Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Current Favorites

That's what they are labeled as. However, I don't run. I used to. But these {KEEN Women's A86 TR Trail Running Shoe} are by far my favorite shoes to wear to work, and I plan on asking for more for Christmas so that I can actually have pairs to walk in and run errands in. My favorite part about these shoes? How compact they are. Not sure I am using the right word here. Better example. Nikes? I love them. But they seem to be too bulky for me. Keens? Little. Tight. Compact. Compact.

Awesome. Seriously. I got them off zulilly back in the winter when they were 50% off, but I'm pretty sure you can find them anywhere online. I have seen them go on sale a few times since then, so you can always hold out if you are a zulilly shopper.


Lunch Bots. I purchased these from zulilly a few months back and the whole family has been obsessed. I want to pitch all our tupperware and switch to these, but since they are a little pricey, I will just have to do so slowly.


Elliana has again started napping by herself {we will see how long that lasts}, and so I have loved being able to chat with her back and forth through the VTech Communications Safe & Sounds Full Color Video and Audio Monitor. We are still seriously obsessed, and I love everything about it. From the dual cameras, to the music, to the two-way talking, night vision, multiple views, and temperature monitoring. It's fabulous.


Another zulily find. Since we are on the road to baby food making {on it on it}, I am in LOVE with my new Baby Chef Ultimate Baby Food Maker . It is absolutely everything {and more}. I actually got this last year in preparation for the little man, but really never looked much further into it. The other day when I whipped it out and actually got to use it? I fell in love all over again. It can do so much more than just puree {which by the way is way better than the stinking old food processor I used to use}. It can steam veggies. It can warm up bottles. It keep things warm. And I don't have to stand there and hold a button! It will do everything for me while I wrangle the two babies.


I have raved about these cheap tees from old navy the past couple of weeks. But seriously! They are amazing. And for only $4? How can you beat that. Here is the deal, I am normally an XS and purchased that. It fit great. Definitely a little bigger than my normal shirts, but I figured that was the style. However, I ordered a small for my mom... and they are huge. So, if you are trying to size... I would definitely size down!


I purchased these a couple months ago and live in them. I'm actually going to go order different colors as we speak. The thing I love most about these is that they don't get loose like my other pants. They actually stay fit and don't fall off my behind. Ahem, Target jeans.


I have scored some amazing deals from zulilly and really loving them. I honestly try to check all the new deals once a day if I get a chance.


Seriously, if you shop online and not using ebates, then you are basically throwing away free money. I can't believe I just discovered about it 6 months ago only. Also, new members get a free $10 gift card {of your choice} after shopping online and making your first $25 purchase. The whole program is free. Sign up, search the website you want {sear, walmart, target, etc}, it directs you there, tracks your orders, then gives you a percentage back! Tell your friends and make more money.



  1. Great finds---I definitely want to try those Lunchbots! You find the greatest stuff on Zulily-thanks for sharing:)


  2. Love Keen shoes! I actually got mine a while back rom Zulily too!

  3. Does your lunch box stay insulated? Keeps warm items warm and cold items cold? I'm always iffy about fruits in Tupper wear in the summer months. Also, my son has food allergies so I pack his meals when we go to restaurants (chicken nuggets and such) but they never stay warm so if this does the job, it's worth investing in!

  4. I will have to check into those shoes, I am trying to find a good lightweight pair. I don't run either, but I'm hoping some cute shoes will serve as motivation. Also, I will have to get that baby food maker!! I just used a food processor last time and it worked fine, but I have a feeling that I don't know what I'm missing!

  5. Those shoes are super cute! I will have to check them out if they are "nurse approved" :)


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