Monday, September 16, 2013

High School Back Then

Always started the day with a strawberry poptart every morning in the commons. Oh the commons. The place where you just never knew what you were going to get. Either a school fight or people breaking down into a dance. There was never a dull moment.

Sleeping in until noon on the weekends. One time I slept for 23 hours straight. I slept through an entire day. Because my girlfriends and I thought it would be a brilliant idea the night before to stay up all night in a hotel {with parent}. So my teenage body took a beating and slept from 8am one day until 9 am the next. And the only reason I even got up at 9 that next day was because I had to work.

Making our own shirts for the football games. The glitter. The colorful glue. The bandanas. And not to mention the face paint.

Leaving study hall to go to Panera bread. Senior year was one of my favorite years. Actually probably THE most favorite year and one of the things we loved to do was go to Panera during study period.

Euchre games during math class. We'd turn our chairs {chairs/tables} and make a little square and go at it. I was a bit obsessed and if you were my partner and made a terrible mistake? It was not pretty.

Getting your license just so you had the excuse to drive. To nowhere. Driving around aimlessly just because... you had a license now.

Hair problems. From bright blonde. To black. Then red. Then black to blonde. And the cycle went one. For all 4 years.

Nokia cell phones. Everyone owned one. Kind of like the i-phone today, except... not.

Speaking of cell phones, remember when texting was the obsession. It had just came out and all you would hear about is how Johnny racked up a $500 bill texting, and Sue was grounded because hers was 1,000. Oh cell phone companies...

Wearing a wedding dress to prom was totally okay. I mean, really.

And for some reason, it was totally acceptable to wear bright blue, pink, and purple skin tight bell bottom pants. The same kind that every other girl in school owned.

Everyone was on AIM after homework was done. Everyone. And you had about 10 different conversations going on at once. Your computer looked like it was infested with sticky notes.

You begged your parents to get your belly button pierced. You even bargained with your grades. "If I get all A's... can I?" You did. Now do you wish you had?

The best news you could ever hear was snow day. Two hour delays. Three. Or full days of staying home from school. 

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