Thursday, February 16, 2012

Product of the week {Site of the week}

I couldn't miss out on another product of the week hosted by this awesome chick and this awesome chick.

Except today, I want to share with you a site of the week {where I get lots of my favorite products... that counts right?!} . Totsy.

Many of you may already know of it. Many of you may have seen it on my website. But I am obsessed.

It's one of my "daily sites" that I go to to check out all the deals and steals. And boy do I find deals.
Sometimes it's a couple of weeks until I find one. Sometimes just a couple of days.
But I find them, and I snatch them up! And believe me... when there is an amazing deal, I DO share!

In fact, a couple of days ago, 6 jackets that I told you guys about a month ago CAME! And i LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE! If you guys ordered some let me know!

Yes, it's mainly mom and baby stuff... but there are instances where I find shoes, purses, clothes, etc. Like those jackets I had blogged about. A deal one just can't pass up!
If you are new to Totsy, you get free shipping on your first order {within the first 30 days} with no minimum purchase! You can get a book for 2 dollars, and get it shipped FREE! The only thing with their shipping is sometimes it can take up to a month. Be aware of that when purchasing items for gifts.

Go check it out, you won't regret it!


  1. I ordered one of the coats too after you said something about them. It came today and I LOVE IT!!

  2. Ok totsy sounds amazing! How did i miss it before? Thanks for sharing! I need to go make an account now!!

  3. OMG I love Totsy too! Your daughter is adorable and love your blog!

  4. I've given way.too.much. cash to Totsy since Preston's been born. It's addicting but so easy!

  5. Sounds like my kind of website!! Thanks for the reference. :-)


  6. I am just impressed that they had Spanx the other day. Love my spanx

  7. I bought 3 coats! Two of the cute leather ones, in brown and black. And the khaki trench coat. Awesome price. They are all very cute and comfy :)

  8. I ordered 3 of the jackets but haven't gotten them yet.. Should be coming any day though!!

  9. Want to buy me some workout clothes, please?!?! We really need to come together and start a "how to save" linkup or sunday steals .... could be good!!! :)

    see you tomorrow at dinner loverface.


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