Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Why yes, I DO have a craft for you. And it costs virtually NOTHING to make. MARCH LINK UP DIY

originally written 3.26.12. 

So I have to confess here. I completely forgot about my craft link-up. Like completely forgot. I didn't even have anything posted about it, and therefore if no one links up, I am totally okay with it.

In fact, I may just do away with the link-up part and just do the craft post once a month as I had planned on doing from the beginning.

I guess we will just see how many people have crafts up their sleeves this month. If they even remembered about it

Originally, I had planned on going to Michael's and getting a styrofoam wreath and then getting gumballs and doing the whole springy/easter wreath deal. Great idea, no?

Well then the toddler decided to sleep. And sleep. And sleep some more. I mean her nap was literally never-ending.

So here I am, with my hair up in the towel, another towel wrapped around my body and an idea just clicked in my head.

I have everything here. Why don't I try something different of a wreath.

If you asked my husband how many un-used frames we have in our home.... he would give you an insane answer. It's almost sick. And a lot of them? We will never use.

So it's almost like a hoarding problem. But you know. whatever. I love frames because I love pictures.
So I grabbed one out of the attic. Took out the glass and cardboard, and went to town.

I have lots of "fake flowers" stored in my closet... just because I like to switch them out from time to time. And at first I wasn't sure with what look I was going to go with.

I knew I wanted to incorporate the wooden S that I had purchased at Michaels a ways back for 50 cents, but I wasn't sure what colors I wanted to go with it.

Eventually, I chose colors that would match my front door. Because after-all, I am a matchy-matchy kind of girl. And the whole bright blue or pink or whatever other spring color was definitely not-me, or for my home.

And then the glue gun came out. And I just whipped it up. Just like that. Flowers all around, little green leaves, and that beautiful S. Now. The S was just "wood" so I painted it a very light brown/tan color. And for the ribbon, I used ribbon that I had in my craft box and just painted the white side the same color as my S.
And then I hung it on the door and called it a day.

Sure, it isn't perfect. And no it's not my favorite thing ever... but now? I have ten more frames and lots of ideas brewing in my head.

Best part about it? It was FREE to make.

Second best part? I didn't have to make an extra trip to get supplies.

Third best part? The toddler is STILL napping.

Last best part? I am still sitting in nothing but my towels on.

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  1. Love love love this! You could hang it indoors too b/c it's so pretty!

  2. Love it! When I saw it on Instagram I was hoping you would have a post about it:)

  3. Super cute Becky! I might have to give this one a try and summer up the decor a bit around here.

    Let me know if you are creating a link-up. I've got my post ready! I like the link up in that it keeps me accountable but totally understand if you are doing away with it.

  4. It looks fantastic! I love the way the flower colors coordinate with your pretty red door :)

  5. How "Springy!!" I love the idea with the gumballs too! I have a craft I will link up when I get out of work! :)

  6. That is sooo cute! i need to try that out!

  7. Love it!! I added a post to the link up. I cheated because it's not a craft from this month but it was one that I was pretty excited about :) Thanks for sharing and for doing a link up!!

  8. So cute! Love the color combo!

  9. I love it! In fact, I love it so much, I'm pretty sure I am going to head over to Michael's tonight to make my own... so if your link up is still running tomorrow, I will be joining in on the fun!

  10. Love love love it! :) I just did a craft today!!! Just in time! That is seriously so cute! Linking up now!


  11. i love it! so simple and so cute! i'll have to steal this idea for sure!

  12. Love that it didn't cost a thing but doesn't look like it! I linked up too from a craft I did last week hope that's ok!

  13. now THIS is my kinda craft- cute, easy, and CHEAP! :)

  14. This is gorgeous!! I wish that I could just whip something up like this!!

  15. How beautiful!!! Great job.


  16. Cute! I'd say you did pretty good for forgetting to craft!


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