Thursday, May 24, 2012

A quick Thursday Update, with pictures y'all.

This will be a quick post as I am at my parent's house unwinding and trying to squeeze something in seeing as how we are still cable-less and internet-less at mi casa.

Just a reminder; we cancelled ATT uverse a couple of days ago. We, as in me, because of it's gawd-awful  connection and service.  It's been a long time coming, and finally, I let them have it.

So? As of tomorrow? We will be comcast owners.

And you know what.... no cable or internet for a few days? Didn't even notice. However, I do need to catch up on the Bachelorette once the box is working. I need to get the 411 on these guys and the drama.

Moving right along.

It has been a gorgeous week around these parts. The weather has been amazing, and Elliana and I, and papa when he is home from work, have spent most of our time outdoors.

We got new pots to hang for our front porch.
We put Carson in Elliana's car. He loved it for all its worth.
We sat around on the drive way while eating watermelon and watching the cars beep beep right on by.
Go on walks around the neighborhood, hand in hand.
Splash in the pool.

Soaking in the rays.
Going on wagon rides with our favorite cousin {my nephew}.
Sitting in buckets.
Riding our bikes.
Running through sprinklers.
Then passing out in the car from all the heat exhaustion.

When we are indoors, we do fun things too..... probably not as fun as being outside. But you know, we compromise.


Elli helps me cook. In other words... eats the food while mama cooks.
We watch baby videos. Of baby E... of course.
Take enormously {must be a word} bubble baths.
Text the husband, and get sweet responses back.
Eat crack.... in the form of hazelnut spread on a cracker.

Take pictures before mama goes to work.
Take trips to grandma's house so mama and papa can go on a hot steamy date... aka the movies.
Go shopping and buy cute dresses, like this one.
And this one.
And being plain.... happy.

So that is the gist of our week. Lots of sunshine and smiles.
What else is new.


Was that enough pictures for you all?

Anyone else noticed I hadn't posted a picture since... last Thursday?

What is this world coming to.


  1. Love the pictures and love both dresses! :) She is so cute!


  2. Cute pictures! And my husband and I didnt have cable for a year before I went on maternity leave... it was great! We watched a lot of movies though haha.

  3. The love the photos hanging on her wall in the last picture, where did you get those done at?

  4. That's great that you are switching over to more reliable internet! I can only imagine botchy internet being a hassle.
    Love love love the pictures, like usual - Please send some sun my way! Ours has ran away, far, far away.
    My little guy loves helping me "cook", too cute :D
    Love your new dresses, they are super cute!
    Happy Thursday :)

  5. My parents just made the switch to uverse from Dish Network. They enjoy it so far, I haven't had a chance to really play with it.

    BTW I do weekly bachelorette updates on my blog if you need a refresher :)

  6. LOVED all the pictures :) You and your lil miss couldn't be any cuter!! Love both your dresses! :)

  7. Looks like such a fun week!

  8. LOVE that picture of Carson!

  9. I find it quite ironic you've cancelled AT&T to get Comcast as we've been on the phone literally begging AT&T to come to our house because Comcast is so bad! Hope y'all have better luck with it than we do!

    And yes, I love every single photo! Elliana is just such a sweet little thing!

  10. SO, so cute! Looks like a great week. We have that pool as well and love it. We have only been able to use it once but we loved it! I can't wait to show my E videos of herself as well! :)

  11. LOVE all your pictures! they are the sweetest pictures that pop up on my Instagram feed ... love them!

  12. I love your posts with pictures or no pictures!! LOVE your dress deals, I need to head to TJ Maxx ASAP!! :) BCBG is my FAVEEEE!!

  13. Carson in E's car cracks me up!! I used to push my cat around in a stroller when I was younger and he loved it!

  14. Becky,
    Girl that sounds like our week! We have been having awesome weather and I had been feeling better so we soaked up the sun! The hubs put Kelcee's picnic table outside and we had a picnic, blowed bubbles, rode her scooter, played hopscotch, the hubs cleaned out the garage and the downstairs room thank goodness lol, he sat out with us, we ate popscicles pet doggies, sounds like we all have been enjoying this weather!!

    I really love all the pics! Elli is so cute as are you girl!

    I love the pic you took before you headed to work, pretty momma!

    Glad ya'll had a great week and weekend, that hanging basket is really pretty! Watermelon yummo!


  15. oh ps if you don't want spoilers on the Bachelorette lol you prob don't wanna read my recaps hahahhaha! I just catched up on TiVo the other night and today while Kelcee was napping lol hahahahhaha!

  16. love the dresses and all the fun times yall have been having this SPRING/SUMMER! You look beautiful as ever and so does Elliana (as usual!)

    <3 HK

  17. Sorry Comcast is your only other cable option - we've been stuck with them for years as they have a mini-monopoly up here (they bought out all the competition!).

    We didn't have problems with our cable service until we moved... and the 1st few months were such a headache (I've blogged about it several times) and every couple of months it seems like there's something else... at our apartment before the house the internet would randomly go out for hours at a time and back in my college apartment they flat out admitted to me that since we lived in the neighborhood near Greek Row and the majority of the off-campus student apartment buildings that they purposely overload the grid or whatever and will kick people off in a cycle rotation or something like that - I was dumbfounded that we were paying them for service that they admitted they were booting us from every so often! And being night owls, kicking us off in the middle of the night was an inconvenience!

    I can't stand Comcast, but we don't have any other option really unless we want to go the satellite route, which we'd rather not =/


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