Monday, June 24, 2013

10 Things I Live For; 52 weeks of Blogging with a Purpose

Summer Days. It's my favorite season. Close tie with fall. But there is just something special about the summer. It always represented such a happy time in my life, and still does, and I've always just felt better during this season of the year. I wake up happier. I'm more productive throughout the day. And overall, we just have so much more fun. I think having kids has also gotten me more excited about this season. Actually, every season. There is always something to look forward to, and with summer, it will always represent water, family vacation, and sunshine. Like I said, I love me some summer days.

Cuddles & Holding Hands. One thing Andrew and I still love to do is cuddle. On the couch. In bed. Standing up... joking. We love to "spoon" as he calls it and I have to say, he is a pretty darn good cuddler. Holding hands is right there behind it. When we get a chance to... which is rare these days when we each have one kid to be in charge of. So when we get the opportunity to? Even briefly? We do. It reminds us of the.. good old days.

Laughter. Man can that husband make me laugh. Man can laughter be the perfect remedy to any bad day. I love to laugh. I love to be around people that make me laugh. And when possible, not as much anymore, I love to make people laugh.

Being a good mother. A great mother. The best mother that I can be
It's something I live for. For the days where I say to myself..."Man, I am proud of myself and the mother that I am." I live for the days that I become more patient. That I listen more, and talk {or scold} less. I live for the days that my children are able to tell me how proud they are. That they have the "BEST" mommy in the world. I live for these children, and being a good, great, the best, mother I can be is of utmost imporance to me.

Being a great wife & taking care of the home. I value this role of mine and I live to being better. I want to be that old couple that people talk about. I want to have that relationship that our children look up to. I want to always work at becoming a stronger and closer couple.

Making memories. Trying new things. Taking our kid's to do something for the "first" time. Live shows. Zoo memberships. Museum memberships. Train rides. Festivals. Carnivals. State fairs. I live for these memories that we create as a family. Ones that we can look back on. Ones that we can recreate every year. Ones that we can pass onto our children and grandchildren one day.

Seeing our babies learn and grow. It's one of the greatest gifts in life. To watch them. To watch their personality unfold. To watch them soak everything up like a sponge. To take what you have taught them and apply it to real life. I live for moments where I say... "wow, we did something right!" And wow, look at my baby grow. And wow, we are so proud.

Taking pictures. Capturing beautiful moments. Having these moments to look back on. Freezing time in the form of an image. I love to take them, look at them, and save them.

My family being together. This includes all family members. Including my parents, in-laws, siblings, and anyone else that you would find us spending the holidays with. Often times, Andrew and I talk about how wonderful it would be if everyone lived close to one another. My family is pretty much all within 30 minutes of us, but his extend anywhere from a couple hours to 10+ hours away. Family to us is the most important thing in life. That's why you will find us, 99% of the time, with our family.

Writing. I've always been better at expressing my feelings through writing. Being able to sit down at a computer screen and spill out my thoughts has been such an important part of my life. It's my little personal outlet. My counseling session... with myself. I write and I write and I write until I cannot find the words any longer. It's my therapy, my outlet, a peace of mind.
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  1. G is growing so fast. and my what a handsome boy he is!

  2. Making memories with the kiddos is top priority. Great post.

  3. Great Post-I agree with you on everything, but especially with being a darn good Mama and making memories!

  4. These are great things to live for. :) I just love the picture of Graham sticking out his tongue! Too cute!

  5. Great post - I live for all those things too. Laughter from my children is what really makes me feel blessed lately!


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