Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday Randoms, Recipe, Deals, and More.

The Help. Andrew and I rented this movie this past weekend on our "date night" Saturday night. This movie and 2 others, ha. Can I just say... I cried, sobbed, like a big fat baby. Honestly. And? It was throughout the whole movie. It really moved me. It was a great movie to watch with such a great story behind it.

So. I highly recommend it.
The other favorite movie of the night? The teacher. HI-larious.

I am pleased {not really} with the face that I finally bit the bullet and called to schedule my root canal. And? It's for next Thursday. And? I expect a lot of love emails that day.

I accept care packages as well. I prefer milk chocolate and BLL.

Thank you in advance. XOXO.

Speaking of BLL. What if I gave it up for lent? I'm not Catholic or anything, but I figured since people are giving up twitter, blogging, chocolate, cursing, and their left leg for this stuff.... I might as well join the party and give up one of my favorites.

I thought this over while drinking BLL, and quickly decided that that was probably not a good idea.

I would probably go through withdrawals.
And the Man upstairs would surely not want that.

Let's bring our attention to this girls hair. As I am browsing through the food and wine magazine, I come across these locks of perfection and immediately decided that I needed to get my hair done.

And I want that exact color and highlights. The dark hair with the golden locks. Maybe throw in some red highlights in there as well?

Have I ever mentioned that I got red highlights before my wedding day? Yup. True story. That was pretty ballsy of me. But? It was amazing.

Raise of hands for those that have started and completed their DIY craft of the month. Yes? Yes? I am not raising my hand. No worries. I have an idea brewing in my head, and I have the whole weekend off this weekend, so I will squeeze time to work on it. Also? I have some changes coming to the craft of the month. And? You don't have to stick to the theme. That stuff makes me think too much.

Recipe. I made this the other night. Crack-pot barbecue chicken. And it was really good. Easy. And good.

My favorite part was the fact that I had it started late morning, and come 4pm? I didn't have to worry about hurrying to start dinner.

Besides making the sides, I was basically done. Now that's my kind of cooking.

Recipe here. Only thing is I didn't use frozen chicken.

This is the picture that pops up on my phone when the husband calls. And each and every time? It pulls at my heart strings.

I mean, was E really that small. And did time really fly by that fast? 

And is my husband that sexy. Yes. Yes. And Yes.

The end.

Anyone know how I go about getting rid of this "captcha" box when people comment. I didn't even know that my blogger was set like this. And I'm just now hearing about it.

So. Someone. Help a girl out. {I have the newer version of blogger btw}

The case of the bed hair. E has it bad. Her hair is growing like crazy these days {and I'm loving it}. And one of my ultimate favorite things is baby girl in the morning, in her pjs, with the wildest hair. And those sleepy i-just-woke-up-mama eyes.

Oh my precious child, how much I love you.

My precious sleeping. It is just the sweetest thing in the world. Can you believe that she is getting so big? I know I can't. And I know I say it every day... but to see her in this crib, all sprawled out... makes me reminisce of the baby days. But, oh do I LOVE watching her grow.

Chicken noodle soup. It's an ultimate favorite in the house, and it is about the only way I can get E to eat chicken. She devours the bowl. Each and every time. No worries, I do too ;)

I make a whole pot full, and then freeze some for later. Win win. Recipe coming SATURDAY!

$17.00 dollars for 2 personalized books {including shipping}
New members, or 20 dollars for current members.
Heyo! Plum District is having this deal again. I bought these books for E and my nephew for Christmas. They were a hit with my nephew, and E just looks through the pages right now at all the pretty pictures.

Anywho, you personalize these books with their name, their "friend's names," or like mama, papa, grandma, etc. And their birthdate. And then the story includes THEM!

Freaking genius. So? Christmas shopping? Birthday. You would totally be the mom of the year. For sure. Plus, if you are new to plum district, click here and get 5 dollars off your order instantly. And? Use code: visa10 to get another 10% off.

FREE shipping on the books. Grand total?: 17 dollars for 2 books {including shipping}. GO HERE.

For your information. This post was worked on at 4am {after a night of drinking BLL}. Which brings me to the conclusion that  1. This stuff must have crack in it, since I become some sort of power woman on a mission the day after. and 2. I need to drink more of it.

The end.


  1. Love the bed hair!! I think Im going to make that chicken tonight, I have all the stuff and since Im super tired the crock pot sounds great!!

  2. the help was a fantastic movie! but the book was better. you should totally try to read it if you have time. :)

  3. BLL was sent straight from Heaven... I swear.

  4. I love random post! they are the best! I love the Help too!

  5. I JUST finished reading The Help on Tuesday and went out to Redbox yesterday to see the movie! I watched it last night and honestly I found it kind of boring... I was definitely moved at parts, but (as always), the book is definitely better. Also, that picture of E's bed head cracks me up and makes me gush at the same time... what a little dollbaby!!

    And, totally jealous of all your BLL drinking. As soon as I pop this babe out, I will be requesting a CBLB (that's "Cold Bud Light Bottle") bedside :)

  6. I may or may not be saying this right (I have no idea whether or not I have the "new" blogger) buuuut, in dashboard, go to settings, comments, and then where it says "show word verification for comments?" click "no."

    Hope that works!

  7. I was thinking it had crack in it, too, especially since you spelled crockpot crackpot!! LOL :)

  8. I must try this crack pot bbq chicken. It looks delish and sounds easy to make. I love that. I just found your blog from a sponser list and am happy to be your newest follower. when you have a chance check out my blog

  9. The Help was SO good, I agree. I can't wait for the Academy Awards on Sunday night. I hope The Help wins a ton!

    I've never had a root canal, but my bestie did a few weeks ago and she said that she felt no pain until after the freezing wore off and even then it wasn't that bad at all.

    BLL is pretty awesome haha. I gave up pop for lent.

  10. Mmm! Your soup looks good! Love making big batches of soup and pasta sauce and then freezing it into portions that I use later on! Love my crock pot too! I'm obsessed with Pinterest to get yummy recipes to make! :)

    Love E's bed head!! I can't wait for Olivia to get more hair! :)

    I've wanted to see both of the movies!! Jer and I are doing a date night tonight and then a stay in date night sunday, hopefully we can rent one of those and watch it! :) I've wanted to see both since they were in theaters!

    Babies DO grow up to fast! I just made a post yesterday to Olivia bc she turned 9 months today! How did that happen?! Wish I could freeze time! :)

  11. Why do babies grow so fast?! It's just not fair at all. I also love crock pot bbq chicken. I'm obsessed with my crock pot, and use it religiously. I chopped my long hair off, and dyed it blonde and red the weekend before my college graduation!!! Love this random post.

  12. Love love the crockpot! I make this too but shred the chicken with a fork an hour before it's done, put it back and it soaks up all the juices. Now you have pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches!

  13. You are too funny! And I'm with you on the giving up the BLL but for me it's wine. No thank you!

    Have a great end of the week and weekend!

  14. I just read and watched the help recently and I loved the book more than the movie but they are both great! And seriously? The pictures I have of my hubs holding newborn Emily are the sweetest things to me too!

  15. I also cried when I watched The Help, but oddly enough, the book didn't make me cry at all. A lot of my friends had the same response. It's a wonderful story though nonetheless!

  16. sorry about your root canal! i hope it goes well! i have made the crockpot bbq chicken before too-love it!

  17. I love the wavy highlighted hair! You should get them asap.

  18. You crack me up!!! Adorable bed head hair! :) & I shall look into the book to order NOW for Christmas presents, since I told myself I would shop early instead of all at once on our little man.

    but I must admit I am addicted to BLL also, it truly is amazing so instead I gave up soda for lent. Sadly no more sailor jerry & dr. pepper but thats ok because BLL is here to save the day. sure hope you find something to give up for a bit!!

  19. I cried like a crazy woman during the help. I'm reading the book now and I plan on bawling again.

  20. The chicken looks delicious!
    I just finished reading The Help. I've had the movie sitting on my shelf for a month, so I really need to watch it now!
    As for the captcha code, click on your settings tab, then the comments tab underneath. Scroll down to "show word verification for comments" and click no. Just save, and it should work!

  21. How do I turn my captcha off?

    Log in to your blogger dashboard. If you are using the new blogger settings, switch back to the old one. Click settings. Click comments. Select NO for where it says "Show word verification for comments?"

    {It's the least I can do after you shared so much awesome blog design info with us!}

  22. The Help is hands down one of my favorite movies ever. One of those movies I could actually watch twice, and I don't watch movies twice. Little E is obviously the cutest ever and you are turning into Martha Stuart girl! Now you need to rub off on me ;)

  23. I loved reading the help but have yet to see the movie version! And yes, word verification is annoying. I think you have to go to comments or settings to get it off....I'll look and email you if I find it. I can never read the damn words therefore I hate it!

  24. As much as I want to see the movie The Help, I probably won't. Commercials make me bawl like a baby, so crying through a whole movie doesn't sound fun!

    I couldn't help but laugh at your giving up BLL for lent.

    Your crack-pot chicken sounds highly addictive and delicious!! & I look forward to you sharing your Chicken Noodle Soup recipe.

    *Now following your amazing blog, and darned excited about it!

  25. So sorry to hear about your root canal, I hope all goes well with it. Love the hair inspiration photo, it's gorgeous! I can't wait to try the BBQ chicken recipe. I love any excuse to us my crock pot!

  26. First, I can't even look at a BLL label without wanting one. So thanks for this post, my mouth is watering. :p

    Second, I've unfortunately had two root canals. Needless to say, the dentist who was working on my teeth has been um.. let go. Hopefully no more RC's for me. More because they are expensive.. I will say, I HATE the dentist (seriously, I have a knot in my stomach the whole day knowing I have to go), but my two root canals were, if I HAD to pick favorites, my favorite procedures. Painless, and the guy who did them was awesome. They block off the effected tooth so you can talk the whole time. Which I did. It was actually um.. dare I say enjoyable. Lol. good luck! Sorry for the comment essay!

  27. We watched The Help last night and I cried like a baby at the end. I'm not Catholic either but I've been thinking about giving up something for Lent anyway. But it gives me major anxiety to think about giving up any form of social media. That's bad, isn't it?

  28. I LOVE The Help too!! One of my favorites even though I sobbed A LOT through it too!
    I also love your baby girl's bed head! She is precious! That picture of your hubby holding her all tiny and new is precious too!
    Thanks for the discount code on those books. We have a few of those and love them. They do make great gifts!
    Btw, I just changed my settings for my comments too.=)
    Have a great weekend!!!
    Oh and prayers for Tuesday! Dental work causes me major anxiety so I will be thinking of you!!

  29. The chicken and the soup both sound delicious!


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