Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hello Sunday... guess what... I have the nesting virus.


Just wanted to pop in and say hello! We had a really productive day yesterday and I am proud to say that we have finally painted our master bedroom {again}. We had painted it this dark blue color two years ago when we moved in, but once we bought our new furniture earlier this year, I absolutely, utterly, despised it.

Immediately, I had told the husband that we must go out and buy new paint. Something light. Fresh. Inviting. So 2+ months ago... we did just that. Pitiful right? Then it sat in the garage for the past 60 days+. In our tiniest defense, it has been 100 degrees here the past month, which means our upstairs has been like 200 degrees. Painting in such circumstances? I don't think so.

Finally when we woke up yesterday, I told Andrew I actually wanted needed to get things done today. Must be those pregnancy hormones. That means get my brake pads changed and paint the master bedroom. Two musts on the list.

And? We actually stuck to it and did it.

Trim work and all. Two coats and all. Tight N95 mask for this mama and all. Hotness and all.

I think you get the picture right?

Fortunately, we were able to accomplish most of this during nap time, and what wasn't done during then was then finished by the good old husband himself.

Not before he said...

A: "You should have painted with your shirt off. "
B: "Ahem. Perhaps my pants off too?"
A: "That wouldn't be too bad...."
B: "No? I bet it wouldn't."
A: "I could have painted with just my tighties on for you..."
B: "Ha. Yes... yes... thanks for the lovely image, perv. But please keep those pants on"
A: "In your dreams."
Yes, husband. In my dreams.

The only bad news? I love the color so much that I want to paint all the bedrooms this color. Including E's big girl room, and the baby's nursery. This is a serious situation.

And while I ponder this over in my head... we are off today to make the day extra special and fun for E to make up for how boring yesterday must have been for her. After I scrub the toilets, bathrooms, put away laundry, and make the house smell fresh n so clean. Oh wait. That's done.  

It's too early to be nesting.... but hey if it means my house gets clean by 8 am.... I'm not complaining.

Happy Sunday to all!


  1. Gotta love nesting!! I'm up and at em too..enjoy your day!!

  2. When I saw the pic of you painting yesterday I thought you were doing a chalkboard wall for E! Lol

    Love the finished color!! We did the same thing with paint but for our upstairs bathroom. It has been hella hot, sweating and painting not my favorite things!

  3. We have lived in our house forr 3 years and have yet to paint. The onlly room thats painted is Ellies. But next month we will be painting every inch of the inside. I'm ready for our house to be a home...we don't even have anything on the walls. But in our defense, we wanna move ASAP. I've had the cleaning bug too lately, if only it were contageous.

  4. Yay on painting the master finally!

    I cleaned out the garage ... I need to be stopped

  5. Congrats on the little one! Didn't know you were expecting... that is so exciting! So glad you got so much done. It's motivating me this morning! We are moving from Georgia to Michigan this week so I REALLY have to get organized and clean our rental home from top to bottom. Not motivated to clean so hard for something that I won't be living in... but oh well!!

  6. I have a mile long "To Do" list for today. Hope your nesting virus is contagious because I need a little motivation!

  7. I am right there with you - yesterday we sold the guest bed, moved a crib to the new nursery and organized baby clothes and then at 10pm I felt guilty for how boring the day must have been for T. So trying to just make today about him!

  8. We are in the process of picking paint colors for our new home we are building. I think I'd rather stick a fork in my eye rather than look at any more paint samples! WAYYYY too many decisions!

  9. Your painting conversation was too funny! And so typical for guys. Here you are innocently painting and his mind is running all over the place. Sounds like my husband!LOL:)

  10. Send some of your motivation this way!! we need to paint our master bedroom before we order new furniture but we just haven't gotten there yet! Hope you are enjoying your fun day with E!

  11. You can't leave me hanging!!! What's the name/brand of the color?? :) Go you!

  12. Gotta love nesting :)I love the color it is super cute. & yay for getting cleaning done, its always nice to have a clean house!

  13. lol I still nest and I my daughter is a year old : P

  14. That's awesome you got the nesting bug so can get so much more done without the big belly in the way!

  15. I'm so impressed! We keep talking about everything we need to do... but that's about as far as we get. And now I'm stressing.

  16. You are a bad ass! Want to take your nesting bug to my house?

  17. We just moved into our new house this weekend. Even though I'm not prego, I need for the nesting bug to kick in. This place is a disaster ha!

  18. what color did you choose?! I'm picking paint soon and I swear my eyes pop out of my head everytime I look at swatches!

  19. haha!!! AWESOME...congrats guys on getting all of that painting done...I seriously despise painting!!!

  20. oh my goodness- just came across your blog. Your lil girl is absolutely adorable!
    Looking forward to following you! :)
    Rachel @life as Mrs.

  21. Haha! I'm loving that conversation between the hubby and you! Those are always the best!


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