Saturday, March 31, 2012

My little student.

We bought Elliana this table back in February {pictures from February as well}
Ever since, she really adores it.
We have it sitting by a great big window that faces the outdoors where she gets to watch people, dogs, and the cars that vroom vroom by.
She does her "schoolwork" on it.
She plays with her toys on it.
We doodle.
And she makes faces. Who knows what for, but there are definitely quite a few faces.
Like this one.
And this one.
And this pitiful one.
Have I ever mentioned that I used to want to be a teacher?
Well I did. Still do. And now?
I have my own little student.


  1. Oh it's perfect for her! Love her little faces and you better believe she's taking it all in. BEt you are a great teacher!

  2. So very cute ! Love all her faces! She is one gorgeous little girl!!

  3. She DOES make the cutest lil faces. I like the ones toward the beginning where her tongue is almost sticking out--- the classic 'concentration' face for kids :)

  4. Love it...clearly E does too! Where'd you find that table?

  5. She is so cute! We have a little table but our E isn't quite interested in it yet. I hope she loves hers as much are your E does!

  6. What kind of Camera do you use?? you always have such GREAT pictures!!

  7. E is so beautiful! I have really enjoyed reading your blog and hope you'll come read mine! In the next few months, we will start trying for a baby of our own. I would love if you would follow along!

  8. What a wonderful little table for E! I bet you make a great teacher!

  9. Absolutely precious mama!!! I love her table!! Soo cute!! And you will always be her BEST teacher!! :)

  10. How cute is she!
    She's a doll baby.

  11. awww! SO sweet! Isn't it SO funny how many faces they can make in a matter of seconds?! haha

  12. This is so sweet! I love the table! Her faces are too funny and as usually, just adorable!!

  13. she is such a precious little student!


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