Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Strawberry picking.. a catch up post.


This is definitely a catch-up post... as we went strawberry picking back in May.
Yikes. But yes, I have some catching up to do on my 25 {more like 28} things to do with E before she turns Two. And seeing as how she turns two in November... I better get on it!
2. Go to the strawberry farm in the spring
It was a nice day. Very windy. My mother in law came to visit so she was able to join us, which is always nice. 

Unfortunately the strawberries were nearing the end of the season so we literally picked the very last ones. 

They were undoubtedly very good. Small. Unexpectedly small. 

And we totally picked more than we should have. Like way more. Like 5 pounds worth.

And? We ended up throwing away probably 3 pounds of it...

But. It was about the experience. And a experience we got.
After we filled our basket with red delicious goodness we stopped by the little shop where we made sure to pick up the homemade berry pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

It was probably the best part of the day :)

It was nice, however, I think Elliana will have much more fun next year. I think she was into it for 
about .5 seconds and then the endless amounts of fields totally caught her attention and all she wanted to do was roam around. Which? Who's to blame her. She is just a year and a half old.

Needless to say it is a tradition that our little family has started and we plan to continue. This is the same little farm that we go to in the fall to pick raspberries {and plan to do it again this fall}. So we are so looking forward to continuing these two traditions and watching how Elliana changes throughout the years.
Up next: Family vacation, beach, apple orchard, family portraits, picnic, and more!

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