Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday Randoms. IG pics. LIFE.

1. Marc Jacobs watch. Came in the mail a couple days ago. I wasn't sure how I felt about it when I put it on. I then posted this on twitter/IG asking for advice on yay/nay. I got a few mixed reviews, however for the most part everyone said that they loved it. Me? Not sure about it. It's not too big by any means. I love big faced watches. And I don't think it has too much going on. However... something about it I'm not feeling. And I'm not sure what that is. Unlike my MK watch which I love... this one is just eh for me. Thoughts? 
 2. E doctor's appointment. Elliana had her 15 month check up. Although, she was actually 16 months at the time. 16 months and 1 week to be exact. Anywho... she checked in at 32.5 inches {75th percentile}, 24 pounds {75th percentile}, and 48cm for head {90th percentile}. Baby girl is growing, healthy, and happy. I couldn't ask for anything more.

3. BABYBJĂ–RN Smart Potty. This is in route to our house. Courtesy of Which means.... in a few short months, we will start "experimenting" with potty training. Nothing too drastic or crazy... just try it out here and there.

4. Fluoride Free Toothpaste. Did you know that kiddos shouldn't have fluoride toothpaste? I didn't. Honest. And I feel like I know my mama business. Yet? Didn't know this. Until went to the pediatrician. And after further investigation, found out that a tube of fluoride toothpaste can kill a child. Now, granted, E never is unsupervised with the toothpaste... but still. So me? I quickly purchased fluoride free toothpaste... again... courtesy of And it will be here today!

5. Weekend plans. The weather has been absolutely amazing. Gorgeous. 80 degrees and sunny. Not a cloud in the sky. Last weekend we had a lot of family time, a lot of walks outside, and a lot of park time. My parents also came over and we grilled out. We love grilling out. So this weekend we will be doing a lot of the same thing. Except throw in the zoo and all sorts of other fun stuff.
6. Picture of a picture. I snapped this picture off of my computer screen from last weekend... and I love this so much because E is staring up at the "birds." It was the cutest thing ever. She is the cutest thing ever. And I can't wait to share the rest of the pictures.
 7. Another one. This was also from last weekend that I just can't help but share. I love it because E is watching papa work outside on the deck. And she crawled up on the chair in the family room. Opened up the blinds. And peeked out while saying "papa." With her backpack on, mind you.
8. Swing time. I bought this swing for E last week when we were at target and I was finally able to put it together over the weekend. And boy is she obsessed. It is one of the first things she goes to when we are outside and a swinging we go. She even fell asleep in it the other night.
9. Obsessed with stroller rides. Make that a capital obsessed times a million trillion. And I need to mention here that Elliana used to hate stroller rides/walks with a passion. She would only last a few minutes. And now? She can go on forever. It is the cutest thing ever because when we go outside she will walk into the garage and push the stroller out. So... we do walks... a lot.
 10. Mama daughter day out. We went out to run errands a few days ago. It was so beautiful out. We got all decked out in cute dresses {picture number 1 below}, and I was determined to have a good day. It was going pretty well until I decided to treat us to a frosty {see picture two below} while grocery shopping. Bad Idea. Because when we ran out? Girlfriend was not happy. Ahem. No more treats. EVER.
11. Play date. We had a REAL mama and baby play date! It was with girls I used to work with... and it was so nice to catch up. Hold other little teeny babies and just talk mama stuff. E was the oldest however, and we went to a park, so there was a lot of me running after her type of stuff going on. Pictures/post to come.

12. Tutorial on Paintbrush. A lot of you asked to do one... and I promise I will try to work on it. I do not have an anticipated date, but I will try my hardest.

13. Membership to the zoo. We got one! And I am super excited! And our first visit is this weekend. I have a feeling we will be there at least once a week! :)

14. Future posts. Next week.
Children's museum with another blogger- Monday
My little student- Tuesday
Dentist Stories- Wednesday
Thursday Randoms-Thursday


  1. My future offspring dont even stand a chance against E. Stop with the cuteness.

    Also - the watch. I keep looking at it, I think the weird part is all the empty space, it's like they wanted it to be a big face but didn't know what to put in there, so it's all... spread out. Meh just my 2 cents. I still think it's cute though, but I am biased towards MK we all know that ;)

  2. ummm I can not like this post enough!

    First I love EVERY single photo!!! You are so gorgeous and E is too cute for words!! I LOVE that dress you are wearing, where is it from?

    I am LOVING this weather too!! We have been going on lots of walks and have been grilling out too! Isn't it SO nice?! My fave part of grilling mess in the kitchen! :)

    Jealous of your play date!! I am excited to be home more starting next week! I plan on getting us a membership to the library so we can meet some other mommy's with babies Olivias age! I need some mommy friends that are close by! :)

  3. The watch looks like a guys watch imo. Dont punch me.

    and E is so big!! P is a little nugget! She is so gorgeous.

  4. I like the watch. I think that the big face is in style right now and I to would go well with a casual outfit. Not dressed up.

  5. Love the watch! I think it is very classy and big. Which I love!

  6. I love love love the watch! it's a beauty! love all the pics of E~!

  7. So sweet! You gals look fabulous in your dresses! :)

  8. I think I need to get that potty chair. I don't like the one we was actually a hand me down, that's seems kind of weird, but whatever.

    My SIL actually never even used a potty chair and just trained her children to go on the big potty.

    I need to get that toothpaste too!

  9. Love that pic of E looking at the birds, so pretty.

    I'm super jealous of your awesome weather. its suppose to rain here this weekend :(

    I love the zoo and want to take the girls back soon.

  10. We LOVE to grill out too... hoping to do that tonight for dinner! :)

    Swinging, walking and zoos... AHH, it all sounds great. I've been itching to spend more time outside, but I'm stuck in the office during all the nice weather!

  11. LOVE the watch! E is just way too adorable. Seriously! And you my friend are beautiful!

  12. I really love that watch. I think it's a keeper!

  13. I love the watch! I'm a dental hygienist and it is very important to get fluoride free toothpaste for her! glad your pediatrician let you know! love the pics :)

  14. I personally love your watch. And I love your kid.

  15. OMG I NEVER knew kids shouldn't have fluoride toothpaste! my poor 4 year old just has been using regular toothpaste.. but I guess I will be on a mission and ordering it too for him!!

    and E is just so dang adorable!! & I couldn't with you more NOTHING beats MK watches/purses/ almost anything MK is adorable!! lol

    have a great day!!


  16. oh, look at that sweet baby girl sleeping in her swing! I can hardly stand it! And yeah, it's the worst when you run out of snacks/treats at the store. Like.. the WORST!

  17. I personally LOVE it... but then again, I am a little biased since I am looking at buying a Michael Kors watch that looks very similar.

    Oh.. and you and E look gorg in your spring dresses!

  18. I can't believe how much E has changed the past couple months. She is looking like a toddler all of a girly and precious and perfect in every way!
    And I LOVE the watch. However, it's a little masculine, so maybe that is what is not jiving with you?

  19. Aw, I love all of your random-ness! :)) I love that watch, but I definitely love MK watches a little more. ;) Oh and baby E is absolutely precious. I love her blue eyes! :) But I may be a little partial. Hehe.

  20. I think the watch is kinda 'eh' too! =\

  21. I absolutely LOVE your ring!! Beautiful!!!

  22. I literally JUST bought the gold MK one today. As I was paying, I spotted the MJ one and kind of wished I had gotten it. I think it looks even better on you. I love it. I'm excited to get more gold jewelry. I always hesitate to wear it since I didn't have a gold watch. Love it. And great minds shop alike :)

  23. Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous! And the bow and sunglasses kill me...too cute! I just found your blog and am obsessed (in a non-creepy way!) Can't wait to read more!

  24. Well if you don't like it that much, feel free to ship it right on over to California to ME. :) Because I'm in LOVE with it & there's no way poor broke college student like myself can afford Marc Jacobs! :( LOL

    Love the baby girl pictures, she is TOO CUTE. <3

  25. Hey Becky! I love your blog! Eliana is so cute and you are fabulous!

  26. Damn girl, I read the whole post but at the end I'm still just thinking about that beautiful bling on your finger! Forget about that watch your rings are gorgeous!

    Glad to hear life lately is going well :)

  27. I know I always say it but she is just so darn cute!

  28. I just saw someone else with that watch and I love it! I think it's super cute!


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