Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thursday Randoms

Baby girl and I had a mama/daughter day out the other day. I got E up kinda early so she wasn't too happy about it. But I finally got a picture of the princess and myself... obviously she wasn't into smiling.

And those rosey cheeks post nap? LOVE.

All this warm weather makes me think that winter is over and Spring is officially here. Which also makes me do this...

Paint my nails. Colors bright pink/orange.

And, I loveeeeee them.

I made this pinterest recipe over the weekend, and it actually was a huge struggle. I'm not sure what went wrong, but I followed the recipe to a T. And somehow, the outside became very dark, and the middle was still mixture {which I did not realized until I flipped it}. So I put it back in, for another 20 minutes, and it finally turned out. Presentation was horrible... however the taste was pretty yummy. Especially with vanilla ice cream.

 I am loving the gorgeous weather this week. And I am loving my outfits that I have thrown together. It gets me so excited for spring and summer.

 Oh HI big girl. So I have to draw attention to my baby's outfit in this picture. Andrew's sister stayed with us over the weekend, and before she came over on Saturday, Andrew was in charge of picking out E's outfit. And what does he bring her down in?

None other than little white shorts.

Andrew loves E in shorts. And it cracks me up each and every time.

 You know what I am really loving these days? Meijer. I haven't been there in seriously a year, but I have totally been missing out on the deals. I found this little beauty on the right as well as another flower piece for $10.00 on clearance!! And they had so many other things on clearance.

It's safe to say I will be making more trips to Meijer in my future.

 Easter shopping has begun and is in full force. The other morning, when I went to go pick up my craft supplies {bright and early around 6am}, I also happened to venture past the Easter aisle and absolutely could not help myself.

She already has a basket full... I might have to add another one to the mix. Oh I am so looking forward to this holiday!

 As I was out shopping for my goodies, I also spotted this little lucky number. How precious you might say. I don't get much into the whole St. Patty's day holiday... however this? Was very tempting. How could I resist a chance to tease the husband of mine.

So did I buy it? Did I? Your guess.

 Go Check out Casey and all her awesomeness! She's a great blog friend and has featured me on her little blog a time our two!

My root canal is scheduled for today! In fact, come 11:30 I will be in the hot seat. So I could use all the positive thoughts........


  1. Heck yes for spring and warm weather! E in those shorts is way too cute haha! Little fashionista!

    I love that your stocking up on Easter stuff, I need to get in gear! Haha and the St Pattys day attire bahahhaah! Get it girl :)


  2. Oooohhhh.....first of all, good luck on the root canal :( No fun! Hope you heal quick!

    Looks like a fun day with your sweetie! I love all of the spring stuff. I can't wait to start putting my little guy's Easter basket together. so fun :)

  3. You will do great! Just go to your happy place :)

  4. Ha! W's Easter basket is full already too. I guess I've just bought things but known that I need to hold onto them and not give him everything at once kind of thing, so he's getting lots in the basket. And then I'll probably hide some of that once he sees it for rainy day! We didn't have huge Easter baskets as kids--mostly just candy. Guess I'll spoil W for a year or two before he realizes it!

    I just took my nail polish off last night to "spring" them up today!!! AND This momma needs to go shopping for cute spring/summer clothes FAST! But I'm already dreading it--it doesn't matter what I wear because it gets so freaking hot!

    Have a great day!

  5. good luck today! great time with your princess, love all your randoms!

  6. I am so jealous of your warm weather! It's been snowing off and on here the past two days.. I want me some sun!

    Love the nails, the rare times that we do have great weather I am constantly painting my nails!

    I need to get started on my kids' Easter baskets.. and come up with something for St. Patrick's Day!

    Love the green undies!

  7. Such cute pictures!! Love the outfits too!!

  8. Funny- hubby and I were actually at Meijer last night, looking at all the Easter stuff. I wanted to get stuff to make a basket SO badly, but we don't have kids- ha! Last year we did small baskets for each other which was definitely fun, but I can't imagine how fun it would be to see a lil' toddler opening her basket! I heart Easter :)

  9. i love you. and a case of BLL will be at your door step when you get home from your tooth stuff..

  10. Happy thoughts coming your way!
    I'm loving this awesome weather too
    I've been stocking up on Easter stuff for the girls too. I can't wait

  11. Your little girl is beautiful!

  12. I love there every week for groceries. I enjoy your posts!

  13. Good Luck today! Hope it all goes well!

  14. Hope the dreaded root canal went OK....Your little girl is so precious! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  15. You are lucky to have warm weather! It has been cold and yucky here in central MI!!

    LOVE that nail polish!! :)

    I ordered everything for Olivia's easter basket today! She is getting headbands, hair clips and cute shoes! :)

    I hope your root canal went well today!! :)

  16. Hello! I just added myself to your followers for support, and wanted to invite you to come follow my blog and be a part of a fun giveaway I’m having!
    Hope to see you there! Thanks!

  17. The shorts are cute! My husband dresses Gracie in the most random collection of clothes, haha. Men! I am a little ashamed to admit that I think I have bought G more for Easter than I did for Christmas!

  18. What a lovely surprise to be reading your Thursday Randoms and see my name there at the bottom! So sweet of you, thank you Becky!

  19. You totally bought it! I would have too :) That's so funny that he puts her in shorts all the time!

  20. we are having nice weather too! it's amazing!

  21. oh my gosh, your daughter is beautiful.

    cutest blog. love your hair.


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