Thursday, June 27, 2013

This & That


We went to Cleveland this past weekend and just spent time with Andrew's family. It was super nice and all we did was just hang out with family, eat lots of food {not the kind that is good for you }, and just enjoy one another. Those are the best kind of mini-vacations inmy book.

Having Elliana's last dance class this upcoming Saturday and then signing her back up to gymnastics. I'm kind of torn, as I think she has been doing great at dance and really enjoys it, but I know that she loves gymnastics even more. Even if you ask her, it's all "gymnastics, gymnastics, gymnastics!"

Will be celebrating Graham turning 6 months this weekend!

Started flashcards with the little guy since he is now at the age that we started with E. I am really excited to be able to teach him again the same why I did with this big sister.




I have some fun posts in mind, and I'm hoping to get them accomplished before it is too late. You see, I come up with all these ideas and then never am able to follow through because the weeks and months are just flying by. But some things to look forward to:

Beach essentials for toddlers, toddler must-have list {months and months in the making}, baby shower gift ideas, and more mushy gushy posts {what else is new}.


Loving my baby food chef maker and that I can now put my own homemade food into these pouches using the station!

Love this activity website

Loving Elliana's new pare of squecky shoes! Now, we all know how much I love those shoes that make noise... but it has been a few months since Elliana outgrew her old ones and these new ones came in, and I'm just in love all over again. And the comments from other people have already begun.


Huge jewelry sale! Here is just a glimpse. These were a steal and just too hard to pass up.

And $12 rain boots for E! Originally 30? It's a steal. Now I'm tempted to go back and get all the colors!
Ridiculous sale on toddler shoes

Tried a new recipe: beef stew. Loved it. Mainly? Because it was super easy, and I love me some good old crock pot recipes!


  1. Looks like a great time! Those little shoes are adorable. I'm checking out the recipe now! I love love my crock pot.

    Amanda Rose

  2. Such good steals and deals!! I'm on a no-spend spree right now but whewww those necklaces are tempting!! ;)

  3. What flash cards do you use for Graham? Thanks!

  4. I just ordered some necklaces! thanks for the idea.


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