Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How A Wagon Changed My Life

Have you ever received a gift and thought to yourself? Now when in the world am I going to use this?
Have you ever received a gift and told yourself, yup, this is going into the attic.

Well, both those things happened to me {if I'm going to be completely honest} when I received this wagon for sweet baby girl as a shower gift.

You see, at the time? My mind is thinking fresh little newborn. I'm thinking poop, pee, sleep, and eat.

Riding wagons?

Nope. That never crossed my mind. Did it yours when you were 35 weeks pregnant waddling around with a watermelon in your belly?

Okay then, fast forward to 18 months later, I'm deep cleaning the house {one of my random spur of the moment deals} and as I'm organizing and reorganizing, I have a little picture bubble pop up above my head. Because that again is how my mind operates.


Of a little on the edge wagon that is sitting in the attic.


So I dig through the pile of boxes that the husband had nicely piled right in front of the door and scrummage my way through them to drag out the large box containing the said red wagon.

Elliana followed me all the way downstairs and into the garage. Intrigued, I assume.

What is my mama up to NOW?

So I thought I was going to have to actually assemble it? Maybe need some tools? Put A-B-and-C together. Something.

Nada. I literally took off the cover and opened it up, and what do you know we have ourselves a wagon.

But not just any typical run of the mill wagon. Oh no guys. This thing was fancy schmancy. Has a top cover. Large {I'd say could fit 5 kids in there sitting up, two laying down}. Although, may I add here... I don't quite recommend the laying down part. Elliana always lays down in her wagon, and I look like a troll walking around pushing an empty wagon all while singing the ABC's out loud.... why yes, I do this.

Back to the wagon.
The material appears to be of great quality. And the storage space! Lets talk about the storage space.

There's this little hook basket thing {making words up here} in the back where you can store all sorts of goodies, water bottles, bags, food, A DOG.

And then there are compartments inside and on the outside. Where you can store cell phones. Water bottles. A dog.

And Elliana? Well this child can't get enough of this thing. As soon as we step into the garage that child runs over to the wagon trying to swing her leg in and up and over and the acrobats begin. 

And after we are done walking 5 miles around the neighborhood for the 3rd time that day... she still manages to do summersaults in my arms and scream bloody murder when I try to take her out of it. I'd say that she likes it. Wouldn't you?

So. What have we learned from this experience? Never underestimate the power of a gift.

If it has a picture of a big red wagon.
In fact, I would go as far as to say go ahead and kiss that persons feet and thank the stars above.

No. Not extreme at all.
This thing is that awesome.

And I wish I could tell you kids that I was sent one of these for free. Or that I'm getting paid to write this. No. This is just me taking time out of my day to tell you about a little red wagon.

Buy yourselves one. Put it on your baby shower wish list {really, please do}, and then go out one day and sing ABC's all while pushing your little rugrat{s} around the neighborhood.

I'm telling you... dreams do come true.
p.s. I just found it on amazon, On the edge, if you are interested in buying one for yourself {although I highly suggest putting children in it... not adults... or your tailgating food and booze. That works too} 

on the edge wagon


  1. Love this ! What brand is it?

  2. Ooh, what a fancy wagon! I think I will have to put that on my amazon wish list!! If Eliana loves it that much then it's gotta be good!

  3. What a fancy red wagon! How awesome! All kiddos love wagons! Kelcee has one (not like yours) but she still loves it and she is five!

    Sounds like a wise soul thinking ahead of what you would need when baby got older, although I would be like you and think to myself a wagon a newborn huh lol!

    I do the same I brainstorm and pull out things I never thought I would use. Just the other day the hubs was cleaning out our downstairs family room, we are making it into a beachy themed serine playroom and he found a very fancy art set that comes in a real wooden case that was bought for Kelcee when she was one lol. We tucked it away and when he found it her eyes lit up like a christmas tree...on the box it says ages 5 and up...welp she is five and she has had tons of fun with it since yesterday, so I totally get it girl! Have fun on your wagon rides, I wanna see your doggy in it too lol!


  4. Wow, I've never seen such a fancy wagon. Never one with a top! Glad you were able to pull it out and put it to good use!

  5. My little guy LOVES his wagon too! Although lately, he's been choosing his little tricycle over his wagon (which he can't quite reach the pedals yet).

    Elliana looks like she's loving her wagon too!

  6. We've been thinking about getting one of these! We have a Red Rider Wagon that E loves but its huge and obviously can't fit in the car. I love that this one folds up and that we could actually take it places. The kid hates his stroller these days!

  7. I think that I may need to invest in one of these!! Look so cool!!

  8. I want a wagon so bad! Especially one of those cool ones with the huge wheels that can roll through sand.

  9. Love it. My 16 month old loves her wagon too. I can see how you thought that when getting a wagon at your shower. I got mine for Christmas....a little more age appropriate. But it eventually came into play for you and she looks so happy riding in it. :)

  10. Have I told you how much you inspire me to SHOP?? Everytime I read your blog it seems I see something I just must have and next thing I know I'm buying it. It goes without saying that the wagon will be on its way to my house soon....:)

  11. That is such an awesome red wagon! Definitely put on my list of things to buy before I forget ;) It definitely sounds like little E absolutely adores that thing! Thanks for sharing!

  12. my wagon... favorite thing ever. seriously.

  13. Oh I really want this! We have one of the cheap ones from Target that has like a 3 inch side. Pretty sure my 21 month old Son has almost been tossed out multiple times...just from small bumps. Crap I tell ya.

  14. Oh wow that’s like the rolls roys of wagons.. Baby Em is riding in style!!
    Haha I can picture her trying to climb that thing! Seriously when baby time comes for me this will be on my “have to have list”

  15. Stoked you put the link to it! I've seen your photos of it and I want one sooo bad for my nugget

  16. So awesome you posted this! Iv seen your pictures of her in it on instagram but couldn't see what brand it was. We have been wanting to get a wagon for our little girl for her 1st birthday so that's perfect!!

  17. Ohhh I like this!! Is it more exciting than a stroller somehow? I know the regular metal wagons are different so they are fun for kids.

  18. I just found your blog through Ronida, I'm a nurse-to-be working my way through nursing school, it's great to see another nurse-blogger out there. :) Elliana is so adorable, her eyes are just the cutest! And I love this post haha :) I will definitely follow your blog!

  19. Wagon rides are always such fun.


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