Friday, March 23, 2012


I got an email last night from Totsy about a huge 95% off blow out sale. Of course, I didn't get it until this morning because I passed out last night at 8pm and slept until 7! That is 11 hours people.

So now, I am hurrying to get through the deals as they are going fast. There are 50 dollar outfits for 8.
Toddler coats that were 80 for 18. Lots of kiddo sales.  But a lot are sold out.

What a found that is still left are the womens boots. There are some that are 50 for 10. 80 for 16. And there are a ton of boots. Great for next winter.
And some women's clothes.
Even deals on umbrellas.
So if you have time today, go check out totsy. It is one of my favorite places to shop. In fact that picture of me in that dress from yesterday's post? Yup. Totsy.

Also, new members get FREE SHIPPING on their first purchase {within 30 days}. No code or minimum purchase required.

GO HERE. Sign up. And Shop.

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