Thursday, July 12, 2012

A random thursday post. What else is new?

     Some Thursday Randoms....

A picture I found of E from earlier this summer...
Classic Elliana... sunglasses on with her favorite cup in hand. Silly straw cup that is.
Which reminds me... I definitely have no idea where those sunglasses are.
And? She has a pink pair just like that too.... which I can't find as well.

This is what we have been doing every day...
Please don't mind the top area... thanks.
That would be me, E, and the baby bump hanging out in the baby pool.
Yes. And I would love to tell you that it was refreshing and all.... but seeing as how the temperatures have been in the 100's.... it means that the water is like bath water. So refreshing? Eh. Not so much. But the toddler? LOVES it. So mama? Loves it.

A Mandatory Bump Picture from Saturday...
For those that asked about this dress... I bought it at TJ MAXX!
Boy or Girl....
Go vote {top right} and tell me what you think!

We went to go see TED.....
Would you believe me if I told you that I brought this bear with me? Sat him in the chair next to me.....
Okay. Okay. Maybe I didn't. But I thought about it. Husband said no. I did however get carded.

Oh and you probably want to know what I thought about the movie?
Yes! I loved it!

Building Blocks, everyday all day

I mean... we are serious about block building at this house.
A little too serious if you ask me... she gets mad if they break. We are talking tantrum, crying mad.

And doodling with chalk...

And climbing on furniture.... with the dog.

And going to target, where we get robbed of our money
Part of our purchase... restocking on Elli's favorite snacks!

Target made me buy this as well...
Now, I am officially beach ready!

I also devoured these in record time...
I mean seriously. It's been 5 years since I've had these delicious bits of goodness!

I also love the target dollar bin for these...

And check out this picture....
1. The crazy sleep position
2. The fabulous tan lines

And yesterday? We hung out with a couple bloggers...
and their kiddos! ... A post to come :)

And while we are on this picture... please take note of my child. The wagon is parked. She looks like she's starring in a movie... crazy wild rides in the big red wagon.

That's all I have for today. Happy Birthday to my dad!! We have a special surprise for him this evening!

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Friday: Bump Attack
Sunday: Sunday Social
Monday: Enjoying 100 degree weather
Wednesday: The day my muscles and sweat glands got a run for their money
Thursday: Randoms


  1. Ahahah awhh, love her adorable little tan lines & your tj maxx dress. Come to think of it bringing a teddy bear to ted is HILARIOUS! I wish you had!

  2. I love randomness. :) And bump pics are the best. I love looking at how much I have grown from week to week. :)

  3. She's just precious as are you with that baby bump! Have a great weekend. It's almost here right!

  4. Adorable-ness! I love "Target made me buy this" I know that feeling all too well :) Happy Thursday :)

  5. The tan lines hahaha I just love her and YOU!!! So much fun finally meeting you guys! Happy Birthday to your papa! xo

  6. Okay, I love every picture (as always) but can we talk for a second about how Elli's pinky is up while she's carrying the water bottle?! She's the sweetest little diva EVER.

  7. I can't believe you got carded at the movies!! Hahaha

  8. Those tan lines are precious and so is that baby bump! :)

  9. Dang I wish I had tan lines like E because that wound mean I would be outside enjoying the sunshine. Sigh.

  10. Those tanlines...ahh! So cute :)! Loving Elli's classy lady ways with her sunglasses-such a doll!

  11. Mambas are fabulous! Love them but haven't had them in a while. And E's sleep position makes my neck hurt. Kids are so flexible!:)

  12. Youch, that sleeping position looks hurty.


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