Thursday, September 26, 2013

Oh my sweetness, how did this day come so soon, 9 month Graham


The sweetest boy I ever did see. My go go go child. My happy child. My lover of mama child. My into everything child. And at that, I have successfully described both my children. But although you and your sister are very similar, you are your own person and you have such special unique characteristics that I will cherish forever.

It has been the best 9 months of our lives, and as parents, we could not be anymore proud of you and all your little accomplishments. Even if those accomplishments seem like no big deal to the typical stranger. They are very much a big deal to us.

Graham, we hope you always know how proud we are to be your parents. You light up the room with your smile, you have absolutely no fear, and you are ambitious and driven to do things beyond your age. I have a feeling those qualities will stick around, and we are excited to see you grow into a little boy. Excited for all the many milestones and achievements to come.

So, about this month. What have we been up to?

You're a well traveled boy. You've been to the zoo, children's museum, toddler time, parks, and anywhere else more times than I could ever count. In fact, you've been going to toddler time with your sissy since you were just a couple weeks old. Every week {most times multiple times a week}. You are great company everywhere we go, and I never have that fear like I had with your sister when she was your age. About causing a scene.

You're just chill like that.

Loves mama. Loves loves loves mama. It's like the minute I walk into the room, nothing else matters. It's funny because you play so great with anyone else. Your papa? Grandma? You don't mind. You can play with toys for hours. With mama? It's about 5-10 minute stretches of playing with toys and that's it. You'd much rather be climbing up my leg and into my arms.

But you're not a cuddler. Not one bit. You love to be held and in my arms, but none of that put your head on my chest and snuggle business. I mean, really, it breaks my heart. But as soon as you see something you want to touch, you are basically launching out of my arms. Especially if it has wheels on it.

Little Tike car, bikes, strollers, trucks, trains, and cars... anything with wheels. Your eyes get big. You also love sticks and balls. And you love to bang stuff. Also? The dog bowl. So intriguing to you.

You said mama and papa. Papa was only heard by grandma so far, but mama is said all day every day. "Mama, mama, mama, mama." Just like that. And boy do I hear it if I even dare leave you for one second.

You started waving hellow which is the cutest thing ever. You won't do it on command, but will just randomly start shaking your hand and smiling. Real big like you're so proud of yourself. Clearly, we are too.

We switched you to cloth diapers this past month and I have to say that mama really likes them a lot. You obviously don't care either way, and your papa is coming around. So when you get older, you can tell all your friends that your mama was crazy.

Loves to play with hair. Mama's hair. Sister's hair. Papa's hair. Anyone's hair. When you nurse, you always want to pull on my hair, and when your papa is holding you, you place your hand on the back of his head and pull his little hairs. Sissy? You have to be in mama's arms and then you kneel down when she is standing and pull. You think it's quite humorous as well.

Still obsessed with cars, trucks, trains, and anything else with wheels. Balls and sticks are your other favorite. You love to bang and smack things. Including your mama.

Walks everywhere with the walker toy that you push. You have gotten so good at it that you are taking laps. And now we have caught you standing for a couple seconds with no assistance! Again, I'm thinking sometime in month 10 you will be walking. Which? I'm not entirely sure I am ready for.

If I have the fridge open, you love love love to play in it. Taking the milk jug out, opening drawers, and banging. You love to bang!

Continues to be obsessed with climbing up the stairs. And thinking it's funny that it is against mama and papa's rules. As soon as you hear us coming, you crawl faster and giggle. Turn your head and giggle at us. You mischievious little thing.

As far as eating goes, still nursing every 2-4 hours during the day, on demand. At night, about 1 or 2 feedings.
NO TEETH. Man, really? I was so sure they were coming this month. I see the whites. I see the swelling. But they just won't pop through. Mama aint happy. Because the past week? You've been up every couple of hours.

Let's talk about sleep while we are on the topic. Man. You go to bed great. 730pm. But then it's like you wake up and you realize I'm not there, so you sit up in your crib and you cry the most pitiful of all cries out there. I scoop you up, nurse you, and back to sleep you go. We have been doing this anywhere from 2-4 times a night this past month. Again, I'm thinking teeth.

Back to eating. You had your first big boy meal with turkey meatballs and noodles and you loved. We have been doing more and more real solids {big people} bites, and you are adjusting so well! No more gagging and spitting up like you used to. We still do the homemade pureed pouches as a quick snack here and there, and you have your favorites. So far you have eaten: carrots, sweet potato, avacodo, tomatos, clementines, peaches, nectarines, bananas, turkey meatballs, eggs, spinach, kale, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, apples, peas, and whatever else I failed to mention.

You eat, most importantly.

For weight, you are a solid 20 pounds. Length? I have not the slightest idea. I think right on track, as you fit in the 9-12 month clothes. Our well visit is next week.

I know I can't possibly list here every little detail of your past month, but just know that we have cherished every bit of it. Every bit of you. Every bit of change and development that has come our way. We are so thankful and you are so loved my sweet boy.

Forever, and ever, to the moon and back,,

Mama, Papa, and big Sis


  1. What a sweet post! Little Graham is seriously so adorable!! My daughter just turned 12 months and still NO teeth! I don't get it, LOL

  2. I love reading about Graham! He is so much like my Abe! It's so hard to believe these boys are 9 months old... Sigh...

  3. Love that sweet boy but goodness how time does fly by all too soon!

  4. He is just too handsome! I love that he loves anything with wheels -- true boy! We switched to cloth too! :) You actually gave me the final push I needed!


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