Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Randoms

** Please hit refresh to see all the images. Technical difficulties this morning... blogger forget its coffee, obviously.

My root canal update
-My root canal went great. Really great. It was super quick {30 minutes}, and the dentist was super nice. He basically babied me, and talked to me through the whole procedure. I didn't feel a thing. However, I must say... the shot to numb you {shot number 3 and 4 especially} was the worst thing ever. The one that goes to the roof of your mouth is killer. I, honestly, got tears in my eyes. Tensed up. And cursed in my head. And the other thing that really made me anxious was the fact that I felt like I had something in my throat the whole time and that at any moment I was going to aspirate on my own saliva. I may have raised my hands up like a mad woman at the beginning asking to be suctioned. A little high maintenance? Yes.

Reading a book-Nicholas sparks
-I am reading  a book. Holy moly guacamole. Can we please just talk about how amazing it is to say that right now. I used to read a book in a day. Multiple books a month. Non-stop, crazy, addicted, bookworm. That was obviously pre-baby, and since baby? No books. Nada. And that is a shame. A pitiful thing. And it hurts me to even admit that. I love reading. I think books can tell an amazing story. I think that they can move you in unbelievable ways. And when I read a really good book? I completely get lost in it.
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One of my favorite authors is Nicholas Sparks. And currently I am reading The Best of Me. Now, because of how busy life is, I am only able to read it at work {when I have a few minutes here and there}, and I am about half-way through. And currently? I'm loving it.

I'm definitely going to read more books.

Got furniture this past weekend
-Andrew's parents are moving to Texas. And they kindly donated {as I like to call it} their living room furniture and patio furniture to the S household. Those were the two rooms left that we hadn't furnished yet, and we are super thankful that now these rooms can finally be finished. I can't wait to add my little touches to it, and reveal the final product!

Magnets Purchased for Magnetic Board
-Elliana has been hooked to these all week. Talk about one of my best purchases {of the week}. Seriously though, these are awesome. The Melissa and Doug ones are 20 for 11, and they are great, big, and colorful. But the greatest purchase was the 60 magnets for 15. These were awesome "everyday" words that a child would use, including animals. I chose to buy both because if you spend 25, you get free shipping!  {You can see them in the 4th photo below}

Instagram Dump

1. E drew papa a picture // 2. It was 70 degrees out this day, total bliss // 3. Gummy smile E, back in the day // 
4. We added 80 more magnets to our collection, thanks to 5. One of the 6 jackets that I had purchased from here. // 6. E and I enjoying the gorgeous weather // 7. E and all her sassy beauty. // 8. Piggies. Enough said.

New Recipes I have tried this week
1. Pot Roast: simple, delicious, and easy. Only changes I would make is use beef stock instead of water, throw in potatos, carrots, celery, and onions. And season the roast with Italian seasoning prior to browning the meat.
2. Broccoli Soup: a hit in the family, but not for me so much. Still looking for the perfect broccoli soup, and I think I am going to try the "panera bread" version next.
100,000 page views in one month.
-For the month of February, I hit 100,000 page views. Only for that month alone. The love story link up accounted to about 10,000 of those page views. But the other 90,000 in February? Is beyond me. Which again makes me wonder about all those mystery readers out there. Recently, I have received a few lovely emails from those readers and they have truly made my heart smile {I also have a few saved to reply to... so be on the lookout}. I love it when people share their story. When they can relate to me. When they say how much they appreciate that I write. Honestly, it touches me in ways I cannot even explain. And it keeps me motivated to keep up with this little space of mine.

Bachelor, Women tell all
-Was brutal. Exhausting. Made me want to take a swig of something strong. All those women. Straight narcotic {except Nicky}. And although I do not buy the whole "I'm sorry" deal by Courtney, I really could care less, and that is the same attitude these ladies need to embrace. I can't imagine that they look like a catch to all of the eligible Bachelors left in America. And they also don't have a ring on it. So get it girls. GET. IT. {A man}. 

Dentist woes.
-So this morning I will be at my crown fitting appointment. Can I just say that I am so ready for all this to be over with. And the fact that is costing me a pretty penny makes it that much more  cringe-worthy. We won't even go there. What I could have purchased. A new wardrobe. A handbag or two. A night in bed with Josh Duhamel. I mean. 100 cases of BLL. 

Or a beautiful pearly white crown. Equally important.

Future Posts
-I think that in these Thursday Randoms posts, I am going to mention some future posts that I have scheduled. Like I have said before, I write my posts at night {3-4 at a time} a couple times a week. Blogging never takes place during the day or while the tot is awake {with the exception of sometimes a "deal" post or something important}. That being said, I have tons of posts scheduled, and sometimes when I say that I will talk about this or that.... well, I do, but it's usually not scheduled for a while.

So here are some posts to look out for.

Why I watermark my photos- Monday March 12th
My Beauty Products Run Down- Tuesday March 13th
The Time I woke up at 4am- Wednesday March 14th
Thursday Randoms- Thursday March 15th
What the H is wrong with my Sippy Cup {per E} Friday March 16th

And that is all I have this morning. Time to go get all housewife prettied up to head to the dentist. Gotta look my best for the devil man himself. Mother eff.


  1. did you use to do a blog carnival on Thursdays? I have you saved, was it seriously thursday? i miss it if so

  2. sorry you have to go back to the dentist, no fun! love ALL your thursday randoms!

  3. glad to hear that your root canal went great! you don't hear too many people who actually say that :)

    and the food you made this week looks so delish!! i def. want to try that soup!

  4. glad you are enjoying The Best of Me! I liked it too :)

  5. Glad to hear the root canal went well, I hope the next visit goes just as well and you get that ALL out of the way ASAP.

    Ps- nothing cuter than sweet babes with piggies! ;)

  6. This one was SOOO yummy! Ive tried many before too, but this was the best so far!

  7. Your food always looks so good! :) I'm glad your root canal went well! I also agree... the girls from this season are wack execpt for a few! I can't wait for Emily to be the Bachelorette!


  8. Glad that your root canal went so well! The dentist scares the heck out of me, haha.

    I wish that we had such amazing weather here, we haven't even hit 50 degrees yet. Ugh!

    My son LOVES magnets! Those are really cute magnets that you got! 60 magnets for $15, wow! That's a great deal.

    Love your new jacket!

    Your food looks delicious, yum! I really need to start trying to make new things.

    Congrats on your 100,000 page views! I get excited when I reach 80.. HAHA!

    Loved your randoms!

  9. E's piggies are adorable!!! xoxo

  10. Can't wait to see the furniture! Bummer with the root canal, but it doesn't sound like it was as scary as people make it out to be. Those recipes look and sound delish!

  11. Glad to hear your root canal went well! Good luck at your appointment today!

    LOVE cooking pot roast! How easy and then you can eat leftovers!! I'm also wanting to try the "panera bread" broccoli cheese soup recipe! If you do, PLEASE let us know how it turns out! :)

    Good for you on all of your views! You are a popular lady!!

    Looking forward to your future posts!!

  12. Glad the root canal went well! Can't wait to hear more about the new furniture!!

  13. One thing I really fear/dread for becoming a mom someday, is not having any time to read books.

    I love books. I don't ever want to be too busy to read them.

  14. I love Nicholas Sparks. I met him and it was one of the happiest days of my life. :)

  15. glad to hear your root canal went good. I just started reading the Hunger Games and it's pretty good. That stew looks good.

  16. you are my blogging idol. seriously. you are a busy working momma but you still dominate your blog! :) i need to check out that nicholas sparks book!

  17. I will have to pick up that book. I love reading, but like you, I get totally obsessed with it and am completely unproductive in all other areas of my life!

  18. I just love reading your blog! I saw here that you love reading books by Nicholas Sparks!! He has always been one of my faves! If you haven't read Safe Haven yet you totally need to! It is so one of the bests!

  19. Also I am so glad you watch and post about The Bachelor! My friends and I have been obsessed with this season and have a mutual dislike for Courtney!


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