Monday, June 17, 2013

52 Weeks of Blogging with a Purpose: Who I am

I thought about writing about all the different roles that I play. Not play, since it's actually real life. But all the roles that define me. And then as I started writing them out... "I'm a nurse...I'm a mom...A wife..A friend... daughter... writer.." I realized that I did not want to focus on what those titles mean to me, but rather the person I am in those specific roles. Because you see, when I think about who I am, I don't necessarily think, mother, daughter, wife, woman. I think about one word that would best describe me and.. well... who I am.

A caregiver. I've always felt this desire to take care of others. From a young age, I learned to be older than I was. To be more mature. To have bigger responsibilities. I think I had a lot put in front of me from early on, that I had no choice but to.. well.. grow up. And from a young age I knew two things; I wanted to A. Take care of people and B. Have a family to take care of.

I think I have accomplished both A and B. Being a nurse and a mother. But also, much more than just that.

So... who am I? As a caregiver:

I'm a mom that loves her children with every fiber in her body. A mom who would not know what life would be without these children. A mom that would sacrifice everything in this world to provide the best kind of life for them. One that believes that she was put on this earth for this specific purpoes. To be a mother. I care for them. I nurture them. My goal is to provide a life of safety, and one that is rich of positive, happy memories.

I'm a wife that is learning. A wife that needs to learn to be more patient with her husband. One that pictures herself on the front porch, rocking away with a wrinkly old man. One that would, without a doubt, hide his wheelchair or his cane, but would spend her life showing this man just how much she loves him. I've always wanted to be the wife that takes care of her husband. Food on the table. House clean. Children happy. Being a wife is very important to me. But more importantly, being a wife to Andrew, is what I cherish the most.

I'm a daughter. I'm a daughter who although I can be stubborn, although I may hold grudges, and although I have many moments where I could have been better, I would still do anything to take care of my family including my parents, brother and sister, that I possibly could. It's in my nature to want to help. To want to give. 

I'm a friend who doesn't call enough, text back fast enough, and doesn't make time for her friends enough. The little that I have left. But if you called me and were stranded states away? I'd drive in the middle of the night to come get you. 

I'm a person. A person of human nature. Flawed and room for growth. I have good days, just like I have bad days. I have happy days, just as I've had sad days. More good, and more happy, but there nonetheless. However, I am proud. Proud of who I am and what I have accomplished in my life. Strong. Confident. Beautiful and creative. I am everything I ever wanted to be. And more.

And if there is just one piece of advice I could pass onto my children, that would be for them to always be proud of who they are. Fight to be better. But always be proud. I think the only way for us to truly find the beauty in life, we must first find it within ourselves.
So who are you?
For a list of the weeks topics to come visit here. Next week: 10 things I live for/ Can't live without


  1. This post is awesome and such a good idea- the last part was perfect. We should always be striving to be a better person than we were yesterday.

  2. I love your 'picture' of a wife... that's EXACTLY how I picture it too!

  3. Those pictures are SO adorable!

  4. hey. NO idea to get the 52 things all at once. if so email me please.

  5. Beautifully written, you are an inspiration.

  6. I'm joining late and trying to catch up. What a neat idea.

  7. Love this post. Couldn't have said it better myself :)


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