Monday, July 2, 2012

Why I switched doctors....

Sometimes in life you have to make decisions for yourself. Follow your heart, your gut. Sometimes you feel bad because you think you might hurt someone's feelings, or send them the wrong message {like they did something bad}. Life is a funny thing you know. You live and you learn. Best saying of all time. Sometimes you don't even know that something is missing... until you find it. And when you find it? You definitely don't want to let go.

I know this can apply to just about anything in life... but today, I want to talk about one thing in particular.

The day I gave birth to Elliana.

You see, you remember that day, the birth day, for many reasons. Whether it be the pain, the tears, the unknowns, the joy, laughter, and blessings. The people who were in the room. And those that weren't. What sounds were heard, and which weren't. You remember the details. If you try. Sometimes you have to really take yourself back there.... but once you do, it all comes to you and it hits your hard.

One of the things that I remember most about that beautiful day was the doctor who admitted me, delivered me, and saw me during my stay.

Dr. G.

You see.. they were going to send me home. The nurse and the other doctor that was taking care of me. They said I wasn't in labor. They said "this wasn't the day"....

And for the second time in a week, I was going to go home still very much pregnant and not meeting my baby girl.

That is until they called Dr. G and he decided to go ahead and admit it. He knew that I was 3cm dilated, 90% effaced, and the baby's head was very low. In other words, baby is ready to pop out. He knew that I was ready. We were ready. He knew that feeling of being told "no, it's not time." He knew that all he needed was just a "reason" to write down... and if "heartbreak" could be one of them.. I'm sure he'd use it. In my case? It was high blood pressure. 

So when he came in the room and told me that it was "BABY time...." I almost... practically jumped out of the hospital bed to give me a big wet large kiss.

I restrained. But I did promise him a nice bottle of wine after the shin-dig was over... and well.. I do deliver on my promises {and that I did}.

And then I remember being admitted. And everything progressing so quickly. And before I knew it, 3.5 hours later and I am pushing. And he's rushing in. And we deliver within minutes.

And Dr. G? Well he too has a big proud smile on his face. He shook my husband's hand and gave his congrats. Checked on me everyday that I was in the hospital, and made sure to tell me each time how "proud" he was of me. And cracked jokes. And made me smile. And sat on the bed and made sure we were all doing okay.

So who is to blame me when I turned to my husband and said..."He is going to deliver our future babies."

And that was that. End of conversation.

But when it came time to making my appointment? At the office that my same OB, who was partners with Dr. G....I was stuck in a hard place.

What to do.

Do I make the appointment with Dr. H who I saw for every one of my appointments {except one} my last pregnancy. The doctor who I felt a close bond with. Who was there throughout my pregnancy. Who called me from her home when I delivered to give her congrats. Sure, she didn't deliver me... but I spent 39 weeks with her. And I wrote in her card that I couldn't wait to get pregnant again just to come see her.... so....

That would be me betraying her right? If I went to go see Dr. G instead?

But I did it. I told the nurse that I loved them both and that I would love to see both during my pregnancy. She decided to put me down for my first appointment with Dr. G. She picked.

And then I went in to see him. And we talked... forever. And we laughed, cracked jokes. He told me about his three daughters, and I told him about mine.

And in that moment... I knew. I knew that there was just something special about him. Something that my other OB was missing. Something that I had been looking for in a doctor... but just never thought I could find it.

In him? I found it.
Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Sure, I might hurt my other OB's feelings. Sure, I never anticipated going this route during our pregnancy. Sure, there are no guarantees that he will deliver this baby as well... but? 

I feel safe and cared for with him. 

I'm trusting my gut, my instinct. And I couldn't be happier with my decision.

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  1. you made a very hard decision sound so easy! I loved my OB but I didn't like how she was so busy that she didn't know what I was having or when I was due before she came into the room. As an OB, I feel like you should know things about your patients before you even enter the room no matter how busy you are. I would have been willing to wait just a few minutes longer if she needed to get the gender correct or my due date. Thankfully, I have since moved 3 hours away and when I get pregnant again, I won't have to face the hard decision of deciding.
    So happy for you & your expanding family!!

  2. I recently made a switch from one health system to another. And it feels SO good to be back where I feel safe and comfortable. I was so nervous because I was already halfway through this pregnancy when I switched. But, they welcomed me back with open arms. You are right, you do have to follow your heart!

  3. This was such a great post to read, I'll definitely keep all this in mind when I reflect back on the whole experience of having my daughter come September!

  4. Sounds like you made the right decision. I'm sure your old OB will understand! I'm happy that you're getting that "connection" you were looking for :)!

  5. The doc that ended up delivering me was also different from the doc I saw all along and I too now feel bonded with her so I also made the decision to follow up with her for my post labor appoint. I kind of feel bad since they are partners too but I feel like its best since she was there and knows me and my delivery best!

  6. Everyone around me is having babies and many are going through this same thing. I just hope they have the guts to make the same decision you to. Because its your right and you need to do what makes you happpy.

  7. You did the right thing! I think Dr.'s get use to people switching it up all the time. I'm so glad I switched midwifes 1/2 through my pregnancy with my son. I'm even more glad now that I'm pregnant again!

  8. It sounds like you made the right choice, even though it was a little difficult for you. Dr G sounds like a fantastic doctor, and that's whats important.

  9. You made a hard decision seem so easy! I am sure you other on will still care, understand & want the best for you. Hopefully you can still have bonds with both besides two is better then one right :)

  10. Sometimes you just gotta follow your heart. I switched doctors, myself in the last few months. Mine was a little easier of a decision because I'm pretty sure my original doctor was tired of me asking "soo many questions, child".

  11. How jealous am I that you have two great doctors and I can't even find one? Not fair, haha.

  12. Very true, espeically in such an amazing expereince as child birth. So glad you went with your gut. I am sure you wont be disappointed.

  13. If they share the practice, does that mean there is the chance that your new doctor could be off call that night, and original doctor could deliver? I guess I'm used to my practice where you see all 5, and never know who you're going to get, so I'm jealous that you got to form such great relationships with them! Here's to another happy and healthy pregnancy :)

  14. I am your newest follower and I love your blog - which I guess means I love you too!

    I too had to make the hard choice to change OB's. Gotta do whats best for you and I too and so happy with my new choice.

  15. love this post, I prayed every night of my pregnancy that my favorite OB in our practice would be on call when I went into labor... then I was induced, and he was NOT on call and I ended up seeing my second to least favorite doctor, but in the end she turned out to be just what I needed.

  16. I love how some things just seem "right"... you know yourself better than anyone! So glad you are happy and went with your gut!

    P.S. my girly dr is a "Dr. G." too but I know you live on the northside so I doubt its the same one. Still funny!

    So happy for you, xoxo.

  17. You made it sound so easy! I'm having a similar issue. I'm planning to have children soon and I want to switch up OBs before then. Mine just doesn't seem like she cares very much and the other doctor at the practice has great reviews and seems so much more attentive. I'm sure I'll do what I need to, I just need to not worry about what the other doctor will think.

  18. For my first baby I registered with Dr D and she was lovely throughout my nine months. There was a system in her office where her patients would also see Dr R for a couple of appointments. The idea was that if Dr D was off whenever Baby decided to arrive, Dr R would step in and Mammy would be at ease with the replacement. The best laid plans...! When Baby arrived 6 days early Dr D was off. So was Dr R. Dr T, who I had never seen before, delivered my wonderful baby! He couldn't have been nicer. Two days later we were out in the garden of the hospital. He was leaving, on his way home. He saw us across the garden and came over to see how we were doing. So nice! I went back to Dr D for my second baby but I have never forgotten the kindness of Dr T.

  19. You should ESPECIALLY feel OK with switching doctors. That's the one person you need to have 100% trust in {besides your hubby, of course! ;) }

  20. I agree that you should feel like switching doctors is ok and the right decision for you. At the end of the day, your comfort is top priority as you prepare to bring another sweet life into the world.

  21. This post is hitting home for me mama. The OB/GYN I've seen since I was 16, who diagnosed my PCOS and delivered Jackson left the practice and moved to another one 20 minutes further away. Immediately I knew we'd move to her new practice because I love her. She just has this sense of calm that I love and need. But then the other week I had some girl issues and I hadn't transfered my records or officially moved to her new practice. So, I called the old one and the first doctor who could see me was one I hated during our rotations when I was pregnant with J. But I went. And we talked. And we laughed. And she took the time to go through my entire medical history, not just the OB stuff. And it was amazing. She may have convinced me to stay and pick her. I'm at the very least giving her a chance.

    Long story summed up, do what's right for you. Glad you've found a doctor who suits you and your family because that's what really matters! Sorry for my rambling, like I said, hitting close to home right now :)

  22. I know the feeling! You have to do what you feel is right and it sounds like you made the right choice. Im in the opposite position ....when i was 7 months preg with kid #1 i switched to find my dream OB ! I FELL IN LOVE with him and he also delivered my 2nd baby.....but now we moved out of state and were talking of baby #3 possibly and the thought of not have my old OB breaks my heart,,,,,I feel like I wont find that bond again :(


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