Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Randoms

1. Lindsay, the Bachelor. "If it doesn't work out, call me." These were the last words uttered from this girl's mouth to Ben. Talk about awkward. And whatever happened to the after rose ceremony where they bring that second woman out {her}. This is a first in Bachelor history. Did she vanish or what?
2. Bachelor Ben. You know what I don't mind Courtney. I've never really liked her. But I really don't mind her the more I watch her. She's just a different kind of girl, and you know what? Why hate her for it. People are just being overly dramatic and just let the girl rest. And as far as what I thought about the after rose ceremony? I hope they actually work out. Really. They both have issues to sort through... but I can tell deep down there is something there between the two of them. If only the media would just let them figure things out on their own.
3.New Recipe. I tried this pinterest recipe. Followed it completely, but used Turkey pepporoni. My mom, Andrew, and E ate it and it was a hit between the 3 of them. I agreed. So we will definitely be making it again in our household in the near future.
4. Recipe tab. Speaking of recipes, I added a "Recipe" tab to my navigation bar above. All the way to the right. There I will post links to some of my favorite recipes. The newest ones will be added to the top. And if you ever try a recipe, let me know what you think!
5. Stroller walks. It is absolutely amazing. My daughter now enjoys walks in the stroller. Before? She was always itching to get out... and halfway through the walk I would have to take her out, put her on my hip all while pushing a stroller around. So now? I am over the moon happy. And this 70 degree weather? Well it is the best thing EVER.
6. Climbing E. She's all of a sudden into climbing the coffee table. Nothing else really. Besides the couches. But girlfriend is so funny because she knows she isn't supposed to do it. Yet, she does it anyway. So that is the look she gives me when she hears me say.... "Elliana..." in my mom voice of course.
7. Collages. A lot of you asked me on the last post {and previous posts} on how I make my collages, or edit my pictures to have color on the side and text. I actually use Paintbrush by Mac. If you don't have it, you can download it for free {google}. It really is awesome and I used it all the time. In fact, I used it to design my blog. If many of you have it and still don't know how to use it to do things like that, let me know, and I can put a quick tutorial post on it.
8. Chicago. 1 month to go!!! Family vacay numero uno, coming right up!

Future Posts
Mama Fail Moment: Monday March 19th
Watermarking Tutorial- Tuesday March 20th
#4 Color with Chalk {25 before E turns 2}- Wednesday March 21st
Thursday Randoms- Thursday March 22nd


  1. lindzi was at the ATFR taping, i heard. just after everything that went down that night, they didn't feel it was necessary to add her into the mix. she actually did several tv appearances monday night/tuesday because courtney and ben decided not to do any appearances. i guess they want to stay out of the press. HA! i really think courtney and ben are a good fit for each other. i don't know why people got so mad. i really don't think ben is that much of a catch, ya know?

  2. I didn't really love either of the final 2. I was rooting for Kacie B or Nicki!

    Love your blog, new follower!

  3. I agree with Tara! A--he's not that much of a catch and B--he doesn't seem as such a "good guy" that everyone makes him out to be. I'm not saying anything ugly about it, but I think he's more than a sort of "country boy" gentleman. Does that even make sense?

    Anyway, saw L on Kelly on Tuesday (I think) and she said there was an awkward silence so she said that as a joke and they aired it like she meant it. Who knows!

    Pretty excited about your recipe tab AND yay for Elli and stroller rides.

    Happy Thursday Momma!

  4. Im loving this warm weather we are having too!! So happy you did a recipe tab =) and yes please do a tutorial on paintbrush, Im clueless!

  5. I think Lindzi said in an interview that she felt Ben and Courtney needed to work things out without Ben feeling like he had to give closure to Lindzi. I guess I didn't catch the part where she said "if it doesn't work out, call me". How embarrassing!! LOL Poor girl, she probably just wasn't thinking! Courtney got on my nerves, but I didn't think she was that bad. Granted, it was a lacking class that she continually got naked on national TV, but to each their own I guess

  6. I thought that was a little awkward too that Lindzi said that, and I was bummed she didn't come on the after-show! I also grew to not mind Courtney as much during the last few episodes and am with you on wishing them the best! Ohhh the Bachelor!

  7. Just downloaded Paintbrush. Thanks for the tip :)

  8. Dont even get me started on that show, and ha I can't wait for Emily really!

    Great Random post! that recipe looks delish!

  9. We are going to Chicago this weekend for St. Paddy's Day!! SO excited!! :)

    Yay on your recipe tab! I LOVE trying new recipes! :)

    Yes, PLEASE! I'd love a tutorial! I'm SO computer illiterate!! lol I'd love to learn some new tricks through paint and I have a MAC! (We are def an apple family!)

  10. I'm with you on the Courtney thing. Stuff she did on the show annoyed me, but who cares?! Everyone is different... she is still a human and can't we all just hope for happiness for everyone?! (sappy me, I know!)

    I've never been to Chicago! How awesome, I'm sure you guys will haev a blast! :)

  11. Is E wearing a backback in that picture of her on the coffee table?! Too cute!

  12. Dude hasnt the weather been amazing? We have been outside like crazy mainly why I am not blogging, that and soaking in Jude :) he is a cutie, E will have 3 choices for husbands, lucky her haha!

    I hope you guys have a blast in Chi town, it will be amazing weather! My SIL went to Giuliana and Bills resturaunt and said it was AMAZING!

    And So glad the Bachelor is over so we can move onto EMILY! Woooooohooooo! Ben was lame!

  13. Ya I am not all that bothered by Courtney, I mean- she was kind of a jerk but not anymore than the rest of the girls were the Shawntel. And I had also read that Lindzi didn't do the ATFR because she was doing all the other press since Ben and Courtney weren't.

  14. I definitely vote for the Paintbrush tutorial haha. And that food looks so yummy!

  15. going to Chicago?!?! So fun!! I went when I was little and I am dying to go again so I can actually appreciate it.
    I vote for the Paintbrush tutorial as well :)
    Ive wanted to try that pizza recipe...glad to know it turned out :)

  16. I actually liked Courtney this season. She said mean things but they were always funny haha. PS i saw a Lindzi interview and she CLAIMS she was totallly joking about the call me comment. She said she was just trying to break the tension. I believe her. She really did seem to give two shits about being dumped.

  17. I don't mind courtney but I think that if she had a bit more class more people would like her. &I will have to try to download paintbrush for PC users I believe it is called PC paint.



  18. so yea I thought that Lindsey should totally not have said that-seriously don't let him make you his "second choice"-who wants to be that anyway? poor girl-hope she gained more self confidence. and I'm pretty skeptical on ben and courtney making it-just sayin.

  19. it would have been nice for Lindz to come out, just to see how she was doing. I did hear that tuesday they all did an interview (talk about awks.)

  20. I wasn't happy with the last 2 on the Batchelor. Usually they pick the last 3 that I like. We'll see if it works out.

  21. I was ticked that Lindzi wasn't there - however, she said on Good Morning America that Ben & Courtney had a lot more issues than her coming out & showing her face - She said she was in a good place and didn't need closure so there was no need to come out - therefore she interviewed LIVE on three different shows.
    She also explained her "Call mE" comment - she said it was entirly awkward for Ben to walk her back out & that she was kidding, said it was more of an ice breaker however hte producers kind of made it look more "deseparate".

    I did not like Courtney, however I really do feel they were in love and still have something very strong - I hope they make it work.

  22. You're coming to Chicago?! Feel free to email me or tweet me if you need assistance with anything! It is my hometown and current place of residence after all! =D


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