Wednesday, September 25, 2013

If you came over for some coffee {and cookies}...My 10 Minute Capture

Driving up, you'd first see that there are two large what looks to be pieces of paper taped to our windows. The windows that face the road. Yes, your eyes aren't mistaken. You see, we love to paint around here, and we have found that taping the paper to the windows is easiest. And leaving it up for days for us to admire? Is totally okay too.

This might also help to explain the crayon and paint that has stained those curtains on those windows. We get a little excited around here, and we are 2 by the way.

Walking in, you will most likely be greeted by my overly obnoxious and hyperactive boston terrier beagle mix dog that weighs approximately 20 pounds, but will attach you [I mean jump on you] as though he is 100. He means no harm, truly. It will take him a good 20 minutes to get used to you.

In the meantime, take a look at my two kiddos. E & G. They grew overnight. Into these grown children that I barely recognize, instead of the 7 pound babies that I remember bringing home from the hospital.

These days? E loves to run around the house, talk in low voices, and read library books over and over and over again. Most days? She's in a shirt and underwear. We dont' really like to wear pants around here.

And G? G is still a toothless little nugget, but there are whites there. They're there... we see them... we sure know about them... but they are taking their sweet time. He's crawling everywhere, walking everywhere with anything that he can hold onto, and babbling up a storm. Loves his mama {looooves}, adores the sight of his papa, and tries to sprint for the stairs at every opportunity available.

I'd then put you on the couch, bring that coffee that you came for, and show you my phone. You know, the one that is shattered from top to bottom. Because I dropped it a month ago. At this time, your mouth will surely drop open and you will say something around the lines of..."well why don't you get a new one." I'd then tell you... it's on the list.

The to-do list. Which also has things such as:
Print Elliana's birthday invites {she's turning 3! THREE}
Print large portraits of G {because there are none in the house...aside from the nursery, bad mom}
Put up pictures on wall up the stairway {I have 4 canvases under my bed with dust on them}
Order G's album {it's in the making}
Get garage sale ready {must I?!}

Speaking of point number 1 on the list {birthday party}, I'd probably try to coax you into coming to help me. It's in a little over a month. A month.

I'd go on to tell you about having the next 4 days off work. Meaning that all that laundry, deep cleaning, dust and all, will finally have a little of my attention. I say a little because I have other plans for the kids as well.

I'd tell you that Graham had his very first real big boy meal. Turkey meatballs and noodles. And he ate it all. Almost as much as his bigger sister. Coming from someone who has been so picky with solids, mama was pretty pleased. Looks like we will be having lots of fun with dinners from here on out.

When it's time for you to go, I'd walk you out the door, point to the fall decor {that I finally put up this week}, and tell you to come back again.

Next time? Maybe i'll have something better than coffee.

Like bud light lime.


  1. I love reading these posts! I have wanted to write one, but creative writing is not my strong point! haha. I know I am one of those people who has a blog, but does not have a way with words. haha oh well. Love the pictures of the 2 at the window.

  2. Love this post, might have to 'steal ' this idea from you. You are an amazing mama!!


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