Saturday, March 10, 2012

16 months, beautiful and full of joy. 3.8.12

Dear Elliana,
As always, I cannot believe that we are here already, yet again. Weren't we just celebrating your 15 months of life? Ahem. Now it is 16 months. What is next? 16 years?

Okay, let us not get carried away here.

This month did literally fly by, simply because we have been busy busy busy. And as the weather gets nicer, we spend more and more time outside, doing more activities, and really soaking in all the beauty of life.

You are just a growing bean and an absolute joy. Lately, our days have consisted of a lot, a lot, of giggles. You are into making us laugh, and you are pretty darn good at it.

And as you will see below baby girl, our photo shoot was pretty straight forward. You were watching baby einstein. I threw on your tutu and headband. Slabbed on the 16 month sticker and just clicked away. Pictures will show you were not into the camera, and all into the TV.  Which is okay because I was still able to capture your beauty baby girl. And a beautiful baby girl you are.

But it is your personality that simply lights up the room. Each and every time. I know that the future holds a lot of great things ahead for you, and I am so excited to capture every bit of it.

We love you, more and more every day, forever and ever, and beyond words could ever explain.

This month we have been outside almost every day due to the gorgeous weather that we have had. And we have been into the "chalk" outside. The second day you did much better than the first. Actually colored on the drive away. This made me all sorts excited.

You went to the library for the first time. And you did wonderful. We will be heading back there soon, and we even signed up for Toddler time at the library for next week.

Your grandma and grandpa officially sold their home in Louisville and have purchased a home in Texas. Because of this, they made a special trip to our house and brought us furniture that now resides in our living room. When you woke up from your nap to see this new addition to "your room" you were definitely shocked. And exploring you went.

When you try something that is "hot" you say, in the most sassy of ways, "HAWWWT" as you proceed to spit it out. You also say this when I open the oven... "hawwwt". Or when I have heated something in the microwave "hawwwt."

You love to say "go go go" whenever you see a dog. Whether it be Carson or just a stranger's dog on the street.

As far as speaking goes, you're really into repeating what others say, but also when you see something you point it out and say what it is {when you feel like it}. Things like, turtle, pig, dog, ball, toad, door, two. 
You kind of have your moments where you repeat something over and over again for days or weeks, and then once you master it? You're totally done with it. And won't say it again. Kind of like "mama" and "papa." And lately you have been into saying "BYE BYE" while waving when someone leaves. I predict this too shall pass soon.

We celebrated Valentine's Day, just the three of us at home. Your papa sent your mama sweet beautiful roses and chocolates, and you got yourself a little table that you are now obsessed with. You look so smart when you sit on it, and such a big girl.
 When we work on your flashcards and I say "Elli what is this," you tilt your head down, your eyes go down, and then they look up. And this look is like nothing I have ever seen. And each time? We laugh our little heads off. It never gets old. And you are one sassy little thing, that's for sure.

You are 23plus pounds, and about long. We go to your appointment on the 15th, so we will have better numbers and percentiles then.
You have been super mama clingy this past month. Always needing me to be in the same room with you. Climbing up my leg. Freaking out if I go upstairs while you are downstairs with papa. And when you want me, you sure make it known. The whining noises that you make are killer.

But of course I think it is the cutest ting ever that you want me so bad. Because I know that it won't be that way forever. So for now? I take it all in.
You continue to sleep through the night, but a couple times this past month we let you stay up past your bedtime and hang out with mama and papa. We love this time with you. I even convinced your papa one day to let you stay up with us until you got worn out just so you could pass out on us and go to sleep in our bed. Well it was a little past midnight when you finally fell asleep in my arms, and mama got what she wanted... you wound up sleeping in our bed with us.

All because mama was jealous that grandma P had you sleep in her bed the night before. JEALOUS.

You had lasagna for the first time {homemade per your mama}, and it was definitely a hit. You also are loving cottage cheese with raspberry preserve these days.

You have a sippy cup of milk in the morning and one in the evening. The rest of the day, you just drink water. But we call it juice. Bad habit. We need to quit it. But you always say "juuuuccc"

Thank you baby girl for being you.


  1. Awww!! Love your monthly updates on E!! I can not believe how big she is! :) I can't wait for Olivia to start talking! :)

  2. So cute! I love reading that she is sassy, hehe. I enjoy reading the updates too. Happy 16 months!!

  3. such a cute post. Happy 16 month Elliana!! :)

  4. It is great that she will be able to look back on this one day. Such a little dolly!

  5. These are always my favorite. Someday she will read this and feel so so so special.

  6. What really has me dying in this post is that your 16 MONTH OLD is 23 pounds and my 6 MONTH OLD is 22 pounds.. ahh.. maybe he won't gain anymore weight for a while and just grow?? She is so beautiful Becky, reading your updates have me so excited for the fun things Jack and I will be able to do together when he's a little bit older :)

  7. She is such a doll! Love that she is starting to say all those words! SO cute!

  8. Very cute!!! I just celebrated my little guy's 15th month!!! Time FLIES!!!!

  9. Happy 16 months Elli.
    You & Keira sound so much alike. She is so adorable & getting so big

  10. i love her. like loveeee her so much.

  11. Cute! I have an 8month old, and it's so neat to see what older babies are doing and saying. It gives me lots to look forward to!! She is adorable in that little tutu.

  12. She is so stinking cute! Happy 16 months little lady!

  13. love reading this monthly posts!! so adorable :)
    Elli is so stinkin cute! Seriously, her personality shines in all your photos...i love it :)

  14. She is getting so big!!! She is absolutely adorable!!

  15. I love this age!! Really! If I can decide a what age the babies can stay forever y definitively I will chose 16 or 18 months!

    Sorry for my English

  16. She is so cute, and I imagine she is so loved! You seem the the best mom!!

  17. Ahhhhh.... She is so gorgeous. Great pictures like always!

  18. How in the world is Elli 16 months old already?! I feel like she just celebrated her 1st birthday! She is just precious! I cannot get over how big she is getting! No more 'baby' anymore. Kind of sad, huh?!

  19. what a pumpkin! so sweet & that tutu? love.

  20. Tyler is doing the HOT thing too! Now he won't eat anything he thinks is hot. I literally cook his food and then let it cool off in the refrigerator. It's the strangest thing. They're so silly. I love it.

  21. she gets cuter by the month! (if that is even possible?!) She is gorgeous.

  22. Happy 16 months! She is precious!


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