Sunday, February 5, 2012

Top 5 DIY "love" crafts

In no particular order, these are the 5 crafts that I picked out from the DIY craft link-up.

1.Tiffanie: What a creative little way to dress up the mantle for v-day. And it is truly simple! Go check out her craft and some other v-day details around her home.
2.  Aliya: made another wreath which she makes look so easy. She has a great tutorial on her blog. Go here to visit the craft and see further instructions.
3. Rachel: made the most elegant looking heart wreath that has inspired me to make one of my own! Now to decide whether to make it in pink or red?! Decisions. Go here to see her craft.
4. Nicole: is miss crafty over here. This is so simple but so chic and I need to make this for my home. She even suggested to take this wood peace and maybe use your last name. Wouldn't that be a fabulous idea? I think so. Go see the details!
5. Lauren: made such a creative and thoughtful craft for her honey.She used an old window frame and put letters in them for every year they were together... want to know what she puts in the letters? go find out!

Thanks EVERYONE that participated. It was so fun to look through all of your creative little minds.

Click here to go visit all the crafts that had been completed through the link-up.
I cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with this month.

 Tuesday February 28th will be the next craft link-up.
The theme: Something Green. 
Can be anything that makes you think of "green." Can be St. Patrick's day related. Can be "environment" related. Household products {going green}. Or it can be any craft with the color green in it. Even if it has just a little tiny part of green... it applies. Take it how you will, and get to crafting :)


  1. becky, the link up is not working? i couldnt open Laura's link up.

    Well done 5 top DIY :D

  2. These are some of my favorites too! I'm all set for crafting next V Day!

  3. Woohoo! Thanks :) Already thinking about the next link up...

  4. Thanks for all of the awesome ideas!!! Now, I need to get to work!

  5. My sister made the heart wreath in pink for my bridal shower and it turned out so beautiful.. she connected wooden letters so that their was a J on top and a K on bottom (For John & Kay).. it was a beautiful decorative touch for the day and something we keep in our home now :)

  6. Aww you're the sweetest!! Now I've got to get my wheels turning for this month!! :) Thanks for hosting the link-up!!

  7. thanks for stopping by! cute blog btw. i'm loving that wreath!

  8. Awh! :) Thanks so much! I'm so glad I made it in your top 5!!!


  9. Awww top 5.. yeah!!!! Hmmmmmmm what do I make for next month's link up?!?!?!

  10. WOO hoo! Top 5! I'm super excited to be featured on one of my favorite blogs :) Can't wait for the next one...I'm loving all of these fab DIYs!

  11. Looks like some great DIY ideas! I'll have to check those out in more detail later. Thanks for following my blog, I'm following you too now! :-)

  12. Dang..jealous of y'alls craft skills!! I love them all. May have to do one of these for V-Day. I can't wait to link up on the 28th!

  13. Such great ideas!! Thanks for hosting the link up and sharing these cute Valentine's crafts :)

  14. oh these are so great! love them all. can't wait to create a new wreath for myself!


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