Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We have a cruiser on our hands

You know how there are moments in life where you wake up and you realize that your world will never be the same due to a significant change, or in a mom's case, a new milestone that our babies reach. And then you catch yourself saying, "already?" Things like, "this soon?" and "surely it's not time" come out of your mouth. Perhaps maybe even a little panic sets in. "Man, I'm just not quite prepared for this," you say to your husband as it becomes evident that changes are ahead.

For me, those words and phrases came out of my mouth much more often the second time around. And much sooner at that. Simply because everything is happening much sooner, and time is flying by much faster. Because the first time around? You're all excited and jumping with joy. And not that I'm saying we're not excited for every new milestone with our Graham man, but perhaps we're just more aware of what these milestones entail. A little more cautious. A lot more hesitant.

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  1. Time really is fast when you're a mom!

  2. Crawling?! I can't get past his awesome tan!!!!

  3. My daughter is 11 months old and we just switched to the Huggies Slip On's. I love them and we haven't had any leaks yet.


  4. Aw i can't wait until my little man is cruising around! Adorable!

    My 2 owls


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