Monday, July 23, 2012

20 month Beauty Queen


20 months! TWENTY! Are we really out of the teens? Is my baby really growing up? Am I going to say the same thing when you turn 20... years old {of course I will}. Needless to say, time is flying. And also? I'm loving it. I'm loving each and every milestone and month that we share together. You are such an amazing baby girl. So loving. So happy. So talkative and interactive. SUCH a personality. This month has been, as always, an absolute joy. We have really soaked in all this warm weather {sometimes a little too warm} and have enjoyed taking you to the pool, driving to Cleveland to visit family, and taking lots of fun pictures together. One thing that I really want to remember about this past month is how attached you have been. This has been ongoing for quite some time, but it has definitely increased. You are all about mama mama mama. And you vocalize that more than ever before. I'd be lying if I said that I didn't like that. I LOVE IT. Your grandparents think I have spoiled you. But is it really possible to "spoil" a child with too much love? I didn't think so. You are my baby girl, Elliana. Forever and ever. I will always be your best friend and your shoulder to lean on. If you need me, I'm there. And that my precious daughter... will NEVER change.

Papa and Mama love you forever and ever to infinity and beyond.

This month:

Weight: 25 pounds
Height & Head: Not sure
Shoes: 5 {no change}
Diaper: 4 {no change}
Clothes: 18-24 months

You are definitely losing that baby weight more and more. Some pictures your little belly still sticks out, but for the most part you are getting taller and leaner. Your face is still nice and round and oh so kissable. I hope that doesn't change anytime soon.
One word. Cailou. Oh my dear, I can't wait until you are old enough that I can tell you about this little obsession of yours. "Cailou, Cailou, Cailou... Caaaaaiiillllooouuu." All day every day. This month has been this crazy obsession with this bald headed four year old cartoon character. And it cracks us up. If mama is watching a show? You are so persistent and push that remote into my face all while repeating over and over again his little name. I joked to your papa that we need to name this baby Cailou if its a boy. We wont though... I promise. For your sake, his, and ours.

Still talking away. You can say so many words that I am done even writing them down. I can't remember them as you go. Still just putting a couple words together, "go away, stop it" but no real sentences. No worries, you're not supposed to at this point anyway and you know more words than you should for your age, so when you're ready... we'll have those in depth conversations :)
You run run run and RUN. And when you run its the funnies thing in the world. Your little legs make sure much noise and you are still a little bow-legged so it looks absolutely hilarious. Oh, and your arms fling around.

You hate sprinklers, splash pads, etc. Not sure why, since you love the pool, splashing water in your face {and others], and absolutely don't mind when you fall in the baby pool and go under.
Loves when we say "what kind of sound does a monkey make?" And then we go up to you and tickle your armpits and say "ooouuu-ouuu-aahhh--ahhh" while you do it too. Now? Whenever you see a monkey or hear the word, you start doing it to yourself!

Still go down between 7-730 and wake between 7-8. Nap 1-2 times a day {most of the time one}. Anywhere from 2.5 hours to 3. And then if you take a second nap it is about 45 minutes.
You have been a great eater this month. Your favorite things for breakfast is a banana, cup of milk, and organic cheerios. Your favorite thing for lunch is soup or chicken salad sandwich with side of fruit and carrots. Your favorite thing for dinner is anything that doesn't involve meat. You are still so strange with meat.

You vomited for the first time ever in your life on your 20 month birthday. You had just eaten dinner and drank a cup of milk and then you were goofin' off on the couch and the next thing I know it... vomit EVERYWHERE. It didn't seem to phase you one bit. You were smiley and happy as ever. Mama though? End of the word. I had to hold back tears. Just reminds me how blessed and thankful I am to the Lord for your health.

You continue to love to throw off your bows in the car. Which I completely understand why... you are a play with my hair kind of girl.
You run to the corner when you have to poopy. We are trying out the whole potty training deal... but I just know you aren't ready yet. I put the pot right next to the same area you run to every day and when I know you are going I try to beat you to it and sit you on it, but as soon as I do that, you stop having any interest in going. We will get there.

You still despise diaper changes. Oh heavens.

And you just love to say "stinky" and "ewww" and "pee-pee" when we change your diaper. Such a funny little lady you are.

You love car rides and immediately climb into the car and into your car seat when I open the door.

There is just so much more to say, so much more that you do...and I hope I am able to capture all of these special moments as the months go by. Through words. Pictures. And videos. You are just so special.
Never stop dancing princess.


  1. Very adorable! I love her eyes :)

  2. Aww, so sorry she got sick! Amazing that's the first time though. She's absolutely beautiful <3

  3. What a doll! My baby girl is 6 months and I feel like time is flying!

  4. Happy 20 months! Love the pictures & it makes me feel good that she is still in size 4 diapers, my son is 14 months & has been in them since 9 months old

  5. Can I just tell you how much I am loving her little popscicle shirt?? So CUTE! And I am amazed at how much hair she has at 20 months. It seems it take all of mine until their 3rd birthday before they grow any. Happy 20 months to your little beauty queen!!:)

  6. You're such a sweet mamma. She's going to love these posts when she grows up :)

  7. How funny that she doesn't like splash pads. It's interesting how they figure out so early on what they do and don't like. Her hair is getting so long! She's such a little doll.

  8. We just had our first real vomit too! My little guy is 21 months. His was related to the same horseplay but ended up all over mommy's face!!! Little E is just the sweetest little thing and so full of personality! Happy 20 months!

  9. These kiddos are growing up too fast! Happy 20 months E!

  10. I literally LOLed at the running in the corner when she has to poop. So hilarious!

    Happy 20 months Elliana!

  11. Her eyes are the exact color of her hair bow in the first picture. So pretty!

  12. She is just too precious! You mean to tell me diaper changes don't get better? My Elena is 14 months old and hates's like WWF over here. She waves her hand in front of her scrunched up face, as if to say "PU" when she has a stinky diaper. Gotta love 'em!

  13. Wow, 20 months. Part of me feels like she's older than this and the other still feels like she's 16 months old. As always she's beautiful and so is your relationship with you sweet girl. Happy 20 months to E!

  14. She is just too cute. Such pretty eyes!!

  15. Beauty queen is right, she is SO cute! Love the sass and the sweet smiles :)

  16. How precious is she! You are blessed with a BEAUTIFUL little girl!!

  17. How precious is she! You are blessed with a BEAUTIFUL little girl!!


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