Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Thoughts, It's OK thursday, And Instagram Dump

1/// 14 week bump date before dad's birthday dinner. 2/// Finally a picture with the husband. We used to take millions. Now? Barely ever. 3/// Girls picture. My mom, sister, me, and E. I so happened to cut off the heads of my mom and sister though. Shame. 4/// Obsessed with her baby. Which is silly because this thing weighs like 20 pounds and is shaped awkward. I try to give her normal baby dolls and she wants none of it. 5/// In the lego box. With the baby might I add. 6/// Going black. Well not really... but it's pretty darn close with a hint of red. 7/// A view. Of the black hair and blonde beauties. Yet, we are still very much so twins. I think one of these days I will go blonde... if my husband lets me. 8/// Yet another hair picture. To show you the hint of red. 9/// My pouty girl. 10/// Into cleaning these days. She takes the J&J sanitizer wipes and goes around and cleans the house. She did this at my parent's house for about half an hour. So cute to watch. 11/// Oh hey 15 week baby bump. Taken after a long night of work and before E, me, and the teddy graham left to go to the library for toddler time. 12/// Speaking of toddler time... it was fabulous yet again. E sat so quietly in my lap during the story time and then sat through the craft. Mama was again impressed, and proud.

Other News
-Over 300 linked up for the blogger 411... I am speechless! And how much fun it has been to find new blogs!
-As I reach close to 2,000 GFC, I am thinking about some ideas of a large giveaway to do. I have some thoughts brewing in my head and plan on sharing soon.
-Six days until my birthday! I think husband and I are going out to our favorite restaurant downtown... anyone guess where... and stay in a hotel for the night. Scandalous right.
-The Bachelorette. HELLLOOO the end! Jef is totally winning. Just saying. I wonder if they will also announce the next Bachelor on that night. And is anyone else as excited as I am about Bachelor Pad on Monday?!

Scheduled Posts
Friday: Bump Attack; 15 weeks
Monday: Elliana 20 months
Tuesday: My favorite parts of summertime
Wednesday: My birthday. Balloons, confetti, and dreams of BLL.
Thursday: Randoms
Friday: Bump Attack

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Linking up with the fabulous Neely for It's Ok Thursday
It's Okay.... that I haven't made a new recipe in who knows how long. At least I'm still cooking right?
It's Okay.... that my master bedroom is still not painted and we have had the paint for 2 months.
It's Okay.... that all I can think about is vacation vacation vacation. 3 weeks!
It's Okay.... that my dog drives me bonkers.... right?!
It's Okay.... to want to change my hair color again. 
It's Okay.... that I look like I live in the dessert with the way my grass is. Good thing the whole neighborhood is like that. I mean state. Or country. Where is the rain?!
It's Okay.... I am officially ready for FALL!
Now go link up with Neely and tell me what's ok on your Thursday!


  1. I'm totally in the same boat with not taking as many pics with the hubs..makes me sad..somthing I'll need to change :)

  2. your bump is the cutest! congrats on the # of link-ups! how exciting :) Excited for you to find out what baby is!!

  3. Your link up was HUGE!! Loved reading everyone's entries!!

  4. Super cute pictures as always!
    It's crazy, and super awesome, how many people linked up! 300 is huge!!
    Happy almost birthday :D

  5. Totally okay that your dog drives you bonkers, I am in the same boat! All the rain is here in coastal VA apparently, it seriously rains every other day on top of being 100, it's like a sauna...the mosquitos are out of control!

    You have the CUTEST baby bump!

  6. I am so ready for fall too, this summer has been miserably hot!! Happy early birthday btw!

  7. I can not believe how close you are to 1/2 way through the pregnancy AND I can't believe E is 20 months?!!

    I'm loving your hair and bump!! You look gorg!! I can't believe I missed the linkup!! I have been so busy! Hopefully I can link-up tonight!! :)

  8. I heard Roberto (Ali's ex!) is going to the next Bachelor. Which makes me sad, because I really liked he and Ali together and kinda' hoped they would work things out. I am way too involved ;)

    YOU make every woman in the world want to be pregnant. It looks SO GOOD on you, seriously! I can't wait to have a bump!! :)

  9. You're the cutest prego ever! :)

  10. I always want to change my hair color! It's much better than cutting it (trying to grow it out right now). I also love fall!

  11. Loving your Instagram Dump - what a cute idea!

    I also heard Roberto is going to be the next Bachelor...pretty sure I want to sign up for that.

    Your baby bump is the cutest!!

  12. such cute pictures! E's eyes are AMAZING. and I'm with you on the excitement of the Bachelor Pad. cannot wait!

  13. Ah I hope Jef is the last man standing too, he's just too cute {& sweet!!!} Along with everyone else I heard that Roberto is going to be the next Bachelor, don't know how I feel about it though. & Bachelor Pad is going to be SOO great this season, I can not wait!

    Loove the instagram dump, such cute pics! :)

    <3 Melissa

  14. Seriously, I'm going on vacation in the winter and even i can't stop thinking about it! lol, I hope you have an amazing time!!

    stop by and say hi sometime!

  15. Love #9, too cute, #11, that belly is looking fabulous,a nd whoa: the hubs made an appearance! He's too cute!!! I need to start following you on Instagram!

  16. Love the hair and OMG how cute is your bump and getting big so fast!

  17. You and your blog are precious!!! My husband and I are talking about starting a family soon and seeing your cute baby bump and precious daughter is getting me so excited! I'm so happy I came across your blog! Looking forward to reading more :) - Mary

  18. Love all the pictures!

    And happy almost birthday! I hope you have a fabulous time celebrating!! Downtown is always fun :)


  19. Bring on fall! I'm so ready & talk about it all the time. Can't wait!

  20. I am SO EXCITED for Bachelor Pad! It looks so amazingly trashy. ...and I'm going to love every minute of it! Whoop whoop! :)

    Happy Thursday

  21. I'm with's okay that I want to change my hair color...again! I've only been blonde-ish (I guess...) for about a month but I'm ready for something new! Stopping by from Neely and Amber's :)

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