Saturday, July 20, 2013

A drunk post? Probably sounds like it.

"Baby you a song that makes me want to roll my windows down and cruise...."(insert a mama flinging her long brown hair back and forth while a certain toddler in the back giggles her little head off).

So that song? The beginning verse... Before I went off tangent? That's the song that is playing on our drive home from Hilton Head (right now), and I always want to just break down and jam.
Except I can't. Because I'm in a car... And you know, that's probably not safe for anyone, including the driver (Andrew), and other people on the road. They may get too distracted by this undeniable

But hey, it sure makes me want to roll my windows down. And? Cruise.....

Gosh if you haven't heard that song you probably think that I'm drunk blogging. I assure you, I am not. I am though writing this from my phone so who knows how things sound on the other end.

Okay, I've almost forgotten why I even started to write. Believe it or not, it's not because of the song on the radio. Instead, we had driven by a lady in a truck and she was laughing at the passenger. Laughing and glowing. And instantly, I was curious about what they could be talking about. Genuinely curious. I thought how interesting it would be to sit inside someone else's car just for a moment. In someone's home.
Be there but not be noticed. Invisible, you could say. So they truly acted like themselves without knowing that a complete stranger was watching. I know. I sound like a creep.

I'm thinking here though. Listening to this song and just in deep thought about the outside world. And how perception is a funny thing.

Minus the humor part. 

How I can see someone laughing and assume that they are happy. How you can see someone arguing and assume that they are miserable. How when a parent loses their patience with their little one, you pass judgement on them. How when someone makes a mistake or acts out of character, the outside world has already made their mind up on how they view that individual. 

That lady driving laughing? That could be her first laugh in a long time. She could have been crying for hours before then, and no one would have known it. The outside worlrd I mean. She may have lost something or someone tragic in her life recently and the total stranger would have no idea. Because for that split second of seeing her, perhaps the only time I'd ever see her, my only perception of her was pure happiness. That's not a bad impression to have. But that doesnt mean that I haven't seen sadness or anger on someone's face and assumed an assortment of things about them.

Unfortunately, we as a society, tend to focus more on the negative side of things. Ever thought about that? Instead of giving someone the benefit of the doubt, we just assume something negative instead.

I did that once (well probably more tab once, but for the sake of not rambling too much). The first day of dance. I saw a little girl with her grandparents. The grandparents also had a newborn with them. I mean a couple weeks old. Instead of thinking about how awesome these grandparents were (which I did think), I nudged Andrew and said "where do you think the parents are?"

Why did I even think about that? Why did I even have to care? Why did the thought cross my mind that I just couldn't believe a mom could miss her daughter's first dance class. I quickly pushed it away, but you know how sometimes things pop into our head that we can't control?

Gosh, us humans have this weird way of thinking we know it all. Like we can just figure people out in moments of being put in the same room.

You know that saying... "don't judge a book by its cover. "

Yeah. That. THAT.

I'm thinking how wonderful it would be if we lived in a world of assuming only the good in people. Only that.

Then again, how wonderful it would be if we only lived in a world of good. Only good. 

I always hope my children will be better
people than we are. Our children. Yours and mine. So that maybe they can bring more good into this world.

Change this world. For the better.

One day at a time? One parent at a time? From one smiling face to the next...

If nothing else, that lady left an impact on me today from that second of seeing her. Funny how a smile can do that... 

So back to putting animal cracker boxes on my head as the toddler is in need of some entertainment. 

Happy Saturday and happy coming home day! 


  1. Great thoughts! My husband recently "lost" it in the local Target parking lot and I, of course, was more worried about what others thought then about trying to help my family through the situation. I felt terrible after :( It had been a rough couple of days for us and no one could have know that, yet I'm sure they judged him as an awful dad...which he's far from! My heart still hurts from that moment! Thank you for allowing me to think about it again, but this time in a good way.
    Florida Georgia love love that song! Listen to it all the time!

  2. What an awesome post! I have gone through the same thought processing times and strive to be less judgemental. I love everything about this post :)

  3. Great post!!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that song!

  4. Love that song!

    It would be awesome if we could all only see the good in people. I'm going to try and teach my kids this, hopefully others do too.

  5. I so wish that we could all just see the good in people. What a different society it would be!

  6. Beautiful thoughts, makes sense! Well versed, smartly said. :) and I laughed the first time in awhile... so don't ever pass judgement on people is right...

  7. Awesome song!! Love it.

    Great post....that'll make 'ya think. Thanks for sharing what's on your heart.


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