Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Graham 6 Months

Weight: Fill in after appointment
Height: Fill in after appointment
Head: Fill in after appointment

{I know I should do these at home, but we have an appointment in a couple of days... so... it will be there soon!... If I had to guess though, you're probably around 17 pounds and 28 inches, and head has definitely gotten bigger. Still smaller, but I'm guessing more like 30%}

Look at me and my fine guessing abilities.

Anyways. You! Let's talk about YOU!

You love to stick your hands in people's mouths. Specifically mama's. Especially when eating. And you stare at me with those big hazel eyes of yours. Yeah, those up there. Just like that.

You are getting rolls. I'm counting you know. And you are just becoming squishier and yummier and more kissable by the day. I will pick you up and kiss you to pieces. It's sick.

Your desire for play has doubled, tripled, just plain old increased in size. Especially now that you can sit up.

Which by the way, YOU CAN SIT UP! How exciting is this! Can I tell you a little secret? I've been wanting waiting for this day since you were born. I remember telling your  papa... "Won't it be so fun when he can sit up!" And yes, yes, it has been loads of fun.

No teeth yet, but we are close I think. You still have very fussy moments and those fists go right in. Your sister never had problem with teeth so this is all new territory for me son. Bare with me.

You are still BF like a champ. On demand. Whenever you went. My children seem to be the same. Sometimes it's every 2 hours. Sometimes 3. I'm lucky if I get 4. And other times? Every hour? It's all whenever you want. And boy do you get what you want. You still get a bottle of BM at night when I am at work 3 nights a week, and by one, I mean two. Since you still wake up around 4-5 am. But once. Only once!

So sleep? I'd say is good. You go down around 8 every night, wake up around 4-5 am, and then depending what we have going on in the day, you may even sleep until 9-930. Which is amazing. Not that this means your mama gets to sleep until then. Remember we have a crazy little toddler sister of yours? But still... it just means I get those dishes cleaned. Some. 

Your mama started making baby food for you {finally, said the grandma}. We were going to go with the whole Baby Led Weaning route, but then I realized that it just was not for us, and that doing what we did with your sister {puree} would be just fine as we have had a very successful road with her when it comes to her eating habits. We did however eliminate cereal, and only sticking with vegetables and fruis at this time. So what have we had? You I mean... although I have been your personal taster. Bananas, carrots, apples, and avocado. And how are you doing with it? You have the whole open mouth when you see spoon coming concept down. It's pretty cute. Then you make that stinkin adorable "yucky" face. Yet you open your mouth for more. In the mornings you will eat a whole banana in the morning mixed with whatever I feel like {carrots, broccoli, etc}, and in the afternoon 2 apples,and evening a vegetable.

Man, keeping up with baby food is a lot harder the second time around with one heck of a busy toddler.

Busy. Our life you know. For a 6 month old, I have to say that you have seen it all already. You've been to the children's museum multiple times, the zoo a few times, daily trips to the park, 3 times a week to toddler time, gymnastics classes, dance classes, outings to farms, and whatever else we have up our sleeve. You will be one well rounded little man. That's for sure.

You smile. You smile and you light up the room in an instant. Everyone around us always comments about how much you smile. You will smile at anyone and everyone, and it is by far the absolute cutest thing in the world. How could anyone ever be mad or upset once they see your smile. You have this way of just making everything else go away. Strangers stop and just stare. It's a beautiful gift that reminds me everyday to just... smile. 

Your favorite place to hang out is either in mama or papa's arms. If not there then the high chair with lots of toys scattered on top for you to throw off board and have mama and papa running to put them back on for you. To do again. Sister is a great help with this! You also love to just hang out on the floor with lots of toys around you and do so well playing next to your sister. Which, by the way, she loves that you can play with her now.

Your sister just loves you period. A lot. I know I have said this from day one, but you are one lucky little man. She adores you and she lights up every time you wake up. She is gentle, and caring, and caresses you and kisses on you and is so proud of what you do! She encourages you, cheers you on, and praises your hard work.

You both are lucky to have one another.

 You are a talking machine and there is no stopping you! You babble like it's your job and you are getting paid. And if that was the case, we would all be rich and mama and papa could retire. But since it's not? We just get to enjoy that sweet voice of yours and I cannot wait to hear what it has to say one day! I imagine it will be nothing but sweet things... right?  

You still very much enjoy car rides. The minute we place you into that car seat you are out. Even if you had just taken a nap. The longest so far that you have slept {stretch} in the car has been 3 hours on our way to Cleveland, and so far you have had 2 {five} hour trips. We are just preparing you for the 12 hour trip to come.

Your first beach experience in a few weeks! Boy I cannot wait to get those little piggies in the sand.

You started crawling! At 5 months. I would have never imagine this to be possible, as I thought your sister was early doing so at 7 months. I thought I still had time. But, time, I don't. It's not full blown crawling, but you are almost there. It's kind of the slow, I'm still learning, but I'm getting there mama crawling. You can get from point A to point B if you desire, and seeing you on all fours is just the weirdest thing to me. Weren't you just a newborn? Right. That's what I thought.

Happy 6 months my sweet precious baby boy. It's hard to imagine that 6 months ago, I was heading across the street after work to which would be my last few moments of me carrying you inside my belly. It's hard to believe that just 6 months ago, we did not know what life was like with 2 babies. It's hard to ever even imagine what life was ever like without you. Because life? It's only gotten better with you in it. Our family will never be the same, and we are so blessed and thankful for this gift that we have been given. You. So happy half birthday my little man. And thank you for being the best little son I could have ever dreamed of.  


  1. How is he six months old already?! Wow! He has gotten so big!

  2. Seriously!! How is he half a year old?! He gets cuter by the minute, even though I don't know how that's possible!! :)

  3. Happy 6 months, Graham!!! He's growing so fast!

  4. We're loving this age at our house, too! :) He's adorable!! :)


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