Monday, February 6, 2012

Family day and big No No.

 February 3rd, 2012.

Today was a good day. Today as was also a, wow, did I really just do that kind of day. Nothing bad. Nothing over the top, but still, one of those "ah-ha" moments.
You know, how people tell you not to do something... then you do it... and then you realize after the fact that it probably was not that good of an idea.

Yeah. I had one of those.
So, to start off with, Andrew had the day off work today. That is awesome. One? Because I worked last night and the night before, so this mama? Needed to catch up on some sleep. And two? Because when is it not awesome to have the husband around an extra day of the week? Am I right, or am I right? {I'm right}.

I don't know why I even bother though {with the sleep thing}, even if he is home, even if he is willing to do all things baby related... I just can't let myself sleep in and miss out on anything.
So when I came home from work? I hung around, ate breakfast with the fam, and played until it was time for E's bedtime. And then? We all took nap. Once E woke up, Andrew got her ready for the day, and then I woke up shortly after.
Sure, it would have been easier for me to just go back to sleep. And yes, it is extraordinarily hard to get out of bed when you really should be sleeping. But again, I do it because I want to. I can't miss out on a single moment.

Plus, I had already made my mind up that morning that today was going to be a family park day... and the weather? Well it was pretty much begging us to go outside and enjoy it. So that? We did.
 We got E ready first. That was fun.

Can I just say one thing, please? Why in the world is dressing a baby, er, toddler the most challenging thing in the world. It's bad enough putting one a simple shirt and pants... and oh ya, socks. But a jacket, coat, and shoes?

You might as well be witnessing world war III.

And by the screams coming from the child? The whole neighborhood must think so too.
Let's just pause this story for one moment and take in this beautiful picture. Is it sweet or what. Hubby, papa, with his precious little munchkin. Enjoying the gorgeous weather and beautiful scenery. Seriously? It doesn't get much better than that.

Okay. Where was I? Oh yes. We finally all got ready. I whipped out my diaper bag. Threw in every goody you could possibly imagine {snacks, water, toys, bows, gloves and hat just in case}, and off we went!

We decided to go to another neighborhood park that we have. It's more of a "public" park, but our lake and homes in our neighborhood are straight across. And it's walking distance. Although, we used our time wisely and drove.
So we basically had the park all to ourselves {what else is new... no one seems to come out of their homes these days... regardless of this beautiful winter that we have had thus far}.

Elliana did her usual... prancing around investigating everything. God, I love this child. She just takes it all in and always has the biggest cheesiest smile on her face.

She gets into everything.
While smiling along the way.
E. Obviously enjoyed herself. When does she not when she is outside? She is a total outdoors girl, and I am loving it.

The funny/ironic thing about all this? That I have never been this way... but since having E? I want to be outside every day {almost} with her.

She loved the swings. The jungle gym part. The geese. Everything.
 And then? While she's standing there and I'm flashing pictures of her... I realize that she started to pause. Looked at me. Stopped breathing. Got red in the face... and started grunting.

Oh yes. My daughter was in the midst of taking a you know what. Right there and then.

Good thing this mama over here brought her diaper bag, eh?

Wrong. I searched, and searched, and searched. For the love of.... where are the diapers?! Oh no. Oh yes. No diapers. Zip. Zero.

So that was that. We had to wrap up our day at the park, all because of a mama fail. Although we had already spent a good amount of time at the park already, I would have liked to have spent a little more.

No worries. We headed home so we could play outside more {just outside our house} while Andrew GRILLED OUT. That's right, grilled out in the beginning of February. How amazing is that?

And as I am sitting in the car looking through the amazing pictures of our amazing day {or hour} at the park... I catch some of the pictures that Andrew took.

Can I just add one thing in here? Men? Should not be allowed to have the camera.

Althouuugh... he did accomplish one thing. And that was catching my "ah-ha" moment.

Okay here we go...Me and the babe.
 Reminder {for me looking hideous} I have had little sleep... 
no shower... and threw on whatever
 Notice anything?
How about now?
Surely, this will give it away...
And this will be your face when you see the next picture...

Okay okay. I really won't show you.
But lets just say that is an up close and personal picture...of the mom booty.

Which first, I said to husband..."honey, why would you zoom in on THAT"
and then I said..."Yikes. I probably should not wear leggings as pants ever again."

Because that, is a crime in itself.
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  1. This post had me laughing right out loud! You didn't momma fail you did what all of us have done forgot the wipes or the diaps at one point or happens doll lol! I am laughing so hard at Elli's face and then the pics your hubs took of your butt...why do men always take pics of our butts lol I have half a sd card full of my butt pics when G has the camera lol! OK anyways the pics are so are you and Elli wow she is beautiful!!

    Have a great day pretty girl


  2. You are too funny girl! I am loving all the sweet pics of Miss E! And I am the same way, I cannot nap no matter how much I try or want to

  3. OMG you are so funny! I think i forget diapers every other time i go out! lol.....yesterday we are running late to church and as im putting the car in park i realize......$%@#&()$ no i had to go find a store ...way to go right?!?!?

    and yes men shouldnt have the camera thats why im teaching my 4 yr old as we speak how to use a camera...hehehe

  4. Anytime my fiancé gets the camera there are at least a few booty shots. Always a fun surprise when I'm loading pics. They can't be trusted!!

  5. I think no matter how many times we preach against it, we've all rocked the 'leggings as pants' once in our lives! Anyone who says they haven't is a big fat liar

  6. Love the pics! I'm guilty of wearing leggings as pants too - but you pull it off well! Love the pics of E - she sure loves being outside! At least your hubs takes more than one pic. Mine is always "one and done". Grrrr.

  7. Its a good thing you weren't far from home! LOL I learned that lesson a while ago & now I keep extra diapers & wipes in the car just in case I forget to pack them in the diaper bag! I also rock the leggings as pants all the time but I pair them with a tunic so the majority of my bum is covered!

  8. what i great first post to read! hilarious. your fam is adorable. glad i found your cute blog! kristen

    mikie and kristen

  9. Awww, LOVE park/family days! Your daughter is a month younger than my son (he was actually supposed to be born on 11/9) and she is A-dorable! Seriously. She is so pretty.

    Your ah-ha moment cracks me up! :-)

  10. This was just too funny! You and your family are just the cutest thing!

  11. I love how you all go to the park all the time. kids need to be outside, even if it is winter. that is so good for E to play outside, rather than sitting around the house.
    oh i totally just laughed out loud at work about your bootie and leggings as pants. you are hilarious!!

  12. I have done that so many times, I've packed up the diaper bag we leave and then when I really need it, its at home sitting on the table. But its even worse when we go like 30 more minutes away and I forget the bag. Great pictures, Elli just gets cuter and cuter!

  13. GUILTY of wearing leggings as pants! haha I think you look GREAT! No sleep and working all night?!

    I learned my lesson about forgetting diapers! My hubby and I have those travel changing pads with pockets in both of our cars. We keep extra diapers, wipes and hand sanitizer. (I'm a hand sanitizer FREAK! haha)

    Those park pictures of E are ADORABLE!! I LOVE LOVE the one of your hubby with her!! Love seeing daddy/daughter pics! Melt my heart! :)

  14. AHAHA, that last photo is so priceless, Becky! LOVE IT! And for real, men with a camera just leads to ridiculousness. As far as forgetting a diaper...been there!!! We were in the middle of Books a Million and I saw it happening...I knew I'd forgotten a diaper but it was just going to be a quick run to the bookstore and back home. I kid you not, that was the first time my child has ever pooped in public, EVER! I'll never make that mistake again!!

    Happy Monday mama :)

  15. hahaa this post was too cute and funny to read!! Love all the pictures at the park, so fun!

  16. Girl you are crazy! You look fabulous and you are way too hard on yourself! As far as the Mom Fail- don't worry- we've all done it! :)

  17. Bahahaha! Too funny! Don't you love what the hubs can capture?! You look great for no shower and no sleep!

  18. Hahahahaa you crack me up! You look fabulous! I wish I looked that good with no shower and no sleep!


  19. First, your pictures are fantastic, I am so impressed! I need to learn how to work my camera. And I had a "poop while out and forgot diapers" moment - but I realized I was out of diapers after I already threw away the poopy one! So I had to wrap her up in blankets and book it for the nearest CVS. Since then, I keep spares in the car ;)

  20. First of all....those leggings don't even look close to bad on you. Second of all, I see muscles in those legs and would really like to have them as my own. Thirdly, you all are just precious and it looks like a great day in the park. And lastly, a fail would have been you wiping little E with leaves or something. You are always an awesome momma!

  21. Your daughter is so beautiful! I love pictures of your outside family time. And you look great for having no sleep/ shower! I would look about 100 times worse! Have a great week : )

  22. ok so she is all sorts of gorgeous, but I have to ask. SO did she have to SIT on her poop in her car seat the whole way home??

  23. From the way you set up your a-ha moment, I was expecting waaaaay worse. Like you sat in E's poopy diaper while wearing your leggings. THAT would've been all sorts of wrong especially if your hubs took photographic evidence.

    This South Korean's Got Seoul

  24. Just today my son had not 1 but 2 blow-out diapers while we were at a car dealership an hour and a half from home...and I had no wipes. It was awesome. Had to wet 7 million paper towels to clean him.

  25. This post put a smile on my face, and had me laughing by the end of it! Thanks hon, for the smile on a Monday!
    ♥ Kyna

  26. You are cracking me up!!!! Let me just say that I should never wear leggings as jeans, but you girl can rock it! I would have never guessed what your Ahhhh moment was! E is so cute, and I love that you take her outside with nice weather, I am sure she just loves it!!

  27. Too funny! Your daughter is so cute! Love that she has on a cute headband at the park!

  28. I think we've all had those moments!!

    And I agree with you, all husbands should learn how to take (good) pictures of their wives/kids!

  29. Precious! Your daughter is beautiful!

  30. Love it! My husband takes the same type of pictures, close up butt shots, he thinks it's hilarious also. haha. I've done this mama fail as well, and even put Stella back in her carseat, sans diaper, bare bum and all as an infant to make it home from the mall. All I did was place a pre-fold diaper under her, just in case. We made it home dry thankfully, but I always keep a spare diaper in my car now :)

  31. it's so good your little one likes the swing. my amos cries the entire time i try and put him in one. she's just so cute!

  32. You can totally rock the leggings as pants. :)

    Love these photos!


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