Thursday, July 5, 2012

Celebrity Gossip, Ted, Bachelorette, And a Bikini Belly= Thursday Randoms

Some Randoms...
1. Bachelor News: I have yet to actually watch the Bachelor as I have been working this week.... but I do have it recorded and plan on catching up on Monday's shenanigans. In the mean time, I hear that Chris went home. Is this surprising or no? Lets say... no. 2.Puddle Jumper. This came in the mail the other day and we got to test it out for the first time on the 4th of July. O-M-G. Elliana loves it. And it really does work. It really does keep her afloat. I am so happy with this purchase. 3. Old Navy Suit. Now we all know that when it comes to bathing suits, I like to stick to the two pieces. However after filling my cart with tons of bikinis, I decided to also add this gem after hearing such great reviews about it. And? PERFECTION. It really is very flattering. 4. Tom/Kate. Split split split. How do we all feel about this? I'm not surprised by any means... but it does sadden me that a family is split. Then again, movie stars live such a different life than any of us... I'm sure there probably won't be much of a difference in their child's life. 5. Ted. I need to see this movie. 6. Fourth of July. We had a ban in fireworks yesterday. How is that even possible. I know, right? Awful. We did enjoy the day at my parent's house swimming and grilling out. Which means, yes, I skipped out on the 1K at work. Shocker. 7. Beach Tent. This came in the mail the other day, and we love it. It's large and SO easy to put together. Can't wait to take it with us to HHI. 8.Power Outage. Our power went out the other day during the big storm for about 8 hours. This resulted in my husband throwing away probably around $100.00 worth of dairy products. That is life. 9. Popcorn. Love it. 10. Pickles. Love number two. I get a bowl of sliced pickles every day at work. A bowl. 11.Jen. Go check out one my sponsors. A army wife and mama of a little girl. Say hello! 12. Scentsy love. Ah I have been obsessed this pregnancy with good smells in my house. Wonder why? I don't know what I would do without my scentsy warmers!

 In other news....

It's been scorching hot around these parts. We're talking like 100 degree weather every day.
And no rain {aside from the storm day}. Which means.... it's super dry.
But? That doesn't keep us from going outside.... E and I have find ways to stay refreshed outdoors.
In fact, we took the inside, outside. Table, lunch, playmat, and baby pool.
Some of our favorite summer things.

My pretty lady...
More pictures to come from this day,....
 Pretzels and Veggie Dip
One of my favorite things during this pregnancy. I mean... favorite doesn't even cut it. I love it. I was sitting on the couch earlier this week and then for whatever reason I started craving this. So what does a pregnant mama do? Well. She sends her wonderful and willing husband out to get me some. So I can get my fix. And ladies and gentleman, a fix I got.
 Beach Tent
Remember that beach tent that I was talking about earlier? Ya. This ginormous beast.
 Watch your eyes... big-o-belly alert!
Hello 13 week belly! Woah. Where did you come from? And how different do you look from my Elli prego belly. Might this mean that it is a boy? Might it?! Might it?! 5 weeks to go!
 Speaking of bump attacks. I failed last week and didn't post it at it's usual time. My apologies. I will catch up this Friday with weeks 12 and 13. Hold me to it....

Coming up.......
Monday: Cleveland Recap
Tuesday: Thirty-One Giveaway
Wednesday: Linky Announcement; Blogger411
Thursday: Randoms
Friday: Bump attack

Before you go.... 

Before you go... Please take a minute to visit Allie's blog and find out about a young mom recently diagnosed with the neuromuscular disease known as ALS.
I have had many patients with ALS and anytime Allie talks about this special woman, it brings me back to each and every one of them. Each one has a story. Each ones life ends tragically too soon. 

Go here to read about how you can help raise some money that will go to her children's funds!

Happy weekend to all! And hope everyone had a fun & safe 4th!


  1. Whoa goodness. You have, like, the very cutest prego two-piece belly I've ever seen!! :) Your daughter's looking pretty adorable in hers too.

    ... And Chris from Bachelorette ... ? Disturbed. He needs help.

  2. We're all about the puddle jumper here! Love them! My son and my nephew each have one to use at the pool and at my parents' cottage.

  3. We just got a puddle jumper as well but Bella was in love with the ocean and wasn't even studying the pool. I think she will get lots of use out of it in the next couple of years though. And I am always a pickle kind of girl, pregnant or not:)

  4. I'm SOOO glad Emily dumped Chris this week.
    We love our puddle jumper too!
    E's yellow bathing suit is just too cute. She is gorgeous and you look great too!

  5. Go see Ted! It was so funny! And get a big pickle at the movies while you're at it. And some popcorn. 3 birds, one stone.

  6. I'm sorry it's been so hot and your power went out! We had to stay with my sister this weekend because of our stupid storm :/

    Look at your teeny belly!! LOVE IT.

  7. Ahhhh your preggo belly looks so cute :)

  8. Your bikini belly pic is very cute! I love that leopard Old Navy bathing suit!!

  9. You are too cute mama!! Hope you had a great 4th! So excited to keep up with your awesome posts ;) xo

  10. E is so cute! Love her headband and bikini. Sounds like yall had a great 4th

  11. I love your randoms. I'm glad that Chris got sent home - there was something about him that I just didn't like.
    That is an awesome beach tent! We have a beach trip planned this weekend and I just bought new beach towels.. I feel like I need to convince my other half to buy a beach tent now haha.
    Your bathing suit and belly are both so cute!! You look fantastic!
    I don't know how you eat pickles, haha, just the smell of them sends me running for the hills!

  12. I'm glad Chris is gone too- weirdo and just not right for Emily I didn't think!

    That beach tent is AWESOME, when are you going to HHI??? That's where we went in May for our 1year anniversary trip.... I could totally live there, absolutely love it! :)

  13. You look so cute with your little belly! And E's headband? Adorable!

  14. I just clicked your amazon link and ordered 2 deluxe puddle jumpers for my babes! I looooove amazon because Discover lets you pay with your miles! It's like free shopping! I can't wait to try them out! They are supposed to be delivered tomorrow:) Thanks for the recommendation! You have the cutest bump! I vote for boy because you are carrying low! I have one of each and with Aubree my belly was high and with Jax it was super low!! Have a great week mama!

  15. I love the baby stuff you recommend...since Elli is a few months older than Morgan, I always have a heads up of what might be helpful - so thanks! And could you be any cuter preggo in a bikini?? Lastly, Chris was just plain immature and emotionally needy, period. Glad he's gone.

  16. Please tell me where E's rosette headband is from! She is adorable! I need to get a headband like that for my daughter and niece

  17. You look great with your preggo belly in a bikini! I absolutely love E's yellow bikini too!

    It's been miserable in Wisconsin too, but thankfully we haven't lost power. 104 today...yuck!

  18. Your little lady is SO stinkin cute!!

  19. You & Eli are way too cute in your bikinis!! I was thinking maybe baby teddy is a boy! :)

    I'm do glad Chris is gone! Once you play catch up I am sure you will agree, he is a jerk!!

    I love that tent! I need something like that for Olivia!

    I told you to take the $$$ but I prob would not have worked either, fam time is more important!! :)

    Your cravings sound good to me and I'm not preggo!! Lol Are you eating nutella again? Everytime I eat it I think if you!! Haha

    I love scentsy too, SO many great scents!! :)

  20. You two both look so cute in your little bikinis!! What an adorable baby bump you've got going on! Love all these randoms from this post Just heard about Tom and Katie myself. Mmm pickles and popcorn.

  21. Momma and daughter are so cute!!! Anyway, not surprised about Chris. He's weird. Too desperate. I want to go to the beach with y'all in that tent! Fantastic! We are hit and miss with the puddle jumper. W seems to like the water wings better but I wish he'd use the puddle jumper more as he'd stay afloat better. There's lots of summer to keep at it I suppose!

  22. Sooo happy Chris goes home! Enjoy watching it without all the commercials! E's teeny bikini is cute as can be, and your teeny belly is adorable as well :)

    xo Shane

  23. My one and only wish is that I will look half as cute when I am pregnant as you do! You look adorable!!

  24. E is beyond precious in her bikini!! and you? are the cutest little prego mama ever!

  25. Cute suit and super cute tummy girl.

  26. Stop it. You put every pregnant woman to shame. The bump, the suit. Can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl!

  27. Okay, so I was lovin Arie, but now I feel so torn. I totally think she's diggin Jef. We love our puddle jumper, too! Greatest. Invention. Ever! Your baby is SO cute andI love her little bikini and hairdo! Your baby bump is adorable! I'm going to call BOY now! Looks like a little basketball. Congrats!

  28. When are you going to HHI?? I'll be there the first weekend in August!

  29. Katie is from my hometown so it's even weirder to think she might come home during this hard time. Who knows?!

  30. Both my kids LOVE their puddle jumpers. Just be careful, because they are for age 3 and up. They keep the kids up well UNLESS they tip backwards, then it wont help them. They are awesome, but just be careful :)

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