Wednesday, September 18, 2013

10 things I'll laugh at... 20 years from now. Or tomorrow.

10. I spent the night at my parent's on my birthday {with the whole fam-dam}. That night I forgot to pack underwear. I opened up my drawer's in my room {that I grew up in}, only to find clothes upon clothes that belong to my nephew. I'm not kidding all three drawers.  Lucky the last drawer contained underwear... but the size 4 kind. You know... I'm 4 years old. That kind. They were the little boy shorts kind. So?

  I managed to make it work.

9. I cracked my phone. In the garage at my work. I did a fast turn to face my car where I happened to forget my bag... and out slipped my phone from my hands. I thought about getting one of those jank regular phones. You know, not the "smart" ones. Andrew says that I need a smartphone for email and that. I say... I don't. My brother tells me that they don't even sell those kind of phones anymore.

 I'm stuck with a cracked phone until I decide what I want to do.

8. A lady at the grocery story commented on how cute another lady's little girl was. The mom with the child then went on to tell her..."yeah, she looked even cuter with shoes on. Oh but you know, she just felt like throwing those out the window while we were driving." Ha. I laughed out loud in the grocery store.

That child is awesome.

7. That same grocery? I checked out with a kit-kat. Okay like 8 of those snack size ones in a package. I cannot tell you the last time I did that.... check out and bought a candy bar {or 8}.  It has probably been a year {or more}.

Needless to say, I ate all 8, except for 2. All before leaving the parking lot.

6. Andrew and I stayed up last night cracking up to this video. I mean. This. This is our kind of humor. This is why we get each other. Because stuff like this gets us belly laughing.

5. Our new painted shutters have finally gone up. Finally. Well, all but one set. Which means, yes, we are still that house with a pair of shutters missing. How long has it been?... Too long to admit.

8 months.

4. Obama being president. I'll actually probably be crying because the effects of obamacare will be full force and since I work in the healthcare... I have bad bad terrible feelings about this. So I hope I'm laughing about it... unfortunately, it's scary to think about.

3. I asked Andrew to put up a letter holder on the wall. Requiring to nails. Bang bang and be done with. Five minute task. He was tired... but gave me the whole look.. "don't you think of doing it." I didn't. I didn't do it. I resisted the urge. Until day 4... the hammer and two nails {different sizes came out}. I whipped out my trusty measuring tool... my eyes... and went at it.

Let's just say it didn't quite work out.

1. I never did share the funniest picture ever. For us at least. The family. Andrew thought it was hilarious. I laugh every time I look at it. And in all? It completely represents these three. Completely.

I mean, that picture is worth 2 numbers.

So that's that.


  1. All such wonderful things in life and so glad you can laugh and chuckle about them! That last pic... I die. x

  2. The underwear story cracked me up. I've had things like that happen at my parents house and it's the strangest experience ever

  3. This is such a cute post! After the week I have been having, I think I need to do a similiar one.

  4. First of all, best family picture ever. I LOVE IT. And I'd definitely make size 4 underwear work if I needed to. Is it bad that I almost bought 10 of those little kit kats yesterday? :)

  5. Love these!! Love the last picture too!!

  6. I LOVE this!! And I always love the pictures of your kids with your dogs. They are hilarious!!

  7. Once you go smartphone, you can't go back!

  8. I feel like I see toddler shoes on the side of the road frequently.

  9. My phone is cracked too... I just put one of those plastic screen protectors over it so I wouldn't cut my finger, but I'm not up for an upgrade yet so I haven't decided what to do!

  10. That picture is worth all the numbers, but super glad you shared all the other stuff too.

  11. OH my how cute are those little babies of yours- all three!!

  12. That picture is priceless! Love it!


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