Friday, September 27, 2013

Sleep problems, marital problems, deals, and other stuff that makes sense. Or not.

It's been a while since I participated in a link up, and I thought the 5 on Friday on Darci's blog would be a fun way for me to dump my brain out on the computer screen. I've been doing that a lot lately.

Brain dumping.


Sleep problems. I wrote a post on this {what else is new}, and I don't even know when I scheduled it for {probably in 2 years}, so I might as well just mention it here. Sleep sucks around here. The toddler is finally much better at night {we had waking up problems for a while there when Graham was first born}, and now it's the baby boy that is not sleeping well. We are talking every two hours type business. I know it's teeth. I blame the teeth, but it is a whole new world {of teething} for us, and we are just ready for some more consistent sleeping. I already don't get enough sleep as it is pulling the night shift 3 nights a week...

He's lucky he is so darn cute when he wakes up, and sissy is still sleeping, and I get to do this with him: just be us.


Shutterfly deals . Just because I love you guys and I equally love deals, I thought I would share with you an awesome one going on now on Shutterfly. You can get 50% off photobooks, get free shipping, and on top of that an extra 20% off. Use codes: earlybird and ship30. 

Yes, you can use more than one code! Get your baby books done ladies!


Mama of three business. I watched E's best bud the other day for 3.5 hours for my friend and it was all sorts of fun. We painted, we did flashcards, we went on a walk, and played outside. It was for real the fasted 3.5 hours of my life. Made me really think about what life with 3 would be like.

But overall? It was great, easy {thanks to her being an absolute angel}, and not to mention... E absolutely loved having her friend over for that long.

And I was stressed about the dirty paint brushes....ha.


Marital problems. Well, not really. It sounds like it would be worth reading though, right? Well, the problem is I can't text my husband. At all. Actually, I can text him, but he can't text me back. Actually, he can, but I can't see it. Thanks to the new, lovely, iphone update that I refuse to get. Not to mention my phone is shattered.

My husband's solution is that I just go and get a new phone {we were up for upgrade back in February}.

My solution: email me.


Make money shopping. If you are shopping online {EVER} and not using Ebates while doing so, then you are missing out on FREE money. Plus you get a free $10 gift card when you sign up! It tracks your online orders on the websites that you are going to be shopping on anyway, and then gives you money back. And then refer your family and friends {like I am doing here}, and make even more money. We're talking $500 checks!



  1. Our toddler keeps going through phases of waking up every couple of hours. He soothes himself back to sleep but we obviously wake up every time he cries. I keep thinking he's teething,but where are the teeth?! Lol Hope you sleep soon!

  2. That stinks about the sleep. Being tired can make every thing that seems easy or simple, sooo much harder. At least that's how it is for me! I've been nervous about welcoming baby #2 and a lot of my nerves has to do with sleep and wondering how sleep deprived I'll really be while having to chase a toddler.

  3. Found your blog on the link up! You are so not alone on the sleep issue. My little one wakes up every two hours! Its exhausting! I totally get your pain! Hope it gets better soon and you get some sleep ;)

  4. SO relate to you on the toddler and the phone. I've had my screen replaced FOUR times and it cracked again IN an otterbox. How does that even happend? My mini and me rendezvoused from about 12-2 last night. Sigh.

  5. I just wrote a post on sleep today! MY 9mo old is in a bad phase, haha. So I'm there with you, mama!

  6. Lol, I didn't want to replace my phone either after I broke the screen. Put simply, I didn't want to drop the $200 on it. My hubby got me the iPhone 5 for my birthday, though, so he didn't give me much choice.

  7. You should look up, I've found it to be super helpful when it comes to baby sleep problems... and how to fix them.

  8. I'm not shy about replacing a phone if it breaks. And thankfully, my phone insurance has always kicked in and the most I've ever had to pay for a replacement was $50 and that included shipping. Texting is a crucial feature to have for me and my husband. And teething is awful!! I was so glad when my little ones were past that stage.

  9. My daughter is a notorious bad sleeper. I've just... gotten used to it, I guess. I wrote a bit about it today actually.

  10. If you haven't already, try the teething necklace and LOTS of Ibprofen...only kidding kind of . My son is a horrible teether as well and I feel like I'm drugging him but its the only way anyone gets sleep, including him. Right now he was four molars and two eye teeth coming in....KILL me now! He's also a slooooooow teether and it seems like the teether never pop through. He's 16 months old and but with his sleep lately it feels like the newborn days all over again....actually worse because a little milky milk doesn't fix it.

  11. Ahhhhh it seems like everyone is having that horrible iphone problem, UGH!!!

  12. I'm not getting my hubby's texts either! And it's his first weekend out if town with baby girl whole I'm working :(

  13. Visiting from the Five on Friday linkup! Your blog title today is so funny, but I'm glad to see there were no major problems! I love ebates, too! I definitely use it all the time! :)

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