Saturday, September 28, 2013

Brides... I found your photographer!

It's no secret that I have a special place in my heart for photography. Better yet, for wedding photography. Often times, I find myself rummaging through the images of my own wedding just 4 years ago, and I am constantly reminded of how important it is to find the right photographer. One that is able to capture the unique special memories of one of the best days of your lives, and tell a story through a series of pictures.

Your wedding day is a story. The first chapter of your book as husband and wife.

I love Sarah's work, and I love her style. Whenever she posts new weddings that she has done, I just sit at my computer and look through all the images. And smile. I love that wedding pictures have that affect on people.

The great thing about Sarah is that she travels! TRAVELS! So brides... getting engaged, got engaged, know someone that is engaged? Check out Sarah and I guarantee you won't be disappointed! She also added a discount for all readers, so be sure to email her with the code below! 

A word from Sarah:

Shortly after having my daughter I realized just how important captured memories are. Because once the moment is over and the memories have faded it's the photos that help you relive the laughter, emotions, and events again and again. As a Lifestyle and Wedding photographer I get to be part of the most important moments in my clients lives. I get create more then just professional relationships with my brides, but I get to become friends, and share in their big day. When it comes to wedding photography I believe there is a place for formal photos, but that the emphasis should be placed on capturing the emotion, and creating a storybook of images that will retell that day over again in years to come. The jitters of a bride before making her grand entrance, the tears running down a daddy's cheek as he gives his little girl away, the look on a mothers face as she dances with her son. The captured memories are the ones that shouldn't be forgotten. 

While SMP is based in the Baltimore/Annapolis area, we are ready to pack our bags and fly to wherever your wedding is taking place, and offer fantastic travel rates! Visit our website to view rates, and packages.

Book your 2014/ early 2015 wedding with SMP and mention "MRSTOMAMA" and receive an amazing wedding package discount valued over $800.


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