Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday Randoms, giveaway winner, the Bachelorette, and MORE!

1. Do you have any questions for me? Dying to know something related to my life, nursing, motherhood, what I eat. Ask away. I'll even vlog about it.
2. Mothers day. Elliana got me roses and a card and meals cooked all day, and sleep! I actually had to work all weekend, however, my parents came over on Sunday and we grilled out and enjoyed each others company before I had to go to work. It was very nice. Not to mention, the food was absolutely amazing.
3. I love that everyone keeps sending me pictures of bud light lime and the new bud light lime-rita. Keep em coming! In fact, I think I'm going to make a collage of these pictures... so take them and send them my way

4. TIME magazine, are you MOM enough? Right. I'm sure you all have heard about it. Want to know what I think about it? Come back Friday.

5. The wagon riding is out of control these days. I have a post written for you guys telling you all about it. In the meantime, check out my beauty in the wind.
6. Speaking of posts. I have 21 posts done and scheduled.

7. Can we talk about a big girl room? Its in the works. I have all these ideas going through my head. But right now, I am transforming old furniture that is sitting in our garage and once completed it will be going into E's room.

8. It is very rare that we are able to snatch up one of those car carts at the grocery store. But when I see one? All for it. This child grins from ear to ear and turns the wheel side to side and absolutely LOVES it.

9. Elli recently received a package full of goodies from The Hair Bow Company. She got a new pink pettiskirt, hairbows, leggings, and a big flower clips. Lots of pink goodness. Of course she insisted on me putting on the pettiskirt right away. She loves to dance around in those. Please go and check out this company. I am very impressed with the pricing... and we all know, I like myself a good deal :)

10. Blog2PRINT giveaway winner, please email me

11. Bachelorette, Emily!! Started Monday! Did you guys watched? Husband and I totally did, as it is our tradition to do so. I think Emily is drop dead gorgeous and such a southern lady {although I didn't like her on the reunion during the Brad season... however, there are reasons for the way that she was}. So now? I again love her. But. Can we please talk about the selection of guys? Eek. Terrible. I mean seriously, ABC. This is the best you could come up? Emily could find a better guy off the street. BUT,  we shall see.

12. Britney Spears on the XFACTOR?! Say it isn't so! LOVE.

13. American Idol...... can we have Phillip Phillips win and call it a day? Please. But in all honesty... all three are amazing... they all have amazing voices. As far as talent though? It's all PHILLIP!

14. I want to go see What to Expect When You're Expecting so bad! It looks like its going to be SOO good!

15. Have I mentioned how much I love getting emails from you guys? From the long, heartfelt ones... to simple one sentence ones like these.... 
they seriously make my day.


Scheduled Posts
Friday: TIME out. Are you breastfeeding your teen yet?
Monday: On Eating Organic
Tuesday: Tidbits about me
Wednesday: Letter to Elliana
Thursday: Thursday Randoms


  1. I love bachelorette Emily!! It may be because I'm partial to Nascar and she's linked to it BUT I'm excited for this season and I'd have to agree, they could have done a bit better in the picking department.

  2. Love love Emily! And I agree the guys are so not even on her level. Did you read any of the spoilers? Oh and are you going to do a post on the furniture you are redoing? I've got the itch to do a few pieces around here but don't know exactly where to start.

  3. I am a pretty new follower, so I don't know if you have answered these questions before or not, but here goes:

    1. I would love to know how you eat from snacking to main meals.
    2. Do you plan your family meals out by the month?
    3. Do you exercise? If so, how do you squeeze it in?
    4. You said here that you have 21 posts ready. I am new to blogging, so I am curious, how do you come up with what you are going to blog about, when do you find the time to blog, and you do write them in advance?
    5. How did you and hubby meet?

  4. Love me some Emily! and SOOO excited for Ms.Britney Spears to be on the X-Factor!!

    Do you do timeout's for E? If so how do you do them, does she sit still? Are you strict with parenting?

  5. I love Emily! I have it Tivo'd and haven't watched it yet but according to Kelly Rippa lol and you she has slim pickin's on the male scene and some are borderline stage 4 stalker clingers lol! OK so now I for sure have to watch it tonight! I agree with you I didn't like her at the reunion but now I know why and I love her again to and she is so sweet and gorgeous and her story melts my heart! OK so I am so glad you had an awesome momma's day you deserve it girl! Yay for roses and sleeping in and yummy food! Elli looks so cute, yay for all the pink goodness she recieved and girl Kelcee loves those car thingys too! Britney Spears on the X-Factor OMG? This is gonna be quite the season then ha!


  6. I have a question! With you working nights and taking care of the baby during the day, when do you sleep?

  7. I love Emily too, I am really hoping she finds who she is looking for this time, although I agree. The choices are not the greatest.

    I miss BLL so much. Can't wait to crack one open after baby is here :)

  8. So I'm sure we're all DYING to know when baby baby #2 is going to come along?

  9. I'm dying to see 'what to expect'!
    We'd definitely have a girls movie night if I wasn't a million miles away!

  10. Oh my goodness, you are so ambitious to get that many posts done! I have a hard time writing one and I don't even have a kid!
    And I'm with you on The Bachelorette, SO excited for this season!!!

  11. the WORST SELECTION in bachelorette history. the very worst!!

  12. {one} Have I mentioned how much I love your blog? We should definitely be best friends ;) Haha! I am coming back with some questions.. as soon as I think of them!
    {two} Happy late Mother's Day! Sounds like yours was wonderful, and those flowers are gorgeous!
    {four} I heard about the Time mag. cover from my other half, I guess he heard it on the radio. I have to go check it out! I'll be back on Friday to hear your thoughts!
    {six} Question! How do you manage to get so many posts scheduled? How do you come up with such awesome things to post about?
    {ten} Huge congratulations to Kay! Oh I bet she is excited!!
    {eleven} I have never watched the Bachelor/Bachelorette.. but am totally tuning in this season! I am in the middle of the first episode and LOVE Emily! Such a doll! & Yeah, the guys could have been a little better looking.
    {fourteen} Me too!!

    I don't know if my comment is long enough ;)

  13. 1. 21 posts scheduled! I'm amazed!
    2. I'm a new follower and LOVE your blog!
    3. How do you fit it all in?
    4. The Nutella e-mail. Deliciousness. Try putting some on vanilla ice cream.
    5. Can't wait to see what you have to say about the TIME article tomorrow.

  14. Discipline any pointers? Do you and hubby see eye to eye on it, who's the one that's the strictest? What do you think you'll do in the future when she gets older? Any helpful hints would be great!

  15. I am with you on Phillip Phillips. I predicted the top 3 during Hollywood Week, and I think Phillip deserves to win!

  16. I so wish I was disciplined enough to do posts ahead of time! I really need to do it but I am always running from here to there if I am not working. And the allstar cheer schedule my 10 year old does is insane. We are never home and always traveling. Wait until Eli gets old enough to do dance/cheer/sports and then add another child or two to the mix. Exhausting!! But you will probably juggle it way better than me and still get your posts done ahead of time!:)

  17. i LOVE the bachelorette.

    and uh yea. seriously with the guys. wow

  18. Do you use any specific products on your face to keep it so clear and beautiful? :)

  19. I'm about to start my second year of nursing school. Do you have any suggestions for nursing students as far as preparing for life after school? There's so much being beaten into our brains during school but there isn't much focus being put on what comes next.
    I love Emily!! She's totally gorgeous & Ricki is a complete doll! What did you think of the First Impression rose? I thought it was super sweet!!


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