Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Day In the Life

Because this was written a couple months back, things have changed around in our schedule {like the morning walks since it's freezing out are pushed back to the afternoon, nap time varies between morning and evening, and so forth}. But I still want this for memory purposes and it does really reflect overall what our days look like.

I also attempted to take pictures of just a typical day recently {12/04/12}, however it's a lot of work people! A lot of times I would forget... other times I would just say "Screw it" because I just wanted to enjoy the day. But? I'm happy with the amount of pictures that I was able to get.
I've always wanted to do one of these posts, but when it came down to actually sitting down and starting, I would always feel so overhwelmed by the idea that I would quickly slam my computer shut and say to myself, "another day."

That was about a year ago.

And I'm kind of kicking myself now for not doing it then, because now that I think about it, it would have been really nice to read what our "Day in the Life" looked like 20 years from now.

Because the day in the life a year ago, is so different from a day in the life today. A year later. Elliana almost 2 years old now. Walking. Talking. All personality that little girl is.

But, no reason to think about what could have been or what I could have done, lets just try to make it through today's day in the life, shall we?

By no means do we live on a "strict" schedule. By no means is one day the same from the last. By no means are we crazy neurotic parents that don't break a rule or two from time to time. By no means are we perfect or try to be. This is just our life. Our typical day. The usual routine for us. For now. This week, this month, or just this period in our lives.

06:40: Andrew wakes up to go to work. Usually making a whole lot of noise. Usually causing me to gripe and moan in between me stuffing my face under a pillow. Which happens to be next to the little toddler tot. Why yes, she has been sleeping with us for the past month {or so}, so I'll add her into the morning usual around this hour. Will this always stay the same? Absolutely not. But for now, lets just say she is next to us. If it is a night that I am at work, then obviously he would be getting her up and ready for the car ride.

07:30: Andrew grabs his lunch that was made by his sweet wife {oh oh that's ME!} from the night before, and heads out the door. If I am at work this particular night, then obviously he would be taking Elliana with him and we would be meeting somewhere to switch cars.
At this time, if I am home already with her, Elliana and I are usually trucking our booties down the stairs, grabbing a banana {per the toddler's request} and picking our spots on the couch. I grab a cup of milk for her and set it on the side for when she's ready.
And what do we do? Well, neither one of us is awake enough for anything chipper and exciting this time of morning so a show of bubble guppies or caillou gets turned on. The show is about 20 minutes, and depending on whether or not Elliana is grouchy/tired, we may even squeeze in two shows {GASP, I know}. Arrest me. I love this time of day because it wakes me up. Also, I get to answer some quick emails, do a few shout outs to my sponsors, and get things checked off my "internet to-do list."

8-8:30: We eat the second part of our breakfast. Our cereal. Sometimes Elliana just wants to share my Kashi Strawberry Amazingness bowl of cereal with me. Other times, she has her own organic O's that she devours within minutes. Regardless, we eat. {If I worked the night before, I usually am hopping in the shower at this point}.

8:30: Go outside for a walk. I love this time of day and absolutely cherish the fresh air. Especially the fall air. There is absolutely nothing better out there. And I mean nothing, like a cool breeze requiring jackets and blankets. And pregnant or not, it definitely makes me feel better and a great start to the day. We try to squeeze this into our day most days of the week {but due to weather circumstances and other things, it doesn't always happen}. I try to squeeze in learning opportunities at this time as well. What color is the fire hydrant, the mailbox, that car. How many cars are in that driveway. And so forth.

9:15-10:15: We hang out. We play. We get dressed for the day {not always, sometimes PJS aren't taken off until after lunch time}. We do school time {Flash cards, puzzles, blocks}. Snack time. Sometimes this is my shower times {other times its in the afternoon, depending on what we have planned for the day}.

10:15-12: This is usually either the time we have toddler time at the library {on Tuesdays}, or run errands {Grocery store, wal-mart, so forth}, and whatever else mama needs to get done. On the way home, if we have time before noon, we may stop at the park for a little while to swing or slide a few times.

12-1: Lunch time.
1-3:30. Nap time. If I worked the night before or work that night, I am going down with E. Well.. technically, I always go down for a nap with her anyway, but if I don't have to work, once she falls asleep I sneak out of the room. That is when I get a lot of stuff done whether its cooking up some soup or starting dinner,cleaning dishes, throwing in a load {or two, or three} of laundry, answering emails, shouting out sponsor tweets, or working on photography stuff. It's my "in the zone" time.

3:30-5: Elliana is usually awake during this time. We have a snack. Play a little, and then get dressed to go outside. Sometimes we will spend an hour, sometimes even longer, but it's CRUCIAL that we get this outside time in the afternoon. Elliana absolutely adores this time, and we do anything from kicking the soccer ball, shooting the basketball {she is clearly a sports girl}, taking walks and singing songs, watering the flowers, coloring with chalk, and playing with toys. Sometimes I even whip out the lawn chair and have a seat. Yes, we are THAT family.

5-6: Dinner time prepartions. I am either finishing up something I started earlier {if it's a recipe that takes time}, or I am starting on dinner. Once I have that placed, Elliana will head back outside to wait for papa. If I work this evening, then I am usually putting on my makeup and getting dressed.

6-6:20: Waiting for papa to get home outside. If I am still working on dinner at this point, then we are always just peaking by the door, and once he pulls up, I let Elliana run out there to greet them. And yes, it melts my heart each and every time.

6:30-7: Dinner as a family at the table. Each and every time. If we turn on the TV, you better believe its the Voice or Xfactor on. Elliana loves the singing as well. She's bopping her head.

7-7:15: Clean up dinner/ kitchen.

7:30-8:30: Bath time/ night time routine. Brushing teeth. Getting into our pjs. And as a family {dog included} hanging out in E's room doing story time {most nights} and trying to wear the toddler out for bed.

8:30-9: Mama {or papa if I am at work} lays in bed with E until she falls asleep. Sometimes... I end up passing out as well. Okay, a lot of times. But hey, that's what happens when you lay in the dark just twiddling your thumbs.

9-12: If I didn't fall asleep, then I am heading downstairs where I hang out with the husband on the couch, catch up on some shows we have DVR'd, eat some dessert {most nights}. I will try to answer some emails or do something blog related for an hour of this time usually. Sometimes, not at all though. Just depends on my mood. I like to devote one night a week to blogging where I tackle 4-5 posts and get some must things done off my list.

And then? Well then the day ends, we hit the sack {usually with E getting into our bed} and call it a night.

Like I said, our "day in the life" is constantly changing. No one day is alike the rest. Some days we get an abundance of "School time in" and less "outside time." Other days, the complete opposite. Some days call for an extra TV show here and there. Others, none at all. Some days we have great days. Others, we wish we could have done something differently.

No matter the day, our lives our constantly changing. So a "Day in the life" today, may look much different than the "day in the life" tomorrow.

Does that surprise anyone? No. That is what one would call... LIFE.  Just a day in the life.


  1. LOVE this post!! I SO wanna do one so I can remember what these days are like. :) Reading this....your day kinda looks like ours.....crazy! Thanks for sharing, love! xoxo

  2. Love this! My little girl is a few month younger than E and this is so helpful to me to see how you do your day. I'm always wondering how other people organize their time!

  3. This is great!! love this idea...but when do you sleep if you work? Do you get sleep at night? Love all the pictures too!

  4. Cute post. I don't know how you do it with such little sleep. I know a lot of night shift nurses and most need at least 4-6 hours of sleep to function. Good for you for being super mom though :) Also, what happened with E and her bed? Is she not a fan of the big girl bed? I have lost my battle with the crib, Noah starts off in the crib every night and ends up in our bed the rest of the night. I am not a fan of the situation, I don't think it's safe either, but I don't know what else to do!

  5. I love this post and that you always have outdoor time! That's so important for kiddos, even if its just for a few minutes! I will be transitioning to part time stay at home momma soon and this was great to read.

  6. Outdoor time is so important Kayden is still too young to talk of course but I always point out the trees and colors! He doesn't really like to sleep his pack n play & always ends up in our bed around 4am he won't go back to sleep otherwise.

  7. I love this post! I think y'all will especially cherish it in the future. :) Especially as your family grows and things change!

    Thanks for sharing, Becky! Your posts are always a breath of fresh air!


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