Friday, September 6, 2013


*Toddler time started this week. It was off for a whole month while they revamped the program. I have to say, we have never been so excited to see the librarians as we were the past two days. We went to Wednesday's and Thursday's toddler time and will probably be there Friday {today when this posts}.

*It's apple picking season! We went to one of our favorite farms yesterday and got a bunch of apples and peaches. I made apple crisp and applesauce and we've been munching on apples in this house like crazy.

*I'm preparing for my fall wardrobe. Which means... scarves. And so I may have bought a few of these from zulily. I sort of have a scarf obsession.
*Last week I confessed about not having my baby books up to date... with Graham. Well, then this deal popped up and I could not pass it up. $12 for a hardcover photo book with FREE SHIPPING. Okay, now there is definitely no excuse.

*Making baby food? Going to be making baby food? I'm giving away a gift set here.

*Football season has officially begun. Which means? I won't have my husband back for another 5 months. Sigh. I guess I'll actually get some blogging done? Real blogging...

*Like the blogging I did during nap time today where I wrote a much needed post on "raising girls and boys with values." I wonder what that is all about?

*There is a reason why my husband doesn't like for me to do his laundry {truth}... because it took me about 12 hours before I got around to folding his clothes, and I have to say... they were {are} a wrinkly old mess.

*Can we talk about my love for cloth diapering? You would think one should not get so giddy over having to wash poo out of diapers... but I just cannot put it into words {actually I can, and did in a post to come}.... but really, if you are on the line {or in my case, my husband was on the fence}... just try it out. You may be as impressed as I was {am}.

*G-man is still teething bad and still no teeth. I really thought this week would be the week. Wrong, once again.

*Nursing friends... I love this: "When the lab calls..."

*I really wanted to end this post with... TGIF... however, I work this weekend, so it's not really that great. Yet? I'm still glad it is Friday because when I won't be at work {or sleeping}, I'll be with my favorite people... right here.



  1. I saw those scarves and wanted to buy them but i chickened out. I love scarves too but sometimes I feel like I'm choking when I wear them which is why I don't wear turtlenecks either. But what I really wanted to say what that I seriously laugh out loud and the bullshyt GIF. I was in nursing for a while and I know those sentiments EXACTLY!!!

  2. Those scarfs are adorable! I want. Although I never actually wear scarfs haha!

  3. Oh goodness! It's that time of year! I feel like I'm going to have to bust out the crocheting needles soon!

  4. i want to scarf obsess ...i mean i have like 10 calling me...but when i put them on i feel weird like i'm trying to pretend i can look like others when they wear them so i always end of ripping them off my head as i walk out the door...
    ive got a mustard one calling my name for fall...ugh!

  5. I love #nursingproblems. My favorite one of late has been this one:


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