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The Bed Wetting Solution; Goodnites

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and GoodNites, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #BetterNights”

Potty training. It's not for the weak.

For us, our journey began a few months ago, and it was not until the second time around that we finally found the solution to a successful {and might I add happy} potty training experience. Waiting until they were ready. In all aspects. Physically and emotionally. Making sure that not only do they feel the sensation and understand the concept, but more importantly, that they have a desire and curiosity to make that next step.

The thing about potty training, is that you have a lot of steps to mark off the list. These include: making sure they go in the potty {both ways}, making sure they are able to go while out in public, and lastly making sure they are able to stay dry during naps and bedtime. At home, you are prepared for messes. You have everything at hand. Out in public, you have to pack all the extra goodies for a just in case kind of an accident. And lastly, for bedtime, you have two options. You either do pull ups at night, or you don't. That's it. Or so I thought.

For us, we decided to try the no pull ups route and see how that went. Night one? We woke up to a crying toddler and a wet bed. Night two? We had success. In fact, since being potty trained 4 months ago, we have had probably about 3-4 wet nights. That? I would say is pretty darn good. Elliana's mattress? Would probably beg to differ.

But you know what, I know that there is still a possibility of bed wetting down the road, and if we run into that, I have this handy product in my possession. In fact, once Elliana turns 3 {the recommended age}, I plan on placing Goodnights Bed Mats as a precaution right away.

I was so impressed upon playing around with the product, reading up on the details online, and even peaking through the reviews, that I just cannot imagine how I had never thought of looking into something like this before.

However, just because we are late to the game, does not mean that we cannot utilize such a simple and effective method when that time comes.

Let me tell you a little more about this product.
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  • Each mat is 7.5x2.5x3 feet and are made to fit twin beds. However, for us, we just doubled up! Plus, Elliana stays on one side of the made most of the night.
  • GoodNites Bed Mats cover a mattress by going on top of a fitted sheet. They have a easy adhesive strip that may be removed, and then the mat is placed in the middle of the mattress or wherever you see best for how your child sleeps. 
  • Not recommended for ages 3 and under.
  • Compare to an L-XL Goodnites Underwear in the amount of fluid that the Goodnite Bed Mats are able to absorb. 

And of all the places, they would of course be found at my favorite store, Target. Who am I kidding here, everyone's favorite store.

Like I said at the beginning, potty training is not for the weak. You have to be strong, patient, and encouraging. You have to have all the tools available to help with the process, and figure out the game plan ahead of time. And even once you have been successful in the potty training department, just remember, bed wetting is a very common thing and there are great tools to help you during any obstacles that one may encounter. Including Goodnites Bed Mats and Underwear.
Heading to Target soon? Grab a coupon for $1.50 off Goodnites Bed Mats or Underwear!

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and GoodNites, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #BetterNights”


  1. Hi, where is your white quilt from? I love it!

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