Sunday, July 29, 2012

A deal on canvas too good to pass up

I've seen pretty great deals on canvases, but I definitely think this one is the best. You can buy a 16x20 canvas + FREE SHIPPING for only $29.00

Better yet, spend $49.00 and get two 16x20 canvases with free shipping!

You save 87% if you buy one, and 90% if you buy two!
A steal? I think so. Early Christmas gifts? Great! 
Getting family pictures done later this year? No problems
Voucher is good until June 2013. Even better.

Need I say more? Go here to check out this awesome deal.


  1. Have you ever ordered a canvas from here?? Just wondering what the quality is like before I purchase them!

  2. Thanks, love these! I may have a canvas obsession and should probably quit. But I just can't ;)


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