Thursday, August 2, 2012

This Past Week....


My new pillows for our bed came in yesterday. The yellow ones. And? I am officially obsessed.
I knew in the picture that I had to have them... but now that I do? They totally exceeded my expectations. Tons of people had asked me where I got them, so I figured I'll probably be asked the same question here. I searched high and low for these... and the best deal out there is definitely ebay. Most of the pillows that were being sold though were pillow covers, so read the print carefully... but these? Came with the inner pillow as well. Want to know the deal? $37.00 {including free shipping} for two pillow covers and pillows. Total. Less than 20 dollars a pillow? I'll take it.

I will most definitely be buying pillows for the nursery from ebay again.
Here is the direct link to the pillow company on ebay. Lots of different colors and designs available!

I can't even take credit for this, unfortunately. Husband was the genius and made this on Sunday night. It's not our first time having it... but it has been quite some time since we had.

Ingredients: Spring mix lettuce, cherry tomatoes, italian garlic seasoning, a ball of mozzarella cheese, Red wine vinaigrette or raspberry vinaigrette {we've had with both, and both are equally as good}.

Do I even need to explain how to make it? The picture says it all. Delicious.
My birthday day outfit last week. Me and the 16 weeks bump. 

Me getting ready for my birthday dinner with my husband last week. I wrote about my birthday recap yesterday. But? You couldn't really see my dress, and that bump of mine. Here in the pictures it's a 16 week bump... but I am already at 17 weeks! Time is flying.
Speaking of birthday... my beautiful flowers that were sent by my beautiful friend Jody. I love this girl, and she never fails to surprise and amaze me.
I have a post with pictures from this day scheduled for middle of August... and to be honest with you, I wish I could publish it now. It was definitely one of my favorite days... and all we did was simply sit on our front porch while it poured out and colored in E's coloring book. I love days like this.

Source: via Becky on Pinterest

I've been pinning a lot of birthday ideas lately for E's second birthday. Which isn't until November by the way... but seriously... I need to start planning. We aren't doing a big party by any means like we did last year, but we are going to make it special for our little princess before we welcome her brother or sister into this world. And? I'm thinking ice cream theme. Yay?

I've also been pinning a lot of Christmas stuff! Ha! Right. I know what you are thinking... seriously, already? The answer is yes. Already. Of course. Why would this surprise anyone? Christmas is my ultimate favorite time of year, and I just absolutely can't wait. Not to mention I already have 3 large {adult size} boxes in my attic full of gifts. Oy.
I finally purchased Elliana some place mats. I know, right. Kind of slow there mama, aren't we now? Well. To be hones with you... she has for the most part been a pretty clean eater. Until lately. Hence the buying of the place mats.  So. This is one I got from Amazon. It's the ABC's with animals, large, and laminated.
We also purchased these curtains for our master, and they came this week. We put them up... and we absolutely love them! We purchased the gray, but they have them in so many colors, and they truly are blackout curtains. Pitch black.

Happy August by the way! I am so looking forward for fall to come. But what I'm really looking forward to most? Is 4am on Saturday when we leave for our family vacation! And then? We get back and find out the sex of the baby on Monday! Exciting things to come :)
I have scheduled posts for next week with the theme of "How I do it." I get asked this question a lot, and although I always have the same answer to give... "I just do.." there are still some things that I would like to share on how I juggle different aspects of my life. So I have split it up in themes throughout the week, each day being a new theme. I hope you enjoy!

No worries, I'll pop in from time to time to give updates. And if you'd like? Follow me on twitter and facebook for more day-to-day updates!

{I was not paid to advertise any of the products listed in this post, neither was I given any of the products by the company. I purchased these myself and these opinions are mine from my experience}.


  1. Great pillows! Love that color scheme. Your dresses are so adorable on you--and I can't wait to see your pics from your coloring day with E :)

  2. Awesome pillows and dress! Congrats with family vacation! it's always amazing
    You have a great blog, I love the atmosphere so much!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  3. Cute pillows and your baby bump is adorable!

  4. you are not alone in premature birthday party planning, Sawyer's isn't until February and I already have a Pin board dedicated to it haha. and those pillows are divine, as is your kitchen backsplash (even though I know the picture purpose was for your beautiful flowers, I can't get over how cute your kitchen is haha)!

  5. I love your cute yellow pillows! I want the same ones! You look absolutely gorgeous with your baby bump :) Lucky you!!

  6. We have those curtains.. LOVE them!!!

  7. Those pillows are awesome---just saved the Ebay site so I can shop later today;)


  8. Love the pillows and that salad looks delicious!

  9. Love the pillows. I believe I need to go shopping now:)

  10. love the pillows mama. and you are hot as ever.

  11. Thanks for the pillow info girl... I've been looking for a couple for the nursery- and Ive had no luck. I will check it out!! :)

  12. I love those curtains!! Black out curtains are the best.

    Happy late birthday!

  13. hahaa so glad I am not the ONLY one thinking of Christmas already.. Eli already has a closet full of presents already wrapped. His bday though is 5 days before christmas so that time will be busy for us!! Love the pillows & you make me wanna b prego - than I come back to reality.. lol super adorable!!! :)
    Happy Thursday

  14. omg I love those pillows glad you told where you got them lol I was so gonna ask ha! I have been looking for yellow ones to go in our new beach themed room and these will be perfect and I love those curtains I just may have to buy those too lol! You have great taste girl! OMG speaking of taste that salad looks so yummo, Elli is such a doll, I love the flowers in the cones and girl don't feel bad I always start planning Kelcee's party months early lol, this is the first time I haven't ha! love ya ps can you and your baby bump get any cuter?!

  15. Happy Birthday! And congratulations!!!

    I love both of those dresses so much! And the yellow pillows are amazing!

  16. love your new pillows! so cute!!! you have the cutest baby bump, i love it! & how freaking cool are those cones with flowers? im obsessed & pinning them now! haha!

    xo Kelly


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