Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dreamin' of a Girl's Night Out

Seeing as how I am a busy working mama of a very active rumbunctious toddler, a soon to be mama of another precious squishy newborn, and a very devoted wife to my husband of 3 years, when I hear the words girl's night out, my instant reaction is... "Count me in!"

Unfortunately, not many of my girlfriends are fond of taking a mom out with an obvious pregnant belly. Not many of them understand the difficult time schedule that moms operate on. Not to mention the boss that we report to, our child.

So for me, I dream. I dream of the first girls night out that I will have post-baby. Whenever that shall be. And sometimes? My dreams are extreme. Because my personality? Go big. I like to dream big, and I like to do things big. And where else would one want to spend the ultimate girl's night out other than Vegas!

You see, I have the trip already mapped out in my head. I would take 5 of my closest girlfriends and we would fly out to Vegas for a 2 night weekend girl's getaway. Why two nights? Because mama can't be gone from her babies for too long. The first day we would spend pampering ourselves at the spa, hanging out by the pool drinking marguerites and gossiping over the latest celebrity drama.

For the night, we would hire a hair and makeup person to come to our room to get us looking our personal best. We'll probably go through ten different outfits, most likely borrowing from one another, and put together something stylish, classy, and might I mention, comfy.

I envision wearing something like this.
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We would rent a limo, because safety comes first {not to mention style}, and cruise around vegas until our scheduled cirque du soleil show begins, which might I mention we have the prime seating to. Afterwards? We would make sure to visit all the top notch hotels and clubs to get the ultimate experience.

The night would end with us in our pajamas in our hotel room suite looking through the hundreds of pictures that we took from the night, before, during, and after, and laughing over the ridiculous faces we made, things we said, and people we met.

....And then I wake up from my dream.

Although these are all thoughts and ideas of what I envision my best girl's night out to look like, I have a pretty good feeling that come this time next year, I will be putting something very close to this painted picture in action.

Every girl out there needs nights out like this. Whether you're a mama or not. And to me? Spending it with the people closest to you, being pampered, and feeling your ultimate best is what it is truly all about.

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  1. Loooove that girls night out outfit & this is something I need horribly!

  2. That sounds like the perfect girls getaway! Give me sun, drinks, and my girls, and it sounds like a great time!

  3. I am on the hunt for a white blazer!!! I hope I find one soon so I can do this outfit!

  4. LOVE LOVE your girls night out outfit!! Count me on your trip!! :)


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