Monday, September 2, 2013

What Being a Mom Looks Like; 52 Weeks of Blogging with a Purpose

Being a mom looks like a cd full of nursery rhymes playing in your car over and over again. So much so that you know each and every single word to each and every song, and you end up singing them as though they are the greatest country hits on the radio. Except? They're not. But? Your daughter loves them, and you jam to them, and you throw your hands up in the air at stop signs with her, and bop your head to the wheels on the buss. All while a car full of teenage boys drives by and laughs at you. It's what you listen to. Even when the kids aren't in the car. It's probably what you hear when you go to bed. Mary had a little lamb...little lamb... little lamb...
Being a mom looks like a superhero. One that has to kiss every boo boo. One that wipes the tears. One that makes dreams come true. Dreams as simple as... going to the park.

Being a mom looks like a much needed shower at times. Let me rephrase that, a much needed long, well deserved shower. A solid, 20 minute hot shower, where you can sit and actually enjoy the water splashing on your face. Maybe shave a leg or two. And even sing a tune {ha} out loud. Except you know that you are needed elsewhere. A baby may be waking up soon. A toddler may be itching to go downstairs. And although a nice hot shower sounds nice, you'll take what you can get. A shower. Period.

Being a mom looks like a quick drive-thru pick up of ice cream. Why? Because you know it will be the one thing that will put the biggest smile on your child's face. Biggest.

Being a mom looks like busy day-planner. One that is marked with one activity to the next. From toddler time to gymnastics classes. From recipe plans to craft ideas. From chores, play-dates, zoo and museum trips. Being a mom is the definition of go-go-go.

At the same time, being a mom looks like the best cuddles on the couch. Or in bed. Anywhere where a tiny little body can nuzzle up right up next to you and make you feel like the most wanted and loved person out there. It's a moment where time stands still, the rest of the world doesn't matter, and all those to-dos can and do wait. Being a mom looks like the best excuse ever to just devote some days to being "nothing" days.

Being a mom looks like a lot of pressure. A lot of pressure to raise our children to become contributing members of our society, yet at the same time, finding the balance in just letting them be kids. Pressure to keep them safe, yet let them be free. Pressure to discipline, yet learn to say "yes" more than "no." Pressure to being the "perfect" mom.

But, I'm here to tell you, looks can be deceiving. All that pressure? All those "expert" books? All those crazy mom-forums? Not to mention the mom-experts. Those do not compare to a mother's intuition. Doing what you feel is best and right for your children trumps any book and expert out there. So pressure? Pressure is only placed within yourself. Once you let go of it? Being a mom looks like the easiest thing you have ever done. Although everyone will tell you otherwise. Even yourself at times.

Being a mom looks like a pie chart. A pie chart where you have to divide yourself in all aspects of life. In your marriage, in your parenting, in your household duties, work, and me-time. Parenting always takes up the biggest part. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that it is 100% of the pie chart, as every decision you ever make always has your children and significant other in mind.

Being a mom looks like someone jumping up and down during the "little sucesses." Like sleeping more than 2 hour stretches. Or getting two babies to nap at the same time. Or when they crawl and walk for the first time. Say their first word. Master a song or lesson taught. Everything they accomplish is exciting and worth celebrating.

Being a mom looks like the winner of the Indy 500. The winner of the Kentucky derby. The winner of the NFL, march madness, or any other sport championship. The superbowl. The olympics. Being a mom looks like you just won the greatest prize out there. And the reason it looks that way?

Because you just have.

Next Week: A Room Within My Childhood Home {and what it means to me}
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  1. Love this Becky- always love when you write from the heart! And what precious pics of you and your sweet babies! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your son is getting so big<3


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