Thursday, February 16, 2012

Love day re-lived.

Because I'm making my blog into a book, it only makes sense that I would do a Valentine's day recap. Plus, doesn't everyone want to know about all the glitz and glam that went down on February 14th, 2012? That's what I thought.

So. Love day.

It starts at midnight. The love. Picture me, at work in my beautiful attire {aka scrubs} complaining about this new charting system that went house-wide the day before while chit-chatting {more like shhhit-chatting} with my nurse friends, when my phone lights up and I see a text from the husband dearest.
Go ahead. Smile. It was sweet. And it made me grin from ear to ear. And yes, I made sure to show it off to my friends. And yes, he got an equally sweet message back from me.

"Love you!!!"  ..... hey. nothing says I love you, like... i love you!

So obviously, I worked the night before. And the night before that. So when I came home the morning of Valentine's day, needless to say, I was pretty pooped out.

We {E and I} did our usual morning routine, watched some baby Einstein videos, ate a scrumptious breakfast {at least Elli did}, and then headed upstairs for nap time.

Thankfully E slept well, as she usually does, but when we woke up 3.5 hours later, I still felt like a truck had ran over me. Don't get me wrong, I am usually tired after working the night before, but this day in particular, I was extremely tired.

But, when do Mama's get a break? Right?

We continued on our day. Ate lunch, cleaned, did dishes, laundry, and so forth. The usual "mom chores" as I like to call it.

And then I realized that it's Valentine's day and I needed to get E's present out. Or at least put together.
Why yes, that is a table purchased here that needs to be constructed together by none other than myself. Me. The most least tool handy lady out there. I couldn't put together a lamp if you asked me to.

Kidding. But this? I thought was going to be a challenge.

It wasn't. It was like... "put this in this hole, and that in that hole." Ha. Easy enough. No wonder men can figure this stuff out better than us!                 

But. Go ahead, call me Mrs. Handy-Woman-Of-The-Year because within 15 minutes... I had it all figured out. And clearly, we are parents of the year, because this little boooger LOVED IT. Still does. And she looks like a mighty big girl now.
Now that that was out of the way, "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY E!!" {like she cared one bit} it was time to get papa's present together. His little craft. I quickly ran upstairs to get out my little craft box and bring it downstairs. E was more excited about hot glue gun sticks {not hot} than she was about the markers and construction paper and glue and so forth.

So, I'd like to say that we went to work. But it was clearly me putting in all the effort. Although, I'm sure E will claim in the future that she made that. And you know what? We will let her.

I did however have to hold her hand down while I quickly scribbled around her little fat chubby fingers to get an imprint. And you would have thought that that was the end of the world.


But, it totally worked out, because here is the final product that E would present to papa dearest.
Amidst our crafting, I hear the UPS man dropping off a large load of packages. It sounded loud. And since this is almost a daily occurrence for us, I really didn't even think anything of it. In fact, it took about an hour before I finally went to the door to see what came.

And when I opened the door, I see 3 boxes sitting on our front porch. One, was a large totsty box. And the other two? Said PRO-FLOWERS.

Now, usually I am a little slow at these things... but I put two and two together {v-day and flowers} and quickly realized that these were GIFTS for me!!

After ripping off the endless amounts of tape and opening up the boxes I was pleasantly surprised by a dozen beautiful red roses and {the best part yet} chocolate covered strawberries. An assortment of them. In every chocolate flavor you can think of.

I may have {yes I did} jump up and down with joy.

Of course, I called up the husband at work to say "thank you thank you thank you i love you dearest you sweet hunk of mine."

And quickly ran upstairs to get myself together and beautified before he came home from work.

The house was cleaned. The baby was happy. The V-DAY presents were put together and crafted. And E and I sat on the little step that separates our kitchen and living room by the garage door with his little picture in hand waiting for the big papa to come home.

Lots of hugs and kisses when he did. And he didn't come home empty-handed.

No cooking on holidays. Not allowed. So what does he pick up? Well ladies, none other than buffalo wild wings. And enough to feed a family of 8.

After dinner, we did our night routine, put E to bed and cuddled on the couch like a sweet old married couple. Within minutes, I passed out from exhaustion and V-day was officially over.

There you have it. Our glitz and glam version of V-DAY.  And I wouldn't have it any other way. It was perfect. And I'll end this with the sweetest Valentine card from husband that made me chuckle.

"Hey burbs. Do you remember our first Valentine's day? We went to Olive Garden in Lafayette and I wore my silly blue hat and a blue sweater. I still wear the hat and I still have you, but I have no idea where the sweater went. Happy Valentine's Day. I love you baby cakes."

Your hubby.


  1. You and E are awfully crafty :) Very cute, B, as always.

  2. Super sweet of him!!! sounds like a great V-day!!

  3. aww love the message in the card he wrote you! So adorable :)

  4. What a thoughtful husby! That text most definitely made me smile. :)
    Happy Belated V-day!

  5. This just proves you don't need to go out to have a great Valentine's day!

  6. Y'all are just too cute. All of you!! :) So sweet.

  7. I am so impressed and inspired by your energy! I don't know how you do it all! Very sweet craft and very sweet hubby! What he said in the card = SO cute and clever. :)

  8. PS- My hubby went to Purdue for his undergrad!

  9. MMMM...Love me some buffalo wild wings! :) Sounds like the perfect Vday to me!

  10. Sounds like the perfect Valentine's. Love his text.

  11. AWWW. look at you two... so in love! and so cute!!! :)

  12. This whole post made me smile.
    You have such a cute family and your sweet husband is so thoughtful! :)))


  13. What a sweet VDay! And hubby! You should keep him, lol ; ) Mmmm, now I want BW's, ha ha!

  14. How do you manage on such little sleep??? Super mom of the year . For sure!!!! Sounds like a perfect vday with the ones you love most:).

  15. sounds like a great way to spend LOVE day! your little craft for papa was to cute! High five to you for no sleep and still being an awesome mama!!

  16. ohhhh i did the blog book last year. so great. i, of course omitted posts that were irrelevant to my kids, but seriously sooo great.

  17. I love E's "signature" on the craft you made! haha

  18. What a wonderful day! Love that you used your handprint and Elli's!

  19. Aw what a cute Valentine for Andrew! I love his letter to you. I like doing things low key sometimes. Its all about who you are with.

  20. And cutest couple of the year award goes to....drumroll please....Becky and Andrew!!!!! You are the cutest mama and that adorable valentine you made with E- priceless!!!! So glad you had a great day!

  21. Those last words got me teary.. kind of like some things may change but my love for you will remain the same! Aww such a perfect little family!

  22. His note...SO FREAKING SWEET!!

  23. OH MY GOSH. i love everything about this post. so cute! that iphone picture is totally the cutest thing ever!

    love rach.

  24. Aww! so that he brought home BW3s (as we called it when I lived in South Bend for school) I am craving it now!

  25. Your family is beyond adorable! :) I seriously love all of it!!! How sweet of your hubby and what a cute homeade card/craft!

    I'm glad your Valentine's Day was perfect!


  26. What a perfect day! You guys are too cute!

  27. awww! That note from your hubby is SO sweet!! Good job to him for the pretty flowers and yummy strawberry's! :)

    Love you and E's craft you made for your hubby! That is too cute! :)

  28. loved reading about your v-day recap! BWW is the best. :) also, his note/text was terribly sweet.

  29. How sweet is that?! It sounds like the perfect Valentine's Day :)

  30. totally sounds like a perfect vday! buffalo wild wings sounds delicious right about now!

  31. haha love the letter, darn blue sweater! I adore you three! And the craft is pretty amazing in itself. Simple, but so so sweet. Glad y'all had a great valentines day!!

  32. so cute!!! your hubs rocks!! Shari's berries are the BEST!!! :)

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