Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Little Guy's Third Week


Dear Graham,

You are still what I like to call the "perfect" baby. Sometimes I forget that we even have a newborn in our house. You have fit so perfectly in our lives that we feel like you have been around forever. Yet, it's only been 3 weeks.

The most beautiful, wonderful, and memorable three weeks.

Your sister is still so utterly in love with you. I don't see that changing anytime soon, or ever, so I'm not sure why I even bring it up anymore. I mean, I'm not sure what I expected... but definitely not this. She is in love with her "little guy." She mommies you. Adores you. Soothes you. She is the everything and more we ever hoped for our children. I can already tell you two will have one special, special, bond.

Chunky thighs. Wish I could tell you how much you weigh. We were more on top of these things with your little sister. But I think that your rolls speak for themselves. Little miniature rolls at this time.

Getting more fussy when awake. Which means you are also awake more often. Which means that you are stuck to our arms. Something we were trying to avoid this time around. But how could we resist those snuggles? You love them. We love them. And if that means that we will have yet another very attached child, then we welcome it with open arms!

I didn't get pee-pee'd on this week. Is that sad that I am writing this in your letter. Is it sad that this is the third time I am writing this in your letter. About your pee pee situation.

We celebrated your third week of life on the same day that we celebrated your aunt's 18th birthday. You have to know something special about this aunt of yours. I helped raise her basically. Changed her diapers. Babysat her when I was 9/10 years old. And have watched her grow. So, to see her an adult now, just brings tears to my eyes. Because that means that you guys grow up just as fast, if not faster.

Your eyes. They are a dark grey eyes. Although they are bound to change in the next 9 months, they are definitely quite different than Elliana's were at this age which makes me come to the conclusion that you two will have different color eyes. My guess? Hazel blue.

You are wearing 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers. You could still wear the newborns but we ran out of those last week, so be it.

Not a fan of bath time. But then again do I blame you? I don't think it would be exactly very fun to sit in a tub that's not really full of water and therefore you are hanging in the air waiting for the "sponge bath" in the tub. Yup. No fun.

You have been making a lot of cute little baby sounds and we absolutely adore it.

You smile so much in your sleep.
Hiccup still quite a bit, but definitely less often. And those newborn sneezes are now few and far between.

You know what isn't few and far between? Your poopy diapers. Enough about that.

I bet you are also wondering what mama Dr. Googled this week? Well it went something like this.... "Three week old passes tons of gas...." Like lots. Like o-m-g every hour, multiple times an hour. And they are loud. And adult-man like. Not stinky. Just there. So I turned to my favorite doctor, google who explained to me that I am an over-producer in milk. True statement, I am. I was with your sister too. You are getting a lot of the foremilk and not enough of the hindmilk. Which means... I need to start pumping!

Might I mention how much of a boob man you are already. "Ah mam, there you go embarrassing me again." I'm sorry my sweetheart. But really, you are. It's your soothing mechanism. Even if you aren't hungry... you just want to fall asleep on the boob.

We tried the pacifier with you as we did your sister, and just like your big sis, you have been x'ing that idea since day one. We still try... hopeful, but I have a feeling we won't be winning this one.

Alas, another week is over and the next time we do a post like this you will be a month old! I just can't believe it. Which reminds me that I will be going back to working nights at the hospital in two months. That means we better buckle up son and start pumping lots of milk, start training you on the bottle for when papa will need to feed you, and hopefully get you sleeping through the night.

No pressure.

Oh how we love you so. Words aren't enough. We are so excited to watch you grow!

Your Mama, Papa, and your dearest big sister Elliana.


  1. awww how beautiful! LOVE these letters!

  2. Love this. Our little guy will be 5 weeks old tomorrow and he and Graham sound so much alike... Peeing, pooping, hiccuping, nursimg, being held... I guess s lot comes with the age! I'm actually taking him to the pediatrician today because I suspect acid reflux... :( This is something new to me because my Eli and Emma didn't have any problems. Anyway, love the way you're keeping up with the details and recording memories. I do this in a journal I keep for each of mine and I'm so thankful I do! Hope you have a great rest of the week! Happy 1-month, Graham!

    1. nursing... :) Hard to type on this phone! ;)

  3. Enjoy him Becky - they do grow up fast.

  4. Becky I am so far behind in commenting but I just can't get over how gosh darn cute Graham is and the pic here of both of them is precious!!! So happy for you mama!!!xoxox

  5. I think I was pee'ed on everyday for the first 3 months!!! It was the worst! I was SOOO happy when those days were over. What solution did you end up with? I just used the old place a wash cloth as soon as the diaper comes off technique. I love Elliana and Graham's relationship- it's beyond adorable!

  6. Becky, I am having the same over supply issues with my 8 week old (green poop and all). How do you manage yours??

  7. Becky you know the saying pictures speak louder than words well that picture of Ellianna sweetly and preciously leaning over Graham brought tears to my eyes and cold chills up my arms! Perfection! You can tell in just that picture the love she has for him and her nurturing my friend comes from you and your hubs! Good job momma! Yay for not getting pee'd on this week lol! I love reading your posts. I'm sorry I haven't been over for a few days my GOD DAUGHTER tragically died and I've been a wreck. I jumped on hear to clear my head a little and your blog always does that for me!

    love ya

  8. This is so sweet, I just love how you put things into words. I hope I can write like this when my little one comes in late May/early June!

  9. Such a beautiful post, mama! :)

  10. I love looking at the pictures of babies so little. I still feel nervous about baby #2 but I am so excited to meet him or her every time I read your posts.

  11. Try the Tummy Tub, my son absolutely loved it, it's like a hot tub for babies and mimics being I'm utero, my son never cried once in the bath thanks to the Tummy Tub. I'm telling you it's magic and you can use it for a long time. We retired it when Eli was about 8 months old.

  12. Try the Tummy Tub, my son loved it and never cried once, it's like a hot tub for babies and it mimics being in utero. You can use it for a long time too. I used it with my little Eli up until 8 months I think. Tummy Tub - two thumbs up from this mama.

  13. Try the Tummy Tub, my son absolutely loved it, it's like a hot tub for babies and mimics being I'm utero, my son never cried once in the bath thanks to the Tummy Tub. I'm telling you it's magic and you can use it for a long time. We retired it when Eli was about 8 months old.

  14. These little ones are so precious!!


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