Thursday, September 5, 2013

Baby Food Making LIFE SAVER + Giveaway for you mamas!

When Graham turned 5 months old, I started looking into making baby food. Although I went through the process with Elliana when she was little, I wanted to be sure that I would still go the same route and make purees {versus strictly BLW, a post for another day}. I whipped out my favorite book, headed to my go-to website, and got to reading.

It was then that I had discovered the genius idea behind the Infantino squeeze station. After reading countless raving reviews, I quickly made my purchase and would look out my front door every few hours for a couple days just waiting for my package to arrive. It came, and I immediately went to work to prepare.

There are a few things that I love about the product.

1. I could make my own pouches. I mean, I know you are saying.."duh." I remember how much I loved grabbing a pouch on the go for my daughter whenever we were going to be out and about, and I had a really hard time with grabbing pre-made baby food, a spoon, a bowl, and a lid so that I could carry it around safely wherever we went. This product completely eliminated many steps for me, and actually would save me money in the long run by not having to buy pouches from the store. Plus, there is nothing quite like fresh food.

2. Dummy proof. Dummy=me. I really, really don't like complicated baby products. And this? Not complicated at all. It is as simple as it looks. Set up your three pouches, twist on your bottles, and push. Twist the cap on and store.

3. No freezer burn. One thing I will never forget getting frustrated about was the freezer burn on the ice cube tray baby food that I was used to making. With these pouches? That was completely eliminated. However, I do have to say... I much prefer to just make food for a couple days and store in fridge. Or just make it for every meal. I like knowing it is completely fresh. But again, just personal preference.

4. Pouches can be stored for 48 hours in the refrigerator and 2 months in the freezer. Well Graham is not a all-you-can-eat kind of baby. He likes to take his sweet time and likes to eat throughout the day. I love that I have the ability to store these for later in the fridge and with plenty of time at that.

5. The entire product line is dishwasher safe and BPA, PVC and phthalate free.

6. They sell reusable pouches too! I love the couple that I have and use them... well.. a lot. {
To see how the Squeeze Station works, check out the how-to video. (click “video” button on the bottom right)

I really could sit here for days telling you how much I love this product. Not because I am saying this for a company, but because I truly love it that much. I have a love for making baby food, and at the same time, I have a love for products that make my life easier.

This. This makes my life easier.

And? My baby loves it.

So? Win win.
We like our food on the chunkier side :)

And you know what is a win win for you? A giveaway! A $70 value

  1. Squeeze Station – 3 Pouch Press unit with (10) starter Squeeze Pouches – $24.99
  2. 50-pack Squeeze Pouches – Plenty of pouches for mom to store her own baby food – $16.99 
  3. Keeper Squeeze Pouch – Offers an additional way to fill-and-go in an easy-to-clean, soft silicone container – $7.99 
  4. Peppy Puree – Quickly blends soft fruits and steamed veggies – $19.99  
  5. Couple a Spoons™ – Spoons that attach easily to Squeeze Pouches for mess-free feeding – $3.99
 **Disclaimer: I purchased this product on my own. I was however provided additional products for my honest review, and all opinions and thoughts are that of my own with no compensation given for this post. 
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  1. This is one thing I would do over if I could go back to my kids being babies. I didn't make their baby food and wish I did. This product would've made it easier for sure!

  2. I almost bought one this weekend {for my 4 1/2 month old} in preparation for when he turns 6 months. The Beaba food steamer/pureer I had with my first quit at the very end. This would be such a huge blessing! Thanks for the {honest} review!

  3. As of yesterday the our son's doctor gave us the all clear for starting baby food. First step is cereal of course, but after a week or so of that we're good to go! I can't wait to see what his reaction is going to be to all the new foods he's going to experience. It would be great if I could make his food myself!

  4. Nice giveaway! I really like the whole idea for preparing baby food. The crushing machine is amazing I would say. It is simple and quite easy to prepare solid food through these crushing machines. Recently, I also purchased a vegetable crusher and Cow & Gate baby foods from Feeding for Life. I must say the ready-made baby food packets are quite healthier and nutritious just like the homemade food.


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