Friday, March 30, 2012

Sweet Chicky rocked our cheeks off.

When my friend Katie emailed me about her new business, Sweet Chicky, that her and her mom had started, I was instantly excited for her.

Not just because her and my baby girl are so close in age. Or the fact that she is a rockstar mom. But because I always love to hear when friends, moms, women, do something that they love and go for it.

Diaper covers, sun hats, sweet little shirts. A mama's dream come true.

And then I was pleasantly surprised when I went to visit her etsy shop that there were boy diaper covers as well. Often times, boy moms are always stuck with the not so cute outfits whereas the girls have endless amounts to choose from.

So I love that Katie has not forgotten about the handsome stylish little men out there.

Katie offered to send Elliana something, and of course I happily accepted.

When the package came in the mail, E and I may have done a little happy dance {as we always do with the delivery man makes a little trip to our house}. And this time, I let her open it.

A lot of "ooohhh" and "aahhh."

Mainly from me. I was really really taken back on how adorable this little outfit truly was. The color was just perfect. Very girly. And surprisingly? Not pink! E's closet is full of pink, so I am always looking for other colors to add to her wardrobe while still incorporating the girly part that we love the most.

And this outfit did it. And it came pre-washed Free&Clear so we put it on right away!

From the little diaper cover, to the cute onesie. And the hat! Please, lets talk about the hat.

My girl has a large head. Okay... lets be nice here. She has a nicely rounded noggin'. Better. So it was so sweet of Katie to get my baby's measurements beforehand so that it would actually fit. And it did!

And we love love loved it. It will definitely come to good use during the scorching hot sunny days this summer.

Overall, I was so pleased, and pleasantly surprised by the quality of the outfit. Please stop by her shop and check out all of her goodies! 

**I was not paid to write this post. I was not even asked to do this. I did this on my own, all opinions are my own, and I did this mainly to support a fellow friend, blogger, and mama. 

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