Friday, July 6, 2012

I lied... It's a Friday Favorites/Letters type of Friday

I know I know, I promised the bump attack post for today...
But it makes it hard for me to post pictures of the belly when the husband takes my camera to work.
Sigh. So? I will be linking up with two beautiful ladies today to show you my
1. Friday favorites
2. Friday Letters

Because? Thank goodness it's FREITAG!

So. For my Friday Favorites?
I'm going to show you my favorite pics from 4th of July.
I didn't take too many as I wanted to enjoy the day...
but I took just enough to be pleased Minus the fact the husband is in zero of them.
And the rest of the family is missing also.
Okay, so maybe I did fail.

But. I do have some fave pictures of the princess.

Like this one...
Because a behind shot of a baby booty is just the cutest

And this one...
Because her cheesin right at the camera is the best

And these two....
Because how cute is she trying to hide? I mean... really... I seeee you.

And this one...
Because playing peek-a-boo with grandma is so much fun.

So are the grandma kisses...

Better yet.....
Mama kisses.

And this one....
Because... well... need I explain. She melts my heart and my eyes.

And for the Friday Letters....


Dear Blogger Self.... you are really slacking in this bump attack department, you better get it together.

Dear Husband... not taking the bags out of the car which resulted in you forgetting my camera made me one unhappy camper. You owe me x amount of shopping days. I choose... 5. But in the meantime? You look so hott every morning in your work clothes. I xoxoxo you.

Dear Elliana.... you ought to be "mama mama mama'd" out by now. Really. Serious.

Dear Reeses Puffs.... you taste just as good as yesterday. And tomorrow. And probably for the next 6 months. I triple heart you.

Dear Ted... I want to see you. Can we make this happen? I'd like to have my large popcorn and large diet coke join me as well. Mkay? Thanks.

Dear Elliana again.... eating two bananas in one morning is not acceptable. So please stop insisting... I am certain you will turn into one one of these days.

Dear A/C... why do you work so well downstairs but are absolutely lousy upstairs? I'm sweatin' up here.

Dear Caillou.... my daughter is obsessed with you. Can you please make a guest appearance to our little casa on November 8th, please? Thank you in advance.

Dear Jef... you have completely won me over. That letter you wrote to Emily? Oh I wanted to just jump through the computer and marry you two right there and then. How absolutely different yet perfect are you two for one another. I melt.

Dear Hair... you are on the verge of Pocahontus status. And? Not trying to reach that status, thank-you-very-much. Chop it off... maybe color too?

Dear little teddy graham belly.... I am 99.5 percent sure you are a boy. And if you aren't? I will delete this sentence and say girl. But yes... you are a boy. Why? Because me not being able to even want to eat sweets yet tolerate them is absolutely ridiculous and unheard of. And? We are in our second trimester. What is happening.....lets discuss this mister.

Maybe this means I won't gain 40-45 pounds like last time? Maybe? Please?

That is all.

Bump attack will happen tomorrow. PROMISE!


  1. Your little girl is so so cute! I cant wait to find out what teddy graham is:)

  2. LOVe that last photo so much

  3. I love all the pics of my daughter in law. She is the cutest!

    I am still seriously so excited for baby graham!:) AHHHHHHH!!! You're belly is so freaking cute in the bikini pic you had! I cannot wait to see the gender of that little bear!!!

    Love your face. Need to see you asap! xoxo

    We lost power yesterday. Please pray for my sanity today....AHHHH

  4. Elli is getting SO big! Love the pictures. I heard Ted was hilarious, looking forward to seeing it. Have you heard the rumors that Emily doesn't pick anyone and is dating Chris Harrison? Hope those aren't true!

  5. I think you're having a boy too. =)
    When will you guys find out??
    And I agree on the A/C thing, I'm close to just sleeping in our living room for the rest of summer because our bedroom is HOT!

  6. You seriously take the most beautiful pictures!

    I linked up with Ashley for Friday's Letters too :)

    Have a great weekend.

  7. I totally cried when Jef read his letter. Despite his hair I love him!!

    Your daughter has the most beautiful blue eyes ever!

    Happy Friday :)

  8. Found your blog through Friday letters link-up! Super cute!!

  9. Not sure where to begin...obsessed with Jef (with one F). He's smoking hot (in his own little weird way) & oh so sweet! Go see Ted ASAP! It's freaking hilarious! You're going to love it!! I literally laughed out load while beating the hell out of the chair in front of me. Oops. Oh & Reese's Puffs = Yum-O.

  10. I've been reading and thinking baby is a boy too.

  11. Ok I feel like I wrote the sweets part! I love sweets and they are making me so sick :(. Dustinthinks this nugget is a boy too. I have no idea

  12. OMG her little face with those little teeth - too presh! I was a sweetsaholic when I was pregnant with Troy, I seriously had to have a dessert after every meal, including bfast. And sometimes, I'd eat sweets for a meal and more dessert after that :)

  13. Those 4tth ofvjuly pics of elli are adorable!!!

    I agree about Jeff when he read that letter to Emily I started to tear up, maybe it's me ring prego. Anything makes me tear up

    See I thought I was having a boy too cause the thought of sweets made me want to get sick. But I was wrong cause were having another girl!!! Can't wait to hear what your having

  14. Her eyes kill me. They're so blue and so pretty. You guys make some good lookin' babies, that's for sure.

  15. I love these kinds of posts. So fun! And Miss E is just too precious.

  16. E is absolutely adorable!!

    && Jef has won me over too, I think they would make such a great couple!! :)

    <3 Melissa

  17. Could E be any cuter? Not possible. And Jef... hmm I'm on the fence. I loved the letter but overall I think he isn't a fit for her! Who knows... I was rooting for Arie since I went to high school with him but I think Sean is pretty damn perfect.

  18. Oh the pregnancy weight gain...ugh! I pack it on. 50 the first time and I think I was pushing 60 lthe second time.

  19. I am normally a sugar-holic, but this pregnancy...not so much although I have been "making" myself eat chocolate the past couple of days because of some crazy two week headache that won't go away. I'm betting girl for me this go around because of the switch...we shall see!

    PS I've been skipping your bacholerette posts because I'm trying to get caught up but am glad to see Jef is still in the running. He seems sweet in a quirky kind of way. Please tell me Arie is still around...(or don't!) Just a few more episodes to go before I"m all caught up :)

  20. I am doing friday letters and faves too! haha This week has just been SUCH a week! lol

    I think Teddy is a boy too!!! I hope he is but you do make pretty gorg girls too so either way you win! :)

  21. Oh I love jef with one f. I will cry if she doesn't pick him!!

  22. Those eyes!!! Geez girl. Love it.

    I don't think that the "mama, mama" button has an off switch. At least ours didn't come with one (even if daddy is home!)

    I'm not sold on Jef and I think I'm gunning for Sean although I don't think she'll pick him.

  23. Our AC is the same way. It is the worst in our master bedroom upstairs. We have vaulted ceilings in our room and the vaulted ceiling is where the attic is for the rest of the second floor which adds to the heat apparently. It is not fantastic.

    Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

  24. Those pictures are absolutely precious!

    I'm gonna put my guess in at boy as well!

  25. Your little girl is so dang adorable! & You ma'am are a wonderful photographer.
    I love love love your favorite and letters! My little man will go through crazy stages like that where he eats one thing - I tell him he is going to turn into it too.
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  26. Mygoodness she is soo cute & those baby blues!!

    Reeses Puffs is the ONE staple food we have in our house AT ALL TIMES!

  27. i totally fell in love with jef this week too! the whole time he was reading his letter, i kept thinking about how incredible his proposal would be if his random letter to her was that good!

  28. Your little girl has BEAUTIFUL eyes! She is so cute! I love me some Reeces puffs, I don't ever have them in the house just for that reason!!

  29. I can't believe how grown up she is looking lately... ahhhh!

    I haven't had Reese's Puffs in probably forever, but now I want some. haha.

    I think it's another girl. :)

  30. those eyes!!


    have a good one!

  31. Beautiful pictures as always!!

    Can't wait to know what you're having!

  32. I didnt think it was possible, but she gets cuter and cuter by the day! :)

  33. I can't handle how beautiful your daughter is. I mean, I can. But she is just one of the prettiest babies I've ever seen! Pictures are so great especially the ones with gma. By the way, how is that gma? From the looks of it, she looks like she's in her 20s.


    Thanks for linking up girl! Have a great week! XOXO

  34. Seriously, she couldn't be cuter! I'm so happy for you guys and the new baby! :) I love this season of The Bachelorette! Jef's letter melted my heart too! I'm going to see Ted tomorrow! Hope it's good!



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