Monday, July 15, 2013

If I were to win the lottery.... : 52 weeks of blogging with a purpose

I'd pick the cash out. Lets throw that out there now while we are talking. Partly because I do not trust that I will get the full amount {for whatever reason}. Partly because I want to choose to invest right away and have that amount grow overtime, essentially. And partly because {if the amount is say in the 100's of millions}, it's still more money than I would ever have my hands on. So my main goal would be to invest, invest, and invest.

I'd pack up our suitcases, buy us plane tickets, book a private jet, and take all of my family members to a 2 week long trip to Europe. First and foremost. Then fly them back to Hawaii and then back home.

I'd quit my job. Even though Andrew said he would continue working. Right. I'd have him quit as well. Then we would invest in the right places, and then maybe open up a small family business where we can work together and have our children be a part of it. Then, as a family, we could enjoy every day together and not miss out on the important things in life.

I'd sell our house and buy a little more space. We don't need anything huge, but definitely bigger. White house. On some land. Not too much land, as I am freaked out by the thought of not having any neighbors for miles upon miles. A fence. A basement. A large playroom for the kiddos. A man room for my big child, my husband. And maybe a quiet little office for myself. A space with a large window. A wall of bookshelves. Filled with books. And an area for me to be able to compose my thoughts... and write.

Can I buy some time with those millions so I can actually.. write?

I'd a adopt a child. From Russia {for obvious reasons}. It's unfortunate that in order to give a child a home, family, and a good life, it requires quite a bit of money. Many families that want to open up their arms and hearts to these children left behind, and finances holding them back. If I won the lottery, I would fulfill this dream of mine. Maybe one day, lottery or not, I will still be able to do that.

I'd buy a place on the ocean. On an island. Somewhere where my family can get away a couple times a year. A place big enough for everyone to stay at all at once. One where we leave all our troubles, stress, and responsibilities at home, and just relax.

I'd volunteer at our church, a local shelter, and for schools in need of help. Because lets face it, I would no longer be working. I'd want to do something to give back to the community. In the form of my time and physical labor.

At the same time, I would find a charity to donate to. Not only donate to, but to see where that money goes. Help those charities out as well. Spread the word out. I'd have to do research on this one to find one close to my heart. I don't want to donate just to donate. I want to do it because it means something.

I'd give my in-laws the money they need to retire. Right away. So that they can move close to us and be where I know their heart wants to be at. With their grand babies.

I'd also give my parents the money they need to retire. Right away. Because life is too short. Your health is never guaranteed. And I believe that, as a nation, we work too hard and too long. So retire away.

At the end of the day, I could say that I would do this, and I would do that, if I won the lottery, but the truth of the matter is that I don't even play, so the chances of me winning the jackpot is about the same as me winning a professional game of golf. In other words, zero.

Regardless, it's nice to think about these sort of things. Although not a reality for us, many of us, it puts things in perspective. How you would spend your money and where.  In summary, my money would go towards anything that would result in more family time, more memories, and more life opportunities.

Family being at the center of it all. Because like they say... money cannot buy you happiness... but it sure can help.

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  1. My favorite thing about this list is all the giving that you would do.

  2. Such a perfect list Becky - I just wish it could all come true for you x

  3. O to have the time! It's sad money almost =time these days. I would probably match your list, but I would also open a free spay and neuter and vet clinic. So every fur baby has the chance to be healthy :)
    Amazing list Becky!

  4. I like where you took this. I stuck with the 5 things to buy but I would have to say I like what you would do with the money! I would want to keep working but do something with less hours and something more fun. I know my husband would like to buy a machine shop. :) I added my list to the linky!

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  6. Ohh love your list, I will be linking up at some point this week so we shall see what I come up with but don't think it will be far off yours!!xx


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