. We felt like we got this. We soaked it in, and as a result, it was a good week.

Let's take a look at this week a little further.

We had your two week appointment yesterday. You weighed in at 8 pounds 6 ounces {50th percentile}, and 21.5 inches long {75th percentile}. Doctor said you are a thriving, happy, healthy baby. And your clavicle is healed! We are so thankful.

Mama got your first book finished. I don't want to fall behind or ever make you feel second best to your sister {who's baby books take over our home}, so I am going to try to stay on top of it and work as we go on these. I'm proud to say that your BIRTH-day {and the hospital stay} pictures are all in a hard book with your birth story in it. Now it sits right next to your sister's.

Your umbilical cord fell off on day 8! Much sooner than your sister's which was day 22.

We noticed a huge change in how alert you have been this week. There have been a few instances where you were wide awake for two hours at a time. Huge difference compared to last week where the longest period was 10 minutes. But still. You sleep most of the day and all night. We've had the adjustment as far as where you sleep. So far you can sleep in the swing, car seat, and of course on mama and papa. That is by far you favorite spot. There was a breakthrough the other day though where you slept in your crib for the first time during one of your naps for nearly 2 hours!

Speaking of sleep, you are absolutely amazing. You can go 3-4 hours at a time at night, and I let you. During the day, I let you sleep about 2-3 hours. Then you wake up to eat, get your diaper changed {sometimes your outfit as well}, and then back to sleep you go.

Breastfeeding is still going wonderful and we have finally reached the point where it no longer hurts anymore when you latch on or nurse. I knew the day was coming, as I remember with your big sister it taking about a week and a half, and at about day 9 we reached that point.

You have great head control. Very impressive. I have to make sure to always have my hand back there because you always want to fling your head all around.

You have been an absolute angel and your papa and I are just sitting on edge waiting for you to become the fussy baby that we had been used to with Elliana. You see, when we had your sister, we thought that she was the most perfect baby. Of course we still think that. But when we compare your sleeping patterns, eating patterns, and overall demeanor, you definitely get the prize little dude. Our little secret.

Let's talk about that big sister of yours. If Elliana hears you fussing, she will stop what she is doing, run to you, and say "Don't cwy little guy, I'm coming." It's seriously the cutest thing on earth. Then she caresses your little head, gives you the softest kisses, and tells you "It's okay baby brother, don't cwy." If you sneeze? "BESS YOU GAM, BESS YOU LITTLE GUY!"  How lucky are you little man? Very.

The pee situation? Gah, MOM, again with the pee-pee talk?! Yes, son, I apologize again. But this sort of stuff is important. You see, this boy thing is all new territory to us. Even to your papa, who is, as you know, a boy. Although last week we were able to solve the problem of constant outfit changes, this week we are really struggling with containing the "surprises." Just when we think we are done with a diaper change and about to close it up, you have something else up your sleeve. I've had to throw away pillows because of this.  We've tried to always have something there as a cover. We try to be quick. We try and we try. One day, we will get it.

Dr. Google this week? Yes. Last week Dr. Google told us that we were putting on your diaper wrong, and that was quickly fixed. This week? We were concerned about your right eye and the increased drainage. Dr. Google told us that it was just a blocked tear duct {as suspected} and to massage, warm compresses, and even breast milk. I later confirmed this with some other twitter mothers. But guess what? After two days your sweet beautiful eye cleared up! Dr. Google to the rescue.

Another thing I Dr. Googled this week?
"Is it normal for my baby to sleep this much!"
I knew the answer to this. But honestly, it's just a whole new world for your papa and I. This whole having a baby that actually sleeps and is content. Elliana was always needy. Needed to be held. And never slept that often when she was your age.

Other big news? Your papa went back to work on Monday. So, it was just me, your sister, and you of course. And that little doggy Carson. And? We have been doing wonderful since. It helped that I had stopped waking up your papa for help at night last week, so that I could get used it to the sporadic sleeping and life at home with two little ones. But I have to say... it's because you make it easy on me little guy. I will certainly not complain if you continue to do so :)

You love to snuggle on mama's chest. Love. If I would let you? You would do it for 3-4 hours straight. Really. It's like the best sleep you ever get, and I have one little guess as to why. It reminds you of being in my belly.

You know what I am loving so much this time around? No worries about cute outfits and hair bows! Ah, yes. You are my white onesie and blanket little man. And? I love it. It's so much fun to dress your sister every day in her cute get-ups and matching hair bows, boots, and all sorts of accessories. And then there's you. Easy. One minute to get ready. And? Still looking handsome. No worries though, once you start walking... get ready for some skinny jeans and leather jackets. I smile. And giggle. Oh boyyy.

Thank you for being YOU. We love you more and more with each passing day.

Mama & Papa

Products we love this week: I meant to do this last week and totally spaced it. But as we recap some of little man's weeks, months, and milestones, I'd like to continue to add products that we are loving so that other mama's out there can get an idea of what works for us.

{Portable} SwingSwaddle wraps. Dr. Google.


  1. Love these pics! So glad to hear all is going well! :)

  2. SO beautiful! Ya know, my baby boy is only 3 months old (and he's our first), but I was afraid that we wouldn't have anymore. Because he is SO FUSSY. All of the time. Ugh.
    Good to know it CAN be easier with the second one. Cause this boy doesn't sleep and cries a LOT.

  3. Glad it's going so well for you. My second was also a sleepy baby and I worried he slept too much, it seemed like all he did was sleep but I guess that's normal.

    How does E do while you are nursing? I never had any problems with my toddler being jealous but some people do.

    When do you go back to work? Are you going back? I still can't believe you work a 12 hour shift at night and then come home to be mama all day with no sleep. You are awesome!

  4. I love this. Sounds like you are having a wonderful week with your two little ones. :)

  5. Those pictures are Amazing...he is Beautiful!!!

  6. I love your updates and have loved reading your journey with each of your babies. Each time I see you doing something I think, "I hope I can be just as wonderful as Becky is".

  7. E is absolutely precious. What a great big sister. Reading your posts is giving me baby fever, then I remember NOT YET! haha! Question- Do you need to wake up Graham for his feedings? I woke up Noah every two hours for two weeks (per doctor's orders) but then he got into that habit and it didn't break until I stopped nursing at 8-months. Next time around, I need to let the baby dictate when he/she is hungry because to this day Noah does not sleep well :(

  8. What a cutie! Don't you wish we could be cuddled and all warm like they are? :)

  9. Don't cwy little guy should be patented for Ellianna only lol! That is the cutest little phrase I think I have ever heard! You are so blessed beyond measure and your words just burst with joy on the computer screen! I have to say you two make gorgeous babies! Graham looks like a mix between you and Andrew he is a doll! K had a blocked tear duct and warm compresses and light massaging is the trick girlfrannnnn! Go Dr. Google lol! K's eye dr. told us about the gentle massages to the eye. I love the swaddle blankets and I notice you have the breathable ones as we did! Love them to bits! Yay he checked out A plus on his bill of health and yay to you guys really getting to enjoy it all this week! I'm so tickled to read all of this! I can see him now in his leather jacket and skinny jeans and blue jean pamper diapers underneath, rockstar lol! love it!

    I love how you have is book already finished and on the shelf with Ellianna's! You are on the ball momma great job! I just love how you love your babies so very much as I do my K. It's a breath of fresh air to always read your blog!

    When you said incidents about the pee peeing I had to laugh and think of the huggies commerical of when the dad changes the diaper and pee squirts the whole room lol! My friend had to throw away a pillow or two then she got tommy teepee and it's worked for her lol do you have them?

    love you

  10. Gorgeous kids!!

    Look up PeePee TeePee. I believe you can get them on Amazon. They should be able to help the diaper changing problem = )

  11. Becky,
    How do you get your IG pics to upload on your blog like you do? :)

  12. How precious! Your pictures are breathtaking!

  13. just precious. i love your letters so much. he is very cute. lovely pictures

  14. Those lips...That face!! He is just too cute for words!!!

  15. Becky, Please tell do a post on how you d:)o your baby books?? How many months does each book cover, where do you get them done, etc.

    Your babies are both absolutely beautiful. I have a 14 month old baby girl and I would love to know how you do your baby books.


  16. Man he is gorgeous!! What a head of hair! Love the pictures!!


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